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Introducing chili design, Fak'ugesi talks

Presenting "Empathic Frequency", the project realized during the Fak'ugesi African Digital Residency.

Then, introducing the idea of "chili design" - in other words - design should put at the center the ability of technology to allow discovery, curiosity, and inventiveness.


Empathic frequency is an “emotional radio” – a radio that can be operated through facial expressions.
This is a collaborative way of discovering songs, because one person acts as a listener, while the other is able to change the tracks by adjusting its facial expression through a smile or a funny face for example.

For doing so, I have recorded copious amounts of music from various radio stations in Johannesburg. Then, I have classified these musics in different emotions: happy, surprising, a bit sad. And in the end I made a program that choose and plays a music according to current detected expression.

Code source of the project on github: https://github.com/mathildebuenerd/emotional-radio


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