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  1. 1. WE ARE LUCID FUSION Providing your digital roadmap in the USA
  2. 2. We’ll support your brand by becoming an extension of your team. Using technology, marketing, and a ton of creativity, we’ll get your message to the right people, capture their attention, and help you realize your brand’s greatest potential. Lucid Fusion is an award-winning digital marketing agency with extensive experience in working with global tech, healthcare, and consumer brands to increase their exposure and sales in the USA.
  3. 3. because we’re methodical. Because we’re always looking out for your ROI. Because we have the connections and the expertise to best support your brand in the industry. Because we know how to get you where you need to be. You’ll want to work with us
  5. 5. Our team knows how to harness our technical, creative, and strategic expertise to connect our clients with the people that matter. Go-to-market Planning E-Commerce Implementation + Management Microsite, Website, Landing Page Design + Development Market ResearchCampaign Strategy + Planning Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, SEO Content Creation Messaging, Infographics, Videos, White Papers, etc.
  6. 6. THE CHALLENGE In anticipation of the new product release for Sage ERP X3 version 7, Sage required a centralized global hub to showcase product features and assets—in five languages. Sage also required help creating and producing 20+ assets—from custom videos to interactive articles—and ensuring all content and calls-to-action were presented appropriately by language and country. THE GOALS 1) Create a user-friendly globally-accessible site for customers to access all information on Sage ERP X3. 2) Generate unique content for the version 7 launch that embodies the themes and architecture of the product. OUR STRATEGY In collaboration with the Sage ERP X3 team, Lucid Fusion developed an interactive website concept to serve as the global hub for all things Sage ERP X3. The site offers something for users in every stage of the ERP buying cycle—from those who seek to educate themselves more about ERP (7 fully immersive interactive articles), to those who wish to find out why version 7 might be a fit for them (explore section with product specific assets and videos), to those who are ready to share success stories with their decision teams (videos and case studies by industry and business goals). And wherever users are on the site, they are within easy reach of a simple “Request a Demo” form (the hub’s primary call-to-action) that connects them with a Sage expert in their area. With multi-country, multi-language functionality, the Sage ERP X3 website is truly a global resource that serves as the foundation for taking version 7 to market. Sage ERP X3 version 7 Digital Hub Web App Development | User Interface Design | Social Content Creation Content Creation + Aggregation | Digital Strategy | Social Media Strategy Campaign Strategy + Planning www.SageERPX3.com
  7. 7. RESULTS: 4.48% GoldGold Award winner — Homepage & Computer/IT Software Conversion rate 142Assets created
  8. 8. THE CHALLENGE Medical software developer ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc. recently developed ChartWise 2.0, a web-based clinical documentation improvement (CDI) software that translates clinical terminology into accurate diagnostic language required for documentation and reimbursement. ChartWise approached Lucid Fusion for help with their website, ChartWiseMed.com, which supports their core CDI products, including ChartWise 2.0. THE GOALS 1) Redesign and restructure the ChartWiseMed.com website for maximum impact. 2) Use integrated CMS/SEO to strengthen the ChartWise brand identity. OUR STRATEGY To create a strong brand identity and a strategized user experience, Lucid Fusion designed the new ChartWiseMed.com website using motion graphics and 3D characters, as well as an integrated CMS. SEO best practices and SEM campaigns ensured the site performed well in searches. www.ChartWiseMed.com Campaign Strategy + Planning | Web App Development | Digital Strategy User Experience Strategy | User Interface Design | Content Creation
  9. 9. 237% 128%Increase in traffic Goal conversion rate increase RESULTS:
  11. 11. Web App Development User Testing Metrics/Goal Tracking Mobile App Development Responsive Design UX Strategy / UI Design Improve your current offering by utilizing our robust development team to build or enhance your product.
  12. 12. THE CHALLENGE EvoShield planned to launch a campaign for which a dynamic, time-of-day driven landing page was required. Because the target demographic for the campaign was high school-aged athletes, creating an experience optimized for mobile devices was a key focus. THE GOALS 1) Design and build an elegant, functional digital experience that is optimized for mobile, but capable of performing as well—and looking as good—across all platforms. 2) Provide interactive functionality that includes links to products and downloadable content. OUR STRATEGY In collaboration with EvoShield, Lucid Fusion created an immersive site reflecting the high school athlete’s life at different times of the day. The dynamic interface reflects what’s happening at the current time a user visits the site. The user can then scroll backwards and forwards in time to view activities from those periods. Each activity scene features EvoShield products which are linked to the EvoShield website to enable shopping. Relevant, branded, thematic user-downloadable content (music, mobile wallpapers, etc.) is also available in each scene, as well as a time-driven social media feed. Web App Development | User Experience Strategy | Digital Strategy User Interface Design | Content Creation | Campaign Strategy + Planning www.EvoShield.com/clockedin
  13. 13. RESULTS: 24 2,000Interactions per visit Users per day
  14. 14. THE CHALLENGE After seeing a Facebook comment asking where a friend got her shoes, the Lucid Fusion Labs team set out to create a simple way to answer that question. The team sought to develop myStorey to give people the power to shop anything they see in their friends’ photos, while rewarding those who post the photos. THE GOALS 1) Empower people with the ability to shop through their most trusted friends. 2) Streamline the interaction of seeing desired items and finding them for sale online. 3) Make purchasing a seamless part of that interaction. OUR STRATEGY Lucid Fusion created a web app that allows users to connect their social profiles and tag the items in their photos to make them shoppable. The team then connected those items to shopping sites around the web to give followers a chance to shop the items at the best prices. By launching myStorey as a social commerce platform, where collections of stores were curated by a user’s friends and idols, Lucid Fusion was able to develop myStorey as a new, unique, personal, and engaging shopping experience. Product Development | Web + Social App Development | Social Commerce Social Content Creation | Social Media Strategy | Social Advertising Website Socialization | Viral Video Production | Marketing Automation www.myStorey.com
  15. 15. RESULTS: 40,000+Products in database 237%Increase in traffic
  17. 17. Media Relations Product Review Programs Industry Analyst Relations Corporate Communications We build your narrative and establish your thought leadership in the industry by positioning your brand to be seen by influencers in popular media.
  18. 18. THE CHALLENGE Sage North America needed a way to reinforce their unique connection with small and mid-sized businesses. A key challenge centered on creating opportunities for Sage executives to be featured in national business publications, where they could speak about the issues facing businesses every day. LFPR was tasked with positioning Sage and its executives as experts in this space, where they could harness their expertise to act as advocates of small and medium sized business owners. THE GOALS 1) Gain a larger foothold for Sage with national business press online, in print, on radio and on broadcast. 2) Establish key executives as experts to speak on the challenges faced by small and medium sized businesses. 3) Position Sage as the strongest supporter of small and medium sized businesses. OUR STRATEGY LFPR established relationships with key members of the business media by providing them with timely and relevant content in their required formats. LFPR worked to develop a voice for Sage executives based upon social media engagement and contributed article placement, which further helped LFPR to secure continuous opportunities with media across various platforms. LFPR also conducted surveys based on issues relevant to business owners, creating stats and content that allowed business media to present Sage thought leadership as a primary source of information, news, and advice for small and mid-sized businesses. Campaign Strategy + Planning | Article Creation | Marketing Research Marketing Communications | Media Relations | Social Content Creation
  19. 19. RESULTS: 435 Article placements 26x ROI 1,936,893,613 Total circulation of media “4 Ways Adopting Apple Pay Can Benefit Small Business” Samples of Global Exposure: “10 New Year’s Resolutions For Small Businesses” “6 Viral Lessons Learned From the Ice Bucket Challenge” “Seven Business Lessons I Learned From my Mother” “Before You Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign Read This” “How to Bring the Olympian Mindset Into the Office”
  20. 20. THE CHALLENGE Innovative medical software provider ChartWise wanted to establish their company and product as a leader in a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) software space currently dominated by much larger organizations. THE GOAL Establish ChartWise as an authority in the CDI space and increase awareness of their software solution among key decision makers at hospitals and medical centers. OUR STRATEGY LFPR immediately launched a thought leadership campaign making ChartWise a resource for features in respected vertical publications like InformationWeek Healthcare, For the Record, and Becker’s Hospital Review. LFPR also leveraged the quality of the product to connect with actual users, developing multiple case studies with powerful metrics and user quotes, along with detailed analysis of the ChartWise software’s ability to solve issues and provide ROI. These case studies have been placed in, and covered by, more than a dozen media outlets. Campaign Strategy + Planning | Article Creation | Marketing Research Marketing Communications | Media Relations | Social Content Creation
  21. 21. RESULTS: 295 175% 1.5MIL Unique media hits Increase in ad value Total ad value
  23. 23. Social Media Strategy Blogger Community Development Social Advertising Social Content Creation Sentiment Monitoring Social Posting Our social team is focused on engagement and can help you reach more of your target audience through social channels. #
  24. 24. THE CHALLENGE The majority of fans and followers for Sage ERP X3 are European-based. In order to increase the rate of engagement where Sage ERP X3 was less well-known , the brand tapped LFPR to attend Sage Summit 2014 in Las Vegas—the largest technology and innovation-focused event hosted by Sage North America—on their behalf and tweet/post live for the account. THE GOALS 1) Craft intriguing tweets before Sage Summit to draw interest and encourage attendees to join the Sage ERP X3 sessions. 2) Engage with partners, press, and various attendees at Sage Summit to increase engagement and show increased activity. 3) Grow each respective social media profile (Facebook and Twitter) as a result of live engagement. OUR STRATEGY LFPR developed a specific on-site strategy whereby the Social Media Manager from LFPR would attend each Sage ERP X3 session as well as other relevant sessions and tweet live, pertinent, interesting information so those abroad or unable to attend would be able to participate. Social Media Strategy | Social Content Creation | Social Advertising
  25. 25. 24 Tweets RESULTS: 141 Total engagements 588% Engagement rate 105 New Twitter followers In just 3 days…
  26. 26. THE CHALLENGE Avenza Systems needed to develop a sustainable and engaging consumer presence on Facebook and Twitter for their consumer product PDF Maps. THE GOALS 1) Develop a robust social media strategy that would position PDF Maps as a consumer brand with an interesting product readily available for download. 2) Engage with outdoors-y people in an effort to communicate the value of an offline—but still interactive—map would lend them in times of no cell service. 3) Build a social presence whereby communicating with editors and press would be taken seriously and secure coverage. OUR STRATEGY LFPR developed a social media strategy that focused on establishing the Facebook and Twitter presences of PDF Maps by engaging directly with the consumers who would find the product useful. The strategy included positioning maps available in the Avenza Map Store on social media in an interesting way. The strategy also included an ongoing participation in weekly Tweet Chats centered around Travel and Outdoors. Participation in these chats led to a significant increase in followers, regular social media engagement, and the ultimate goal: app downloads. Social Media Strategy | Social Content Creation | Social Advertising
  27. 27. RESULTS: 711 Twitter engagements 504 New Twitter followers 1802 New Facebook fans 127 Facebook engagements In just 11 months… Time to take a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah—the land of hoodoos and eroded ravines! #TravelTuesday PDF Maps 20 mins ago
  28. 28. Mark Stimpfig Business Development - UK Lucid Fusion | LFPR mobile. 44 (0) 7976 709 089 landline. 44 (0) 208 723 8647 marks@lucidfusion.com LA | New York | London