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Sustainability Compass at SocialMediaWeek Berlin

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This presentation was held at the Social Media Week Berlin in September 2014. It shows the thinking behind the smartphone app Sustainability Compass and how it shall be developed in the future.

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Sustainability Compass at SocialMediaWeek Berlin

  1. 1. Future Connectivity: You + Environment = Sustainability Compass SocialMedia WeekBerlin, 23/09/2014 Matthias Mueller Initiator ofSustainabilityCompass
  2. 2. Kiss
  3. 3. Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Inv.-Nr. 912 Picture: globaldiscussion.net
  4. 4. Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Inv.-Nr. 912
  5. 5. Sustainability
  6. 6. Boring?
  7. 7. Boring?
  8. 8. Picture: EnricTorres-Prat: Face #12 - Frankenstein on www.comicartfans.com Toomanyanswers-but what’sthequestion?
  9. 9. Innovation = Sustainability
  10. 10. On thesearchofT H E questionthatenableschange
  11. 11. It’sexistential
  12. 12. “… themiseryofbeingexploitedbycapitalistsisnothingcomparedtothemiseryofnot beingexploitedat all.” Joan Robinson, “EconomicPhilosophy”, 1962 Picture: Walter Byrd © National Portrait Gallery, London
  13. 13. “The conceptofefficiencyisa lie. Itbroughtusonlygrowingconsumerismandneverceasingemissions.” Daniel Spreng, Prof. em. ETH Zürich, Blue-Tech 2011 Picture: www.uni-klu.ac.at
  14. 14. "Without an explanatory model of sustainability there won't be real change.“ Ola Ivarsson, COO Europe MoevenpickHotels Picture: Moevenpick
  15. 15. “First do no harm.” Picture: Ian MacKenzie, www.passittotheleft.org Polly Higgins, lawyer founderoferadicatingecocide.com
  16. 16. Boring?
  17. 17. On thesearchofT H E questionthatenableschange
  18. 18. HowcanI contributetoa sustainablesociety?
  19. 19. Sustainability Whatisa reliableframethatcreatesa global unifyinglanguage? Picture: Manfred Max-Neef, www.pensamientoconsciente.com
  20. 20. 21 Howmuchdoesyourlifedependon thefactthatpeople aresystematicallyblockedtomeettheirneeds? 1=not at all 2=sometimes 3=often 4=verymuch
  21. 21. 22 ...concentrations of substances from the Earth’s crust, ...concentrations of substances produced by society, ...degradationbyphysicalmeans, ...and that people are not subject to conditions that systematically undermine their capacity to meet their needs. In a sustainable future, nature is not subject to systematically increasing...
  22. 22. 23 What’syourdriverforbeinghere- what’sthebasichuman needyoutrytosatisfy?
  23. 23. Subsis- tence Idleness Partici- pation Protection Affection Under- standing Creation Identity Freedom culturallyindependent-nohierarchy-nopersonal developmentcategories
  24. 24. The frame-definitionofsuccess Screenshot: Moevenpicke-learning121 sustainable unsustainable
  25. 25. AppStore: 250+ answers
  26. 26. Compass: youthinkandcreate
  27. 27. Compass: youthinkandcreate
  28. 28. The Story ofAnna byAlexandre Magnin, SustainabilityIllustrated
  29. 29. Anna’sCompass
  30. 30. What’sthis?
  31. 31. Let’shavea look
  32. 32. Beliefsaboutchange* Understand Connect Share Act *HowcanI contributetoa sustainablesociety? thinksmarter
  33. 33. 34 Whattechniquedidmoveyouintellectuallyandasan actingperson? 1=informationgiven, advice 2=questions, facilitation
  34. 34. Think smarter «It's bettertoasktherightquestionsthanacceptthestatusquo.» Phil Harding, Author: «MotivatemeMotivateYou» «Whatshapesourlivesarethequestionsweask, refusetoask, orneverthinktoask.» Sam Keen, Philosopher
  35. 35. Beliefsaboutchange Understand Connect Share Act actsmarter
  36. 36. 37 Whatsupportsyoubeing/remainingan actingperson? 1=lonesomewolf 2=family 3=friends, team 4=socialmedia
  37. 37. Share
  38. 38. Share -Act smarter
  39. 39. Share -Act smarter Value creationthroughlanguageversions-> profitsharing Rainer Zenz: Wikimedia Commons
  40. 40. 41 Whatdo youconsiderthestrengthofThe SustainabilityCompass? 1)questionsinsteadofanswers 2)thecarddeck 3)theintent 4)beingat SMWBerlin
  41. 41. Feedback/Learnings againstthecrowd-> radical«Y O U» -> radicallyagainstadvice -> radicallypro co-creation gooddistribution lowlevel discussionsaboutquestiontechnique potential ofcarddeck isimmense
  42. 42. EcologicalImperative: The design principlesofacting “Our acting in these days shall be guided (by this ecological imperative): Act only to the maximethat the consequences foster the development of a global system of solidarityor at least don’t hinder it. Act only to the maximethat the usual practice of exploitation and externalisationcan be substituted by an ethos of global protection. Act only to the maximethat no time is lost in the inevitable transformation which is in the interest of all.“ Peter Sloterdjik, philosopher, 2013 Picture: ddpon rp-online.de
  43. 43. Vision -Act smarter Picture: Immunotec.com
  44. 44. Vision -Act smarter Picture: Immunotec.com
  45. 45. Thankyou info@compass-for-sustainability.net Skype mattbiz58