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  1. Presentation Topic Southwest AIRLINES Operations Strategy
  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Operations Strategy Introduction 01 02 03 Process Design of Southwest Airlines
  3. Operations Strategy Operations strategy specifies the means by which operations implements corporate strategy and helps to build a customer-driven firm. It links long-term and short-term operations decisions to corporate strategy and develops the capabilities the firm needs to be competitive. It is at the heart of managing processes and supply chains.
  4. INTRODUCTION Southwest Airlines is an American low-cost airline company that was founded in 1971. Southwest Airlines is the largest and the most successful airline in the United States and throughout the world by number of passengers transferring. Southwest Airlines is well known for its total quality improvement system usage. Basically, the operations management systems at the airline company include an aspect of cost, dependability, speed, quality, and flexibility.
  5.  Cost  Quality  Flexibility  Analysis Process Design of Southwest Airlines
  6. 01 Cost Southwest Airlines
  7. Process Design of Southwest Airlines Cost, The Only Large Low-Cost Airline Southwest Airlines focuses on offering the lowest prices for the most popular routes, being the only large American airline that can actually compete on price, even matching prices if a customer finds a lower one is another airline. To achieve this unique advantage, the whole Southwest Airlines Business Model has been built around low operating costs. The company owns a few aircraft types, services in small and secondary airports (with lower charges), and a high airplane utilization, with short-haul flights and quick turnarounds. Southwest is the only large airline that can compete on price.
  8. Quality 02 Southwest Airlines
  9. Quality Great Deals On Flights . Re-book For Credit If Flight Price Goes Down . 2 1 No Change Fees On Their Tickets 3
  10. Process Design of Southwest Airlines 1. Great Deals On Flights Southwest Airlines is the largest low-cost carrier and has relatively cheap flights. They’re always having sales and promotions going on throughout the year. 2. Re-book For Credit If Flight Price Goes Down Another nice thing about Southwest is that if you book a flight and the rate for that flight goes down, you can call them and re-book to get a credit in your account for the difference. 3. No Change Fees on Their Tickets They have no change fees on all of their tickets. This is great if something comes up and you need to re-book your flight! Also, considering the current economy, having the option to change plans is ideal.
  11. 03 Flexibility Southwest Airlines
  12. Process Design of Southwest Airlines Flexibility, Southwest Airlines’ simple and flexible policies and procedures. For example, the company allows the passenger to cancel a reservation up to 30 minutes before departure — and the customer keeps the funds from cancellation for a future trip.
  13. 04 Analysis Southwest Airlines
  14. Process Design of Southwest Airlines Analysis, Get to know your customers. Customers love a personalized experience because it makes them feel heard. However, to make sure that the personalized experience stays positive, you should understand the customer’s wants and needs. Maintaining this mindset will help ensure the customer trusts you and your company in the long run.
  15. THANKS Southwest Airlines