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Android things intro

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Android things with Raspberry Pi3

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Android things intro

  1. 1. Introduction with Raspberry Pi 3 +RobertoOrgiu @_tiwiz +MatteoBonifazi @mbonifazi +DanieleBonaldo @danybony_
  2. 2. If you can build an app, you can build a device.
  3. 3. Android Things Build connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial applications. ● Build connected devices using familiar tools, such as Android SDK and Android Studio ● Google Play Services & Google Cloud ● Flashable image + SDK (Developer Preview) Android Things
  4. 4. The framework
  5. 5. Things support library ● Peripheral I/O ○ API GPIO, PWM, I2C, SPI, UART ● User Driver API ○ Inject hardware events into the framework Things Support Library
  6. 6. Behaviour changes ● Missing core packages (ContactsContract, MediaStore, Settings etc.) ● Displays are optional ● Subset of Google Play Services available ● No runtime permissions ● No notifications Behavior Changes
  7. 7. NOT SUPPORTED!!!!! VoicemailContract DownloadManager Settings MediaStore Telephony CalendarContract DocumentsContract UserDictionary
  8. 8. SUPPORTED!!!!! Firebase * Nearby FIT Location Instance ID Cast Mobile Vision Drive Places
  9. 9. Displays are optional Android Things does not require a display ● Supports graphical user interfaces using the same UI toolkit ● Does not include the system status bar or navigation buttons. ● Even without display, activities are still a primary component of your app
  10. 10. Key Points ● Permissions are not supported since UI is not required. ● Declare permission in the AndroidManifest.xml ● Notifications are no supported since SystemBar is not required
  11. 11. Developer Preview 2 Date: February 2017 Build Number: NIG40 ● USB Audio support ● Bluetooth is currently disable ● Access to peripheral I/O from C/C++ code ● USB APIs are currently disabled.
  12. 12. Compatible Device
  13. 13. https://developer.android.com/things/hardware/developer-kits.html#hardware_platforms
  14. 14. Going forward Helpful Link https://goo.gl/lXnDZz Android Helpful Link https://developer.android.com/things/hardware/index.html https://developer.android.com/things/sdk/index.html
  15. 15. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  16. 16. Setup Overview ● Use usual tools to flash the MicroSD ● Connect to the router via Ethernet ● Connect via WiFi with procedure or sample app ● Connect to adb over WiFi ● Profit
  17. 17. Demo time! (thanks to Daniele) Video of the demos available at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxssZMVR8OKdA7DprupP3mUuEXixO6zHD
  18. 18. Going forward - 2 Raspberry Pi 3 setup https://developer.android.com/things/hardware/raspberrypi.html Connect to WiFi http://bit.ly/android-things-wireless Repository https://github.com/danybony/sample-button
  19. 19. +MatteoBonifazi @mbonifazi Thank You! +RobertoOrgiu @_tiwiz +DanieleBonaldo @danybony_