Joining forces: the Databib / collaboration

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Talk together with Michael Witt (Purdue University) at the DataCite Annual Conference 2014

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Joining forces: the Databib / collaboration

  1. 1. Maxi Kindling | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Michael Witt | Purdue University DataCite Annual Conference 2014 | Nancy, France, 25 August 2014 Joining forces: the Databib / collaboration
  2. 2. AGENDA Introduction to Databib Introduction to Joining forces –Collaboration
  3. 3. STATUS QUO 800 Around Research Data Repositories 2013 Launched in Winter numerous Guidelines and Policies Referenced in
  4. 4. SCHEMA 37 Properties 2.1 Version Based on Analyses, Feedback and Experience
  5. 5. QUALITY
  6. 6. Requirements: •be run by a legal entity, such as a sustainable institution(e.g. library, university); •clarify access conditionsto thedata and repository as well as the terms of use; •have an English GUI; •have focuson research data. QUALITY
  7. 7. 5 Editors 1-2 hours for review QUALITY
  8. 8. • Adrián Bonilla Soria, Secretary General, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) –Ecuador • Alma Swan, Director of European Advocacy, SPARC Europe –United Kingdom • Andrew Kaniki, Executive Director, Knowledge Fields Development, National Research Foundation -South Africa • Andrew Treloar, Director of Technology of the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) – Australia • Frank Scholze, Director of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Library –Germany • Martin Donnelly, Senior Institutional Support Officer, Digital Curation Centre (DCC) -United Kingdom • Patricia Cruse, Director of the University of California Curation Center, California Digital Library –United States • Paul Uhlir, Director of the Board on Research Data and Information, National Academy of Sciences –United States • Ramesh C. Gaur, University Librarian, Jawaharlal Nehru University –India • Sherif K. Shaheen, Department Head of Library, Archives, and Information Technology, Cairo University -Egypt • Todd Vision, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill –United States • Xiaolin Zhang, Executive Director of the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences –China DATABIB ADVISORY BOARD
  9. 9. • Amy West, University of Minnesota, United States • Andras Micsik, MTA SZTAKI, Hungary • Catherine Jones, Science and Technology Facilities Council, United Kingdom • Cristina Ribeiro, University of Porto, Portugal • Dorothea Salo, University of Wisconsin, United States • Fco. Javier Hernández San Miguel, University of Valencia, Spain • Gail Steinhart, Cornell University, United States • Jiban K. Pal, Indian Statistical Institute, India • Jochen Schirrwagen, Bielefeld University, Germany • Kassim S. Mwitondi, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom • Kei Kurakawa, National Institute of Informatics, Japan • Lynn Yarmey, Snow and Ice Data Center, United States • Michael Witt, Editor-in-Chief, Purdue University, United States • Sarah Williams, University of Illinois, United States • Steve Marks, University of Toronto, Canada • Xiuling Qing, Chinese National Academy of Sciences, China DATABIB EDITORIAL BOARD
  10. 10. • Twitter, new additions @databib • RSS • Google spreadsheet • RDF/XML • OpenSearch • Linked Data (RDFa) • ShareThis(over 300 social networks) • Open source, 100% CC0, Principles of Open Bibliographic Data INTERFACES
  11. 11. Databib & JOINING FORCES
  12. 12. Databib & JOINING FORCES 1) Openness 2) Optimal quality assurance 3) Development of innovative functionalities 4) Shared leadership 5) Sustainability 5 principles of agreement
  13. 13. DATACITE INTEGRATION • Aligned missions • Unanimous vote in Dublin, March 2014 • Announced at RDA 3rdPlenary Meeting • Working group in DataCite • Guide reconciliation and merger of metadata • Steer refactoring of software & hosting • Formalize processes and governance • Identify new opportunities and synergy
  14. 14. + WHAT‘S IN A NAME? The merged resource will be known as re3data with its editorial board retaining the name of Databib.
  15. 15. Maxi Kindling & Michael Witt ( With the exception of all photos and graphics, this slides are licensed under the “Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Germany (CC BY 3.0)“Licence. MERCI BEAUCOUP –QUESTIONS?