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DT Presentation Dunoon 2016 Siya

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DT Presentation Dunoon 2016 Siya

  1. 1. What is Debt Counselling and why is there a need? As at the end of March 2015 Credit Bureaus held the following records. • 23.11 Million Credit Active consumers • Of which 10.4 Million have impaired Credit Records • Equates to 55% of Consumers in Good Standing. • 45% of Consumers having impaired credit records. • This clearly indicates the need for Debt Counselling in South Africa.
  2. 2. So what is Debt Counselling? • In a nutshell, debt counselling offers a remedy to individuals that are over-indebted with the aim of rehabilitating them and allowing them back into the credit market by doing the following: – Protect Crucial assets (House , Car etc.) – Prevent legal action taken by your creditors. – Notify all your creditors that you are under Debt review. – All monthly debt obligations will be consolidated into one monthly instalment. – Reduce your current monthly interest rate. – Restructure your debt via consent order. – Once your debt has been settled, the debt counsellor will issue you with a clearance certificate removing all information on the credit bureaus.
  3. 3. What are DC Responsibilities? • DC must investigate the full financial circumstances of their client. • Investigate any possibilities of Reckless Credit. • Ensure that we have not included any prescribed debt. • Ensure credit providers are working within the law. • Review clients accounts on a yearly basis to ensure CP have calculated information properly. • Ensure collection agencies have not over charged the consumers. • Protect those under debt review from any further legal action. • Make reasonable offers to your Credit Providers to ensure acceptances are received. • If we are unable to help you must be informed and be given an alternative option if available.
  4. 4. Responsibilities of the client (s) • Ensure you choose the right Debt Counsellor? • Complete the application form truthfully. • Follow the instructions of the Debt Counsellor. • Ensure that you make payments as agreed. • Keep your debt Counsellor informed of any changes. • The more you can afford to pay the faster your debt will be settled.
  5. 5. Important things to remember! • Unfortunately there are Debt Counsellors out there that don’t have your interest at heart. • Cheapest is generally the wrong option. (No matter what they say). • Investigate the Debt Counselling company you are going to. (Hello Peter) • Make sure your Debt Counsellor uses a PDA (DCM, Hyphen & DC Partner) • Ensure you give your Debt Counsellor all the information they require. • Do not get fooled by creditors claiming that they have not received any information. (You should get confirmation from your DC that this has been done. • Do not sign or agree to anything from collectors etc. • Do not make any payments to creditors before speaking to your debt counsellor.
  6. 6. So Why Choose Debt Therapy as opposed to other Debt Counselling companies? • We will not accept your application form if we can not help you. • We will refund any payments we have received in the event that we were unable to help and took your case on. (T&Cs apply) • We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not a call centre, so you can always contact the person you are looking for and have a dedicated team member looking after your account. • We have dedicated departments to ensure the smooth running of your application. • Consultants receive and assess your application, explaining the process in detail. • Our Administration department then calculate proposals and present them to all your creditors. During this negotiation process we always do our best to obtain the best possible reduction in interest rates and instalments, to benefit our clients to become debt free in the shortest possible time. • A legal team then takes over the application to complete the process and obtain consent orders via the Magistrate Courts or the National Consumer Tribunal. • An Additional support team deals with all creditor queries on our client’s behalf and non-payment queries. • Our skilled staff are all closely monitored by their Team leaders who in turn report to the CEO ensuring compliance in all departments.
  7. 7. Contact Details • Web: WWW. Debt-Therapy.co.za • Tel: 086 11 11 863 • E-mail: Helpdesk@debt-therapy.net • Me: siyabulelat@debt-therapy.net • Tel: 084 924 2357 / 021 5564935