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Biomedical Electronics Technician Scientific Instruments - Job Duties and Description

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Biomedical Electronics Technician Scientific Instruments - Job Duties and Description

  1. 1. 2/2015 – 8/2015 University of Washington Seattle, WA Biomedical Electronics Technician – As a technician at the University of Washington, supported various laboratories, clinics, and hospitals run by the University and UW Medicine network of healthcare providers. Responded to service calls and interfaced with customers on a daily basis to coordinate equipment service. Communicated repair and labor costs, updated owners on equipment status, and made recommendations and judgment calls based on given circumstances and conditions. Tracked labor time throughout the work day in TMA Systems Maintenance Management Software program. Created Service Orders in TMA that detailed service performed, time spent, and parts ordered. Performed Human Subjects Review Evaluations and Electrical Safety Tests for customers performing studies with equipment that had the risk of delivering an electrical current through the patient. Performed electrical safety tests on patient care and non-patient care equipment. Soldered equipment, rewired electrical cables, used heat shrink, and had to problem solve equipment repairs where buying new parts was not economical. Managed appointments and time daily, while keeping commitments. Drove a State vehicle to support satellite healthcare facilities. Followed traffic laws and treated the State vehicle with proper respect. Researched equipment, including, but not limited to, service manuals, parts catalogs/lists, parts cost, and service options. Continuously offered and/or agreed to help out with equipment service to maintain compliance or assist fellow colleagues in achieving set goals or commitments. Purchased parts or paid for service of equipment with a State issued credit card. Recorded all purchases and managed receipts and invoices for reconciliation purposes. Verified all charges made to the credit card. Was often exposed to patient care environments, and was around patients on a daily basis. Adhered to Federal, State, and Local laws governing the rights of patients and respected the patients privacy
  2. 2. while in their presence. Troubleshot various laboratory equipment, down to component level on occasion. Inspected endoscopes for failures and coordinated service shipments. Created flowcharts and documents for preventative maintenance procedures on endoscopes and other medical equipment. Inventoried hard copy manuals and managed electronic service manuals on a shared network drive. Reviewed and updated preventive maintenance procedures used by junior, intermediate, and senior technicians. Received positive feedback from co-workers on enthusiasm to learn and ability to carry-out technical and non-technical tasks. Was commended by staff, non-staff, and colleagues for excellent customer service and professionalism.