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  1. 1. Mary Pat McKee, MS, RD, LD 2724 Markbreit Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 4520 9 (513) 702- 8483 alfarom p@hot m ail.com PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2012-Present Registered Dietitian, Registered Dietitian, PRN Status Division of Nutrition Therapy, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Provide coverage for department while permanent employees are on leave. 2002- 2012 Registered Dietitian, Clinical Nutrition Manager Division of Nutrition Therapy, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Developing and coordinating Nutrition Services for outpatient clinics at main hospital campus and 6 additional locations. Oversaw the departmental development and implementation of an electronic medical records system for clinical nutrition. Manager of 30 registered dietitians and 2 dietetic technicians. 1999- 2002 Senior Outcomes Coordinator Department of Health Policy & Clinical Effectiveness, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Clinical Data Consultant and Senior Outcomes Coordinator • Collaborate with Decision Support Analysts, Systems Analysts and Database Consultants to develop a database system for merging clinical, financial and demographic data to support analysis, reporting and dissemination, improve process of data entry and facilitate the provision of information to users. • Developed a process for data collection and data quality validation, implemented and subsequently trained and supervised a team of nurses resulting in improvement in data quality integrity and availability to end users. • Develop clinical and process outcomes for guidelines and pathways, analyze and prepare data for reports, presentations and manuscripts for various audiences. 2001-2003 Adjunct Faculty University of Cincinnati Taught a variety of science courses to students at varying levels. Developed course lectures for the following departments: Department of Biology, University of Cincinnati, Clermont College General Biology & Lab, Human Biology Department of Allied Health-Nutrition, University of Cincinnati, Main Campus, Graduate and Undergraduate Courses Advanced Nutrition, Nutritional Assessment and Minerals 1997-1999 Institutional Review Board Coordinator Schulman Associates, IRB, Cincinnati, Ohio Prepared documents for IRB approved research studies for individuals considering enrollment as human subjects in pharmaceutical trials and other trials. • Acted as an advocate for subjects enrolled in research studies who have concerns about their participation in clinical trials or questions about their rights as research subjects. • Conducted site visits to assure compliance with IRB requirements as related to procedures for recruitment and consent and documentation. • As part of a team, lectured at nationally sponsored continuing education programs regarding FDA regulations. • Served as project lead for company database design to improve tracking of all aspects of the company business.
  2. 2. 1997 Clinical Research Coordinator ChoiceCare Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio Identified and recruited subjects for a multi-centered research trial. Analyzed claims relating to study outcomes. Worked on inter-departmental teams to analyze claims information for the development of externally funded projects. 1995-1997 Clinical Research Coordinator Department of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. Designed and implemented research protocols including: subject recruitment, data management, maintaining records and regulatory affairs. Published papers and abstracts. 1991-1995 Clinical Research Dietitian Clinical Research Center, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. Implemented the nutritional portion of all research protocols using the Clinical Research Center. Principal Investigator of a trial to investigate body composition and metabolic expenditure in children infected with HIV. Published findings in 1995. 1988-1991 Metabolic Support Team Supervisor Florida Hospital, Orlando, Florida. Managed a multi-disciplinary nutrition support consult service for physicians to provide enteral and parenteral nutrition at four Orlando area hospitals. 1987-1988 Chief Clinical Dietitian St. Charles General Hospital, New Orleans, Louisiana. Manager of patient food services and clinical nutrition services. Assisted with the development of an innovative room services operation, which was available to the hospital patients and staff. 1985-1987 Nutrition Support Dietitian Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital, New Orleans, Louisiana. Managed the nutritional care for all enteral and parenteral patients as part of a multi-disciplinary nutritional support service in a small community hospital. 1983-1984 Teaching Assistant University of Dayton Instructor for the department of Human Ecology for the food science laboratories. TRAINING: Leadership Development, Self-Management Counseling TECHNICAL SKILLS: Microsoft Office, Hospital Medical Records System EDUCATION 2001-2 University of Cincinnati, variety of courses for personal enrichment 1996 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio Masters of Science, Epidemiology 1985 Touro Infirmary, New Orleans, Louisiana Dietetic Internship 1984 University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio
  3. 3. Bachelors of Science AFFILIATIONS • Registered Dietitian: #707859 License: #2176 • CNSD: ASPEN certification for Dietitian in Nutrition Support, 2003-2008 • Institutional Review Board Alternate Member for Schulman Associates IRB from February 1999 to 2002. ARTICLES and ABSTRACTS Doyne EO, Alfaro MP, Siegel RM, Atherton HD, Schoettker PJ, Bernier J, Kotagal UR. A randomized controlled trial to change antibiotic prescribing patterns in a community. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2004; 158:577-583 Bucuvalas JC, Chernausek SD, Alfaro MP, Krug SK, Ritschel W, Wilmott RW. Effect of insulin like growth factor-1 treatment in children cystic fibrosis. J Pediatr Gastroenerol Nutr. 2001;33:5:576-81. Perlstein, P., Kotagal, U., Schoettker, P., Atherton, H., Farrell, M., Gerhardt, W., Alfaro, M. Sustaining the Implementation of an Evidence-Based Guideline for Bronchiolitis. Arch Pediatr Adolecs Med 2000;154:1001-1007. Hill, K., Bucuvalas, J., McClain, C., Kryscio, R., Martini, R., Alfaro, M., Maloney, M. Pilot study of growth hormone administration during the refeeding of malnourished anorexia nervosa patients Hill, J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol 2000;10:1:3-8. Chernausek S., Bucuvalas J., Ritschel W., Murray M., Horn J., Alfaro M., Kuntze J., Martha P. Comparative Pharmacokinetics of rhIGF-I in Children with Growth Disorders. Abstract presented at the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology, June 1997. Morrison JA, Alfaro MP, Khoury P, Thornton BB, Daniels, SR. Determinants of resting energy expenditure in young black girls and young white girls. J Pediatr. 1996;129:5:637-42. Frank G., Cheung P., Horn J., Alfaro M., Chernausek S. Predicting the growth response to growth hormone in patients with intrauterine growth retardation. Clin Endocrin 1996;44:679-85. Bucuvalas J., Horn J., Slusher J., Alfaro M., Chernausek S. Growth Hormone Insensitivity in Children with Biliary Atresia. J Ped Gastro Nutr. 1996;23:135-140. Alfaro M., Seigel R., Baker R., Heubi J. Resting Energy Expenditure and Body Composition in Pediatric HIV-Infection. Ped AIDS 1995;6276-280. PRESENTATIONS 2009 “Nutritional Status and Short-term Surgical Outcome in Children with Single Ventricle Undergoing Fontan Completion” Poster Presentation at CHOP Cardiology 2009, Feb Nassau, Bahamas 2007 “Nutrition in Chronocity and Obesity” Advance Practice Nurses Bi-Annual Meeting Cincinnati, Oh November 9, 2007 2006 “The Evolution of a Postcardiothroacic Surgery Feeding Guideline: Evidence-Based Practice” Poster Presentation at CHOP Cardiology 2006, Feb 8, 2006 Scottsdale AZ 2003 “Promoting Breastfeeding in the Younger African American Population” Soulful Health Program on WCIN, November 12, 2003 2003 “Nutrition Support for the Pediatric Surgical Patient”, Grand Rounds Urology CCHMC, Cincinnati OH, September 9, 2003
  4. 4. 2001 “Guidelines and Pathways - Bringing Evidence to the Bedside”, National Respiratory Care Conference, Cincinnati, OH 1998 “Regulation, Ethics and Leadership in Clinical Research for the New Millennium”, New York City 1998 “Audits and Inspections”, Washington DC 1993-6 "Pediatric HIV Nutrition", Cincinnati Center for Developmental Disorders Annual Program, Cincinnati Ohio. 1994 "HIV - Current Status of Women and Children", University Hospital, Cincinnati area Dietetic Interns, and Clinical Dietitians. 1993 "Resting Energy Expenditure in Perinatally HIV-infected Children: A Preliminary Report". Poster session, Pediatric AIDS Conference, Washington D.C. 1987 Bogota Columbia, Guest Lecturer at the Central Military Hospital three day seminar on recent advances in enteral and parenteral nutrition 1987 WYLD Radio: “Doctor’s Corner” - regular guest on local talk show to give brief talk and answer phone in questions 1986 Richard Anderson Show: Appeared as guest on local TV talk show with other health care professionals.