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Drama performance about Ukraine from Hong Kong students

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Drama performance about Ukraine from Hong Kong students

  1. 1. (M : Marta T : Torres  All: Gemma, Gini, Jessie, Abby, Cathy)Script.[Background]Marta, three girls and bad guy are joining a learning camp.Marta is walking alone. Three girls are staring at her oddly.M: (In Ukrainian) Excuse me, I am Marta. Can you tell me where can I find the washroom?[Talk to Marta and walk around]Gini: Hey! Look at her, her clothing is so weird!Abby: Opps! She looks goofy.Gemma: She’s not a Cantonese.Gini: What’s a weird girl?Cathy: Where do you think she comes from?Jessie: Well, is she a Russian?T: A limey? I hate their speech.M: I come from Ukraine.All: I see.M: um….[The girls turn around and whisper]T: Hey hold on girls.She is a Ukrainian. She is not even an Asian and she is different from us.Let’s hit her. [Comes out suddenly] [Marta is unhappy as she’s discriminated by him][Allignore Torres]Gini: Ukraine? Is it a country in Europe?Gemma: I know a little bit about Ukraine, it is located in East Europe. The territory ofUkraine was a key center of East Slavic culture in the Middle Ages.Jessie: However, the history of Ukraine dates back many thousands of years. The territory hasbeen settled continuously and it is also a candidate site of the origins of the Proto-Indo-European language family.Abby: Absolutely, also their flag is in blue and yellow.T: But why does she dress up like this? I don’t like her. We are Chinese people, we dress T-shirts, sweater, trousers, jacket, etc. Comfortableness is most important for us. However,Ukrainian dresses in an immobile way.Cathy: Hey, Ukrainian’s national clothes are the Baroque style, which is very common in theircountry.Abby: I’ve heard about the Baroque style. The costume of women consists of long skirt,blouses, head wraps and scarves.Cathy: Males also features embroidered white tunics. There are paired with pants. Depictedhere is a typical wooden mug attached to the mans belt, probably for drinking beer.Jessie: Absolutely.T: That’s so strange. We don’t use wooden mug to drink. That’s a big difference. Then what
  2. 2. about their special speech?Abby: They are used to speak in Ukrainian, that’s why they speak English in a special way.As for Ukrainian, ‘Pryvit’ means ‘Hi’, ‘Diakuyu’ means ‘Thanks’, ‘Pa-Pa’ means‘bye, bye’ .All: Ha-Ha……That’s funny.Jessie: And that’s why we can’t understand what she said before.T: [Start to feel sorry] Now, I think……I am curious about Ukraine, can you introducemore? What do they usually eat?Gini: Ukrainian love to eat salted fish, pickles and sweet stuffing dumplings. Breads,potatoes and dairy products are the main food. Generally they do not eat squid,jellyfish, sea cucumbers and mushrooms.M:[Happy] Yeah~yeah~yeah…Gemma: Moreover, they emphasis on taste sweet, sour but oily and spicy food is alsoable to adapt.Cathy: They love to drink vodka and beer too.T: I am so sorry, Marta! Every country has their culture. I shouldn’t do this to you.M: Never mind. Then let’s continuously talk about the Ukrainian. [Walk away and end]