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Dashboard for earned - owned - paid kpi measurement

A dashboard i "designed" to measure and rate performance of the three different marketing segments called "Earned - Owned and Paid media"

Contact me: mark@mobylizr.com if you want to learn more. Or look at our work http://www.mobylizr.com

Dashboard for earned - owned - paid kpi measurement

  1. 1. Dashboard to accelerate and measure digital marketing<br />Benchmark<br />Audience<br />Media<br />Tooling<br />Benefits<br />Metrics<br /><ul><li>Insight in campaign performance</li></ul>KPI<br />tbd<br />KPI<br />tbd<br />BEHAVIOUR<br />Paid media<br />Unknown consumers<br /><ul><li>Personalise our brands
  2. 2. Understand consumers passion (+location)
  3. 3. (re)act and form opinion
  4. 4. Brand crisis management</li></ul>KPI<br />KPI<br />Buzz factor:<br />0 – 100<br />Positive-negative value: -5 <-> +5<br />OPINION<br />Buzz metrics <br />Earned media<br />(Social media)<br /><ul><li>What brings people to our sites
  5. 5. What is their brand opinion
  6. 6. How do they rate brands
  7. 7. What are our peers and why differentiating</li></ul>KPI<br />KPI<br />0 - 10 <br />OPINION<br />NPS+ <br />Owned media<br />(Brandsites<br />E-Shops<br />Loyalty-program<br />E-DM)<br />Retail + cafe<br /><ul><li>Overall site performance
  8. 8. Consumer usage/analyses
  9. 9. Performance (conversion MCDB/euro)
  10. 10. Drive desired behaviour through CRM</li></ul>KPI<br />KPI<br />Traffic function:<br />-100 > 0 < +100<br />MCDB entries: xx<br />Transactions: xx<br />BEHAVIOUR<br />Performance<br />Analytics <br />Known<br />consumers<br />+<br />Customers<br />+<br />members<br />KPI<br />KPI<br />Turnover:<br />-100 > 0 < +100<br />MCDB entries: xx<br />Transactions: xx<br />SALES<br />Turnover<br />Transactions<br />Margin<br /><ul><li>Overall sales performace
  11. 11. Incremental sales contribution of campaigns visble</li>