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Marlon Granados MIS FInal Project

  1. • Marlon Granados • Mr. Eduardo Orozco • Management Information System • April 10th, 2017
  2. Technology Blogs
  3. Techmeme is one of the best blog that knows what are the newest changes in technology.This blog tell day by day what it is required to understand, what are the cultural currents and business events reforming the world.Techmeme is the leading source for tracking these changes.They present a summary of the day's essential reports and analysis on a single page,Techmeme has become the technology news site of record for people both within and beyond the industry.
  4. • Geek Insider is a leading source for the latest tech news, gaming, gadgets, and Geek Culture.The blog write the importance of technologically innovation, lifestyles, besides tells us how the world is connected and how the empowerment of Geeks are around the world. moreover, Geek insider provide a high-quality, relevant news and commentary regarding the latest in the technology industry.They maintain an accurate information, and have an authoritative voice while remaining true to geek-culture roots
  5. Urban Geekz is a groundbreaking online news site geared towards toAfrican American, Latino and multicultural audiences.The blog offers reviews, interviews, commentary and original video content on e-commerce, geek gadgets, social media, scientific advancements and insight on the global technology industry amount others.The innovative digital platform also provides confident lifestyle and entertainment coverage.They cover a big part of the information involving the new technologies and new development in the worldwide
  7. • The Consumerist help customers to understand, engage with, and discuss the systems and forces that influence the marketplace, the idea is that as a consumers, we can make a better use of the cash and capital, they maintain informed to the readers about how to make better finance decisions.The Consumerist has fought for a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers and to empower consumers to protect themselves.To maintain independence and impartiality.
  8. Business Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Business Insider provide and analyze the most relevant recent business news, the site aggregates top news stories on various subjects from around the web.The Blog is now one of the largest business news site on the web. Business Insider was acquired by German media companyAxel Springer SE in September, 2015.
  9. • Business Pundit is a blog dedicated to provide the newest information about economic business and managing issues progress. Also, it provides a comprehensive and researched analysis.This blog it’s dedicated to provide the latest information about the world of business and relationships.
  10. Entertainment Blogs
  11. Buzz Feed strive to connect deeply with their audience, and give them news and entertainment worth sharing with friends, family, and people who matter.Their global, cross-platform network includes site and mobile apps, Facebook, Snapchat,YouTube, and many other digital platforms. Buzz feed have the innovation obsessed culture and structure of a venture-backed tech company with an engineering team focused on building the media platform for today’s world, and the future.
  12. • 9GAG is a humorous blog well know because of their memes, images, gifs and other humorous pics. It works with an online platform and social media where users can upload and share different content. This blog is very recognized in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat andTwitter because everyone like the content and also has apps available for any android and IOS system
  13. • Routinely sourced by the media,Trend Hunter is a source of inspiration for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious. Trend Hunter has been featured or cited everywhere from MTV,The Economist, and CNN. Each day,Trend Hunter features a daily dose of innovative ideas, viral news and pop culture.The most popular concepts are featured onTrend HunterTV and filtered into clusters of inspiration for our brand clients. and custom trend reports.
  14. Collective intelligence • Is a important tool to our business because enhance the outcomes by improving the organizations access to the unavailable information of the organization network. For instance is a excellent device to help a company to motivate and choose the right employees. Also Collective intelligence is a great resource for generating value using the experiences and self- assessment of a large number of individuals around the world
  15. Wikipedia
  16. Web- collaboration tools
  17. • Using Zoho we can take advantage of many of his utilities such as upload data from spreadsheets & flat files like Microsoft Excel, HTML, text files and more.We can also feed data from online storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox & Microsoft OneDrive amount others. Also we can create a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components to create insightful reports & dashboards.
  18. Dropbox has become in one of the most used tools to save everything, it so confident to use it, because dropbox make daily security backups of our work. with Dropbox we can save our files in all of our devices that are Synchronized. Another advantage of Dropbox is the restoring files option, with dropbox we can avoid tons of hours reworking looking for old doc, images amount others. because dropbox save the eliminate files with in 30 days.
  19. Documents that are created in Google Docs can be exported and downloaded whenever you have a computer or mobile device with Internet access Google docs are stored on a Google server so they are available. With google docs we can administrate our files in better organized way in.This electronic tools helps us to manage our files from the most recent to less, we can share files and highlight important files
  20. • In Linkedin you can search for jobs, internships, part time jobs or even volunteer jobs we use have the option to follow many enterprises who are looking for employee that best match with their needs with this option we keep up with everything the company needs or does. • For making your profile more interesting for a human resources or a manager who is looking for a employee you can make use of “groups”, in these groups you can be actively participating in many areas of you preference and show up yourself. • One of the main advantages of Linkedin is the recommendation this kind of compare with the like on Facebook or the retweet on twitter. Using recommendation and a assertive thought on what is correct to recommend on LinkedIn, your former bosses can give recommendation of you and your work and with the validations of aptitudes your partners can give you an good approval to ensure your aptitudes and recommendation expose on your profile
  21. Linkedin is an excellent web site to a finding a job according to people´s profile interests-work, career, and goals. Recruiters can post jobs every time they want , people can share job opportunities by posting the same job position. Companies can lead their, brand to connect more with people, and a he the same time the post job opportunities on Linkedin. Linkedin Provided pages that focus on specific products and services that adequate to the needs of an specific company
  22. Some of the advantages of Linkedin is that you can get know better for job seekers instead of looking in the newspaper for a dream job.With Linkedin our dream job find us. Another characteristic is that we can build relations amount people we already know to work or meet new meet who work with.Also we can post interesting information that can help other to know more about business or we can also find histories of magnates enterprises, Linkedin is a web site in which the business world is connected
  23. • No matter if a recent graduate senior of colleges is seeking job or if a person is new in the city, or a job searcher, or if a persona is someone who is trying to build their professional career, networking with the correct people is the key to the success it can be a difficult task. • To boost our career development we need to create relations than can benefit us, a mentor, partner or someone who help us in making important decision even our dads can be. Having a lot of connections may not be important as we think, I prefer have quality connections in which my development will increase.Thanks to Linkedin we can chose what kind of people we can have relation and in what type of business we can find jobs to increase our development
  24. Anime Life
  25. Some of the features that shopify offer are : CUSTOMS • A thriving fast ecosystem of apps, integrations, and custom tools to fit your needs SUPPORT • With shopify you are covered, no matter what with this tools managers around the world are helped to solved many company problems SELL ANYWHERE • A multichannel sales strategy in which we can sell around the world, and it is managed in one place and improve brand awareness SECURITY • Reliable security you never have to think about because shopify identify compliance assessments, advanced frauds and also it can detec bots, and other ciber attacks to protect our information