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Galaxy s4

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Galaxy s4

  1. 1. How to Choose and Buy LatestGalaxy 4 Versions?
  2. 2. Samsung Galaxy S4 has been recently introduced with manymodifications and upgraded apps for users and fans ofSmartphone. In fact, this Smartphone is based upon LinuxOperating System that runs all apps and functions in a bettermode. If you look on actual specs of Galaxy S4, then you willcome to know that it is advanced version or upgraded form ofGalaxy S3. Usually, millions of users and fans of Samsung havebeen using Galaxy 4 series for a long time and they have alsobeen using this wonderful cellular phone for their professionalas well as official activities.
  3. 3. Samsung Galaxy SIV is supported with two highly efficientprocessors; 1.6GHz Octa-core and 1.9GHz Quad-core. SamsungSIV has big 5" touchscreen that has 1080x1920 excellentresolution. It is equipped with 2GB RAM and Li-Ion high powerbattery. Recently, a greater traffic of buyers and customers hasbeen experienced for attainment of Galaxy SIV throughout theworld. In fact, many changes have been carried out in currentmodel of Galaxy S series. In short, Galaxy IV is totallyimpressive Smartphone that is backed up with advancedhardware as well as software technology.