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How to Run an Agile Marketing Sprint

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A step by step guide to running an agile marketing sprint using the Scrum methodology. Written by a Certified Scrum Master and agile marketer.

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How to Run an Agile Marketing Sprint

  1. 1. How to Run An MARKETING SPRINT
  2. 2. This Guide Covers: Why Agile Marketing? How to Put Agility Into Practice How to Make an Agile Marketing Team Agile Marketing: All or Nothing?
  4. 4. Productivity & Efficiency “applying Agile methodology typically used in software development yields greater marketing effectiveness and efficiency.” 87% said their teams were more productive using Agile 93% said adopting Agile helped them improve speed to market
  5. 5. Market Share Marketing departments who consider themselves agile are 3X more likely to significantly grow market share
  6. 6. Happier Employees Employees working in agile environments report a greater overall sense of satisfaction and pride in their work. Less turnover, less drama. More marketing.
  7. 7. GREAT… NOW WHAT?
  9. 9. SCRUM 1.Time-boxed sprints 2.Sprint planning meetings 3.Daily standup meetings 4.Transparent, visible tracking 5.Sprint review & retrospective Common Agile Methodology: The Scrum method include 5 elements:
  10. 10. Precise timeframes for achieving specific marketing objectives. Time-boxed Sprints
  11. 11. • 2 – 6 weeks long • Length can’t be changed once it starts • Allow 10-20% of your time for unforeseen events • Specific goals and a strict definition of “done” must be established before it starts Time-boxed Sprints
  12. 12. Sprint Planning • Start & end dates • Team availability • Goals & scope • Done = ? • Can we do what we’ve planned? Vote. • Assign tasks and get going Laying the ground rules for the sprint:
  13. 13. Daily Standup Meeting Meet everyday for 15 minutes ONLY. Only 3 topics: 1.What I did yesterday 2.What I will do today 3.Any blocks?
  14. 14. Whether it’s a white board or fancy software, the team’s goals and progress should be totally transparent & highly visible. Visible Tracking System
  15. 15. Review Review what you accomplished with your stakeholders. Show off a bit! Consider your process & how to improve it for the next sprint. Sprint & Retrospective
  16. 16. Creating an Agile Marketing Team
  17. 17. Team members need diverse skills. Including:
  18. 18. Create and test email campaigns Setup, engage and monitor social media Adjust website to test new messaging Write, edit, distribute content Work with online advertising campaigns Review and understand analytics & data
  19. 19. Agile Marketing: All or Nothing
  20. 20. Moving away from traditional marketing without a guiding system may make your team more responsive, but it will also create chaos. Lack of System = Chaos
  21. 21. Go whole hog. To Maintain Sanity… Adopt the entire Scrum methodology. Go Agile!
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  23. 23. AUTHOR: Andrea Fryrear Content Marketer and Certified Scrum Master www.marketergizmo.com @MarketerGizmo