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CHiLOs: A New Virtual Learning Environment for Large Scale Online Courses

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CHiLOs: A New Virtual Learning Environment for Large Scale Online Courses

  1. 1. CHiLOs: A New Virtual Learning Environment for Large Scale Online Courses NPO CCC-TIES Masumi HORI and Seishi ONO smileNC&co Shinzo KOBAYASHI National Institute of Informatics Kazutsuna YAMAJI Kumamoto University Toshihiro KITA
  2. 2. Index 1. The challenges of traditional LMS 2. CHiLO’s Architecture 3. Pilot study 4. Conclusion
  3. 3. Challenges of Traditional LMS • Vendor lock-in – Operation depends on specific platform possibly causes vendor lock-in. • User authentication – Costs of accurate authentication are tremendous. • Course-centric – Everything is fixed. • Completion rate – Less than 10% .
  4. 4. CHiLO Community CHiLO Book Technology Components CHiLO badge Assessment & Budges SNS LMS Forum CHiLOs Analytics CHiLO Lecture one-minute nano lecture video clips CHiLO Repository LOM Semantic Web Google analytics Facebook insight Gakunin/OAuth Authentication CHiLO Creative Higher Education Learning Objects
  5. 5. The OUJ MOOC How Computers work in Japanese/All 11 Volumes – Prof Yoichi Okabe(President of the OUJ) NIHONGO STARTER A1 in English/All 10 Volumes – Prof. Tsuneo Yamada (the OUJ) & the Japan Foundation How to provide • Online publishing on Google and iBooks Store • Open Facebook groups From April 2014 The Open University Japan MOOC
  6. 6. Track Record of Online Bookstore The total download number of all 11books – Google play : 23,406 copies – iBooks store: 14,029 copies the top 50 free-of-charge eBooks on Google Play How Computers work From April to October, 2014
  7. 7. Nihongo Starter A1 Facebook Group 1,491 Participants from 94 countries
  8. 8. Nihongo Starter A1 Learner activities Online exam achievements 107 people(22%) passed all the online exams
  9. 9. Results of the pilot study • The CHiLO Book prevents vender lock-in. • The CHiLO badge will be sufficient. • CHiLO realize a refined lecture using 1-minute nano lectures. • Collected enough learning outcomes.
  10. 10. Challenges to be worked on • The files used in the eBook are difficult to manage. • Efforts required to produce eBooks • The need for CHiLO Reader for exclusive use
  11. 11. The reading apps Under Development Automated CHiLO Book producer
  12. 12. Thank you