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Growing the AirHelp Brand

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Growing the AirHelp Brand

  1. 1. Nicolas Michaelsen Greg Roodt Henrik Zilmer New York New York Growth Plan
  2. 2. The Product We harness the power of community to help air passengers around the world secure compensation for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights. AirHelp's job is to hold airlines to their financial and legal obligations. We fight back in court, through national enforcement bodies, and online.
  3. 3. The Market Annual Airline Exposure $2.55 billion Annual Airline Payout 2% Every year, there is a total of $450 million in potential compensation owed to passengers being bumped due to overbooking on U.S. flights and $2.1 billion in potential claims for U.S. air passengers flying to/from Europe. Air passenger rights weren't made for airlines to interpret on a whim…
  4. 4. The Growth Strategy The Feetz Eco-System Move Fast & Break Things °Ground Work °Allies °New Centers
  5. 5. The Competition/ self-aware Ground Work Guerrilla Marketing Strategy •IN-TERMINAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS creating brand awareness and lending help at our customers most trying times. •LAUNCH INDUSTRY MEET-UPS/POP-UPS create a buzz through connections. bring those close to the brand together with potential collaborators. •SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN create interactive campaigns that enhance social capital efforts and increase brand awareness.
  6. 6. Building the brandAirline & Airport Partnerships Allies Airports • expand service to travelers in terminals, expanding brand awareness and extending support during interruptions Airlines • establish cross marketing landscape • offer travel insurance • offer quick pay resolution***minimizing airline exposure, increasing AirHelp’scash turn & decreasing resolution wait time • traveler support during interruptions • claims management reporting Reservation Sites • offer beta versions of core service to clientele at commissionable rate/ customer • offer in-house travel insurance at commissionable rate at checkout AirHelp Team • • brainstorm solutions to market • challenges • • brainstorm potential collaborations • manage ongoing sales pipeline through action plans • • establish CRM tool guidelines
  7. 7. New Centers/ • More robust user interface • handle more of travelers needs: boarding pass storage, gate change updates, bag tag storage, community sourced flight updates • Fee negotiations with Airline partners • change of fare fee’s, baggage fee’s, fare difference fee’s, unaccompanied minor fee’s • In-app Customer Support Center • offer customer rights section based on flight information inputed • arrange accommodations during travel interruption Expand UX
  8. 8. New Centers/ Product Portfolio expansion Mining •Corporate outreach - target large multinational corporations for fee reimbursements where travel is an operational necessity. Agency outreach - fee split on any recoveries. - ask agents to mine for potential claims for each of the main reservation systems: Apollo, Sabre, Worldspan and Galileo. Traveler’s Insurance •manage reseller relationship with travel insurance company •offer comprehensive travel interruption insurance w/ strategic partners as outlets Increase Recovery Portfolio •lost baggage claims •missed connection
  9. 9. Since AirHelp’s core competency is to advocate for passengers both during and after travel interruptions, my vision is steeped in an effort to meet the particular demands of an emotional and/or frantic consumer. To achieve marketshare, AirHelp must drive growth from the ground up, where the consumer’s needs are generated.