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  1. 1. MATTHEW JOLLY matthew.jolly.80@gmail.com 07783 252835 https://uk.linkedin.com/in/matt-jolly-8ab33887 PROFILE A versatile and diligent technician and manager with a wide range of engineering and managerial skills obtained maintaining aircraft in the Royal Navy, and as a company director in the heating industry. A communicative and professional supervisor who seeks to bring his British Armed Forces training and ethos to a civilian working environment. KEY SKILLS • Strong team leader. • Extensive supervisory skills. • Excellent communicator. • Reliable, focused and motivated. • Experienced in subordinate training and development. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Leading Air Engineer Technician, Royal Navy (RN) from June 2007 to date. This employment has offered a wide variety of different roles and tasking which have been carried out shore side and at sea throughout the world. As a supervising mechanical aircraft technician responsibilities have included: • Supervised and carried out mechanical maintenance and repairs on RN helicopters. • Conducted rotors-engaged ground runs and raised requirements for test flights post maintenance. • Supervised and carried out ground operations, e.g. aircraft moves, fuelling operations, marshalling, load lifting. • Undertook independent inspections within trade. • Periodical depth-maintenance packages on RN helicopters initiated and seen through to completion. • Management responsibilities within an engineering dept. on board a RN ship, including authoring memoranda, generating rotas, leading a fire-fighting and rescue team and leading flight-deck operations such as re-fuelling operations and load-lifting. • Recorded maintenance activities and data onto bespoke computer programme. • Maintaining all air engineering dept. technical publications on board a RN ship as Publication Custodian.
  2. 2. Underfloor heating technician, from September 2003 to April 2006: Installed underfloor heating before being promoted to supervisor, responsible for managing and completing installations nation wide. Organising the delivery of materials and liaising with other trades to ensure efficient use of manpower and assets. Upon promotion to director of sales and marketing implemented successful sales strategy to increase company turnover year on year. Between April 2006 and joining the RN in June 2007 I spent a brief time as a self-employed plasterer and then as a shift supervisor at a Wetherspoon’s public house as interim employment. Education: • Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education, graded distinction in aeronautical engineering from Kingston University. (Awarded on completion of RN promotion course, accredited by Kingston University.) • NVQ 2 Aircraft Maintenance. • 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, City & Guilds, BS 7671. • GCSE x 8 grades A-C, including maths and English. Professional Courses: • Level 2 first aid. • CMI level 3 certificate in first line management. • CMI level 2 diploma in team leading. • Human Factors (Flight Safety). Additional: I have security clearance: NATO Secret Joint and Developed Vetting, valid until 26/04/2022. Leisure Interests: I am very keen on physical fitness and enjoy undertaking new sports. I have partaken in sailing races as a spare hand, I enjoy rock climbing and I have qualifications in PADI scuba diving that I would like to further in due course.