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Taco bell Social Media Strategy

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  2. Social Media Assessment Most user interact with Taco bell through Snapchat as their social media platform. Snapchat has the weakest engagement in its twitter social media platform. Social Media Assessment Date: January 2017 Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate Facebook m/tacobell/ 10,448,685 Twice a week 35,280 Twitter bell 1,800,000 Twice a day 4,014 Instagram https://www.instagram.c om/tacobell/?hl=en 1,000,000 Once a week 27,868 Snapchat Username: Tacobell 134,000 Filter once a month 137,000
  3. Website Traffic Sources Assessment Facebook drives the most traffic to taco bells website. While Instagram is lacking the most, mainly because Instagram does not allow companies to drive customers to a website unless there is a link in the bio page. Website Traffic Sources Assessment Date: January 2017 Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Facebook 2,000 52.38 12.60% Youtube 5,000 20.09 3.70% Reddit 700 14.66 1.03% Twitter 127 10.75 0.60% Instagram 29 0.86 0.01%
  4. Audience Demographics Assessment Consumers are primarily young adult males who use Instagram and snapchat as their main social media platform. Customer are interested mainly in cheap and fast food. Audience Demographics Assessment Date: February 2017 Age Distribution Gender Distribution Primary Social Network Secondary Social Network Primary Need Secondary Need <24 47% Female Instagram Snapchat Cheap and Fast Tasty 25 - 34 53% Male Facebook Instagram 35 - 44 Facebook Instagram 45 - 54 Linkdin Facebook 55 - 64 Linkdin Facebook
  5. Competitor Assessment Its main competitors are in a completely different category of food service making it hard to compare. Most of the advantages of taco bells competitors are brand loyalty while food quality and healthiness are their weaknesses. Competitor Assessment: Date: Februray 2017 Competitor Name Social Media Profile Strengths Weaknesses KFC High number of products are offered by KFC like burgers, chicken wings etc High fat and high calorie food not good for health conscious people Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is a huge popular brand name and high brand loyalty Many options for customers means high brand switching and limited market share for Pizza Hut Dominos Efficient and effective supply chain management enables it maintain its goodwill and promises Intense competition means Dominos' has limited growth in market share
  6.  Overall Business Goals: Increase customer interactions on Taco Bells social media platforms, primarily snapchat.  Social Media Objective to Support Business Goals:  Snapchat is the upcoming social media platform that is being accessed by millennials and thus there is an interest in capturing that market.  KPIs  Quantitative: Increase the amount of followers to Taco Bells snapchat account by 15% over the next 6 months.  Qualitative: Increase the amount of video posts onto snapchat and increase snapchat filters to increase customer interactions. Key Supporting Messages #TACOTASTIC
  7. Brands Voice  Brand Positioning: Taco Bell offers healthy fast food with its available healthy, nutritious menu.  Adjectives That Describe Our Brand:  Fun, Quirky, Bold and Playful
  8.  Strategies to Will Support Our Social Media Objectives  Paid:  Taco Bell pushes promoted tweets every Tuesday and Wednesday  Taco Bell pushed post boosts on Facebook during the weekend to increase customer interactions  Owned:  Taco Bell owns their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram accounts  Earned:  Posting special coupon codes and promotions onto social media platforms  Existing Subscriptions/License's: Adobe Creative Suite
  9. Dates and Events  Key Dates  Cinco De Mayo: May 5th  National Taco Day: October 4th  National Burrito Day: First Thursday of April  Internal Events  Managers Conference: June 6th  Investors Conference: December 1st  Reporting Dates  Quarterly Reports will be done 4 times a year.
  10. Social Media Responsibilities  Social Media Director: Shivram Vaideeswaran  Responsibilities: Set out agenda for promotions for regional stores  Social Media Manager: James Richard  Responsibilities: Publish posts onto social media platform  Social Media Coordinator: Mark Stetson  Responsibilities: Plan and distribute task delivered by the social media director.
  11. Social Media Policy and Critical Response Plan  All posts onto social media platforms need to be run by the social media manager at the regional level. Posts must be creative and drive customer interest!  Tweets that receive negative publicity will automatically be deleted and a public apology will be stated.  We will immediately investigate the situation and assess the situation. We will continue to investigate and our franchisee will cooperate fully to resolve the problem.  All company related negative feedback will be dealt with accordingly.  Customers who feel that they have been mistreated will be contacted in order to find an appropriate outcome to make both parties happy.
  12. Measurements and Reporting Results Results Assessment: Overall successful in garnering more attention for the company and driving consumer interest. Qualitative KPIs Large increase in responsive from customers utilizing snapchat filters designed by Taco Bell increasing customer drive to our website. Sentiment Analysis: Customers view Taco Bell as a friendly and fun company from the use of our snapchat filters Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate Facebook 12,448,685 Twice a week 45,280 Twitter 3,800,000 Twice a day 6,014 Instagra m n 1,030,000 3 times per week 87,868 Snapchat Username:Tacobell 834,000 Filter 4 times per month 344,000,000 Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Facebook 3,000 52.38 19.60% Youtube 9,000 20.09 4.70% Reddit 1,300 14.66 10.03% Twitter 13,127 10.75 9.60% Instagram 829 0.86 7.4%
  13. Summary  Overall and increased frequency in social media posts have helped to increase customer awareness of the brand.  Snapchats more frequent use has helped to increase Millennial customers, which is considered to be snapchats key target market.
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