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The Niche Concept 2015

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The Niche Concept 2015

  1. 1. Niche’s philosophy YOUR SECTOR IS OUR EXPERTISE
  3. 3. WHO ARE WE 40 Years combined recruitment experience Deni Patrick Ali Mathieu alieljishi mathieu.bourgeois85 pat_xtra nicheconsulting1
  4. 4. CLASSIC PACKAGE EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE Niche Skills RETAINED SEARCH PACKAGE Hyper Niche Skills 48 / 72 hour CV delivery Quality Checks Niche Fee  25% Annual Salary 24 – 48 hours CV delivery 5 – 10 days exclusive searching Up to 3 month replacement guarantee Niche Fee  20% Annual Salary Engagement Fee 10% of the A/S before initiating search 1-5 days delivery 30 days exclusive searching 6 month replacement guarantee Niche Fee  30% Annual Salary Flat Retainer Fee  10% of the A/S before initiating search Delivery Fee  10% of the A/S On delivery Placement Fee 10 % of the A/S On placement Simple Solutions
  5. 5. CLASSIC PACKAGE EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE RETAINED SEARCH PACKAGE This standard recruitment option is ideal for companies in need for a basic sourcing solution, looking to hire professionals which skills aren’t considered as “Niche”. Our Search & Selection teams deliver profiles within 48 to 72 hours. All candidates undergoing the interview selection stage are evaluated and reference checked with previous Managers/ Employers. Our standard Agent fee is based on the candidate’s annual salary – it’s 25% of the annual income. This package offers clients the possibility to benefit from our exclusive recruitment services. Our Search & Selection team will fully dedicate its attention to your specific requirement until relevant profiles are identified and sent across to your HR/ evaluation specialists. This approach is a great way to not only ensure our entire focus will be on your needs but also to get quality profiles fast (24-48 hours). We also commit to replacing the professional in case such need occurs in the first 3 months of commencement of work. Our fee is 20% of the placed candidate’s annual salary; the flat engagement fee (10%) secures the commencement of the search. This package is applicable to all “Niche” type of skills. An unique, high-end Search & Selection package for all our “unique” customers looking for a really “Niche” expertise. We not only work around the clock to submit quality profiles and focus entirely on your specific request for a period of 30 days (if we don’t find a match before) but we also commit to replace the candidate within the first 6 months of their contract. Our fee for this service is 30 % of the candidate’s salary divided in 3 instalments: 10 % before the S&S has taken place, 10 % once profile(s) have been shared and 10 % when the professional has been approved, offered and accepted the position.
  6. 6. We know that to truly add value to the recruitment process it’s important to understand employers’ individual requirements and the conditions of the markets in which they operate. So at Niche our committed client teams will work closely with you to provide a bespoke level of recruitment service, whenever and wherever you need it. To our candidates we promise to listen, understand and respect their person and career needs. Our goal is to approach each professional as a client and commit to working hand in hand with the candidate on obtaining the best suitable opportunity. If not the first time, hopefully the one after, or the one after that … We know how scarce real Talent is, so we have learned how to value it.
  7. 7. When we decided to up-scale our team strength requiring Niche skills from candidates, we turned our eyes towards Niche Consulting. Right from the time we gave them our profiles, Patrick and his team started the profile hunt and unlike other consulting agencies, they kept us on our toes by ensuring every minor detail of the requirement was understood clearly by them so as to ensure the right profile is selected. Thus, in less than 2 days we received several profiles, which not only met our requirement but also were of high quality. Their approach to consulting is by far the most professional and they are very quick in their response despite time zone barriers. First of all, I would really like to thank Niche for giving me a very nice opportunity in the area which I was totally interested in. I really appreciate the type of response that I received from Patrick. He was very quick with all the different phases of the process. He was also very responsive, friendly and understanding. He showed me the right directions during the entire process with full professionalism. It was a great pleasure to have found such a nice recruitment company which really helps employees to find a proper job profile and also helps employers to get the desired candidates. CLIENT CANDIDATE Our latest More about what our clients say: http://www.nicheitrecruitment.com/our-clients-say
  8. 8. We are here UK | Brazil | Dubai