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Sust Career Club Final Presentation.pptx

  1. Sust Career Club In a nutshell 1 …steps toward your dream
  2. Team Member Executive Member, SUSTCC Sabrina Afroz Mitu Executive Member, SUSTCC Md Tanvir Mahtab 2
  3. A Brief Introduction 3 Established in 14 February, 2012 Largest career oriented organization in Sylhet Volunteer propelled organization Career motivating student organization
  4. SUSTCC Family 2500 General members 35 Executive Members 4 5 Advisors
  5. Wings 5 Schools School of Research Development School of Skill Development School of Knowledge Development
  6. School of Research Development 6 Research talk Workshop • Works to develop students' research activities. • Funds the researchers.
  7. School of Skill Development 7 Works to train graduates to develop their skills.
  8. School of Knowledge Development 8 • Spreads knowledge to develop intellectual skills. Model test Study circle TALK
  9. Why SUSTCC was established? To make student more career oriented and professional To brand every student as a package nationally & internationally To make bonds between ex and regular students 9
  10. 10 Strength ▪︎ Largest Career Organization ▪︎ Experienced alumni board & advisors ▪︎ Affiliate with big companies ▪︎ Make skilled graduates Weakness ▪︎ Do not work with international students ▪︎ Do not launch any international contest Opportunities ▪︎ Can work with international students Threats ▪︎ Other career related clubs SWOT ANALYSIS
  11. Why should a student join SUSTCC? 11 Develop interpersonal skills Be a good organizer •Set own goals Be better at teamwork, management skills Make opportunities by networking •Know about corporate life
  12. 12 Purpose build network reveal student's potentiality and passion prop up students co curricular activities develop student's pre-job leadership experience
  13. Why other industry will collaborate with SUSTCC? 13 Brand their industry or own self. Get skilled and passionate graduates for their industry. Groom the graduates by giving them internship opportunity.
  14. 14 Job Fest Mastermind GRE Crash Course Research Talk Workshop and Seminar Events Events 125+
  15. 15 15 Online Events Events 20+
  16. Magazine 16 Contains ▪︎ Activities of club ▪︎ Hacks to settle career ▪︎ Challenges of government & corporate job ▪︎ Challenges of higher studies ▪︎ Article, Story, Poems etc.
  17. “ cc To Connect with us 17
  18. Thank you We sincerely appreciate your attention today. I’d like to bring this presentation to a close with … 18
  19. Summary 19
  20. 20