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Futura First Flight

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Futura First Flight

  1. 4. Scroll down till you see this page In your control panel
  2. 5. Here you can search for any flight you want...
  3. 6. Here for example I want to see flights from Palma (That's where I want to fly from)
  4. 7. Now I can see all flights from Palma... ...ok, and for example I want to fly to Dublin I click Add to bid...
  5. 8. Very Important! Take note of the flight number!! - FUA1384
  6. 9. Now, depending on which flight software you have installed IN your flightsim you MUST download one of the according files above... ONLY ONE THOUGH! Then go back to your control panel... If you are not sure please read on...
  7. 10. I have FSPax so I download that file
  8. 11. The file I have just downloaded I then have to COPY/CUT and put it in my flight software folder located in the main FS9 directory. For me, I have to put it in the “config_Va” folder for FSPax. DEPENDING ON WHAT SOFTWARE YOU HAVE THE CONFIG FOLDER WILL BE SIMILAR BUT UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME... C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9
  9. 12. But!... If you have NO flight software like mine then for your flights with futura virtual to count then you will have to download one. A good FREE one is Fsacars which can be downloaded here: http://www.satavirtual.org/fsacars/downloads.html Please follow their own manual for instructions on how to setup a virtual airline properly.