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The Wikitude SDK and the Wikitude Studio

The presentation describes the Wikitude SDK and its technology stack, as well as the Wikitude Studio, the AR content creation and management system developed by the creators of the Wikitude World Browser.

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The Wikitude SDK and the Wikitude Studio

  1. 1. The global leader in Augmented Reality Updated 15.1.2013 The Wikitude SDK and the Wikitude Studio Martin Lechner - CTO martin.lechner@wikitude.com | www.wikitude.com
  2. 2. Wikitude SDK Technology Overview • Geo-based and Image Recognition features unified • Content is created using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS • Available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 • Phonegap and Titanium (closed beta) plugin available JavaScript API and Webview Wikitude SDK Core Native OS Native OS
  3. 3. In-house built Image Recognition & Tracking IR & Tracking Plug-in AR Content presentation and user interface 3D engine “geo” AR engine IR & Tracking engine AR content presentation and user interface 3D engine “geo” AR engine Yesterday: 1 puzzle piece missing… Announcing today! Complete and seamlessly integrated AR technology platform solution.
  4. 4. Image Recognition • Optimized in-house solution • Track more than 1000 targets at the same time – offline! var tracker = new AR.Tracker("path/to/target/collection.wtc"); var trackable1 = new AR.Trackable2DObject(tracker, "imageId1", { drawables: { cam: [model] } }); var trackable2 = new AR.Trackable2DObject(tracker, "imageId2", { drawables: { cam: [htmlDrawable] } });
  5. 5. Selected Wikitude SDK Features
  6. 6. HTML Drawables var poiHTMLdrawable = new AR.HtmlDrawable( {uri:"myHotel.html"}, 4, { scale : 1, updateRate:AR.HtmlDrawable.UPDATE_RATE.STATIC } );
  7. 7. 3D Models • fbx and dae (COLLADA) supported • Convert with the Wikitude 3D Encoder • Animation Support • Transformations
  8. 8. And more ... • Radar • Relative Locations • Direction Indicator • Animations & Event Handling
  9. 9. SDK Showcases
  10. 10. What if ... What if ... • You are not a developer • You do not want to start development from scratch • You look for a tool to ease development
  11. 11. Easy AR creation for everyone! EASY TO USE - You don't need to be a programming guru. Simply log on and let you creativity go wild, it's that easy. WEB-BASED - No desktop software installations needed. Simply log on to Wikitude Studio in your favorite web browser. DRAG'N'DROP - Move things around the way you want, work quickly and efficiently. 3D MODELS - Engage your users and customers: Visualize your products, entertain with fun interactions, bring things to live with 3D models. AR CONTENT MANAGEMENT - Maintain your app over time. Change AR content and target images - Wikitude Studio is your powerful AR CMS.
  12. 12. Video
  13. 13. Where to start? • http://studio.wikitude.com – Sign up for Newsletter • http://www.wikitude.com/developer/ – Downloads – Tutorials and Samples – Documentation – Getting Started-Guide – Newsletter-Registration • http://forum.wikitude.com – Get in touch with developers and Wikitude staff
  14. 14. Thank you Martin Lechner, CTO martin.lechner@wikitude.com