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  1. 1. BELINDA PLUNKETT NICK MERRETT AMY JEGES S3285984 S3285419 S3286774 The environment is colored bleakly in monotones, to contrast the bright striking character designs such as Samael, War, etc. The designers have stuck to biblical archetypes, with each character having almost an immediate affiliation to Heaven or Hell (Demons v Angels stereotype) Fast-paced to coincide with the action genre/themes of the game contrasting against longer, panning scenes Strong atmospheric effects (Rain, Lightning, etc.) Primarily Long – Mid Shots of environments, monster battles, etc. to show as much of the game world in the shortest possible time. Used epic orchestral music that peaks with moments of high action overrides/replaces a majority of game sound/ambient noise There are several voice overs that elude to the story and hype the drama and conflict of the game’s plot (several quotes from differing characters/creatures in game)
  2. 2.  From the beginning, it’s almost immediately obvious that the game is one of high intensity action/adventure with the large creatures, dramatic vistas and battle sequences alluding to epic boss battles, etc. The trailer shows strong adherence to Hell/Heaven stereotypical themes (ie. Winged angels, flaming demons, etc.) as well as those that relate to the apocalypse due to the glimpses of derelict streets and destroyed buildings The narrative is directed to the viewer mainly via the voice overs The protagonist is clearly announced as ‘War’ (the armored, red cloaked character) with him appearing in a majority of scenes and seen to be the one at the heart of the conflict. From watching the trailer, viewers could probably expect large scale, epic boss battles and fast-paced action sequences You could also expect to be hunted/pursued from how the dialogue and trailer text reflect the main character. HOW DOES THE TRAILER BEGIN AND END? WAS IF EFFECTIVELY EDITED AND WHY? After showing the necessary company logos, camera slowly pans through the environment. The music is soft and there is little action in the scenes until the first text screen, upon where the music peaks and the action begins. Trailer ends in a montage of high-intensity sequences involving massive scale battles and dare-defying feats, where it cuts to black and the ‘Darksiders’ title, as per stereotype In terms of effectiveness, it seemed to successfully portray the drama and action through the contrast between long panning scenes and faster-paced action-oriented scenes WHAT STUDIO IS RELEASING THE TRAILER? WHAT MIGHT YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM AND THEIR PREVIOUSLY RELEASED GAMES? Vigil games where the creators and Darksiders and the trailer that promoted it, as their only other release is an old Warhammer-based game, we haven’t seen much else of their work as such our expectations are open.
  3. 3. DO TRAILERS ALWAYS TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE GAME (IF NOT, WHERE CAN YOU GET MORE INFORMATION?) In the case of all trailers (generally) they will only give you a slice of the full story as the purpose isn’t to fully inform the viewer but to entice them, making them want more. In the case of games trailers, many of them will supply a website/link containing other information that the game company is willing to part with and there are almost always other resources and sites available for further information.
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  5. 5. I can grant - - - - your every - - - - wishCan you - - - - restore the balance? The destroyer knows - - - - of your coming
  6. 6. Even now - - - - he moves his legions - - - - against you Then I’ll make this quick -- Hellguard, to arms!
  7. 7. Slay him!