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Miami slip and fall lawyer- fort lauderdale- redavidlaw.com

If you have been experienced an accident in any shop, grocery store or on footpath due to negligence of the property owner; you have legal right to get compensation from them. For the entire legal procedure you can take help of a slip and fall lawyer. Call Now: (305) 938-9939. (Redavid.com).

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Miami slip and fall lawyer- fort lauderdale- redavidlaw.com

  1. 1. www.redavidlaw.com Best Legal Services
  2. 2. About Jordan Redavid • Jordan Redavid is one of the best criminal lawyers in Miami. • He is an unwavering advocate well known for his abilities both in the courtroom and his legal writing. • Ever dedicated to the art of persuasion, he has made a career out of developing and employing creative litigation strategies to achieve desired results for his clients.
  3. 3. Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Miami • You may be thinking to yourself: “Aren’t all lawyers the same? Can’t any attorney do my appeal?” If you think the answer to those questions are “yes,” you could be making a huge mistake. • Real Miami Appeals Lawyers know that appellate law is not the same as trial law—it’s a specialty.
  4. 4. Conspiracy Lawyer in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale • Most people don’t realize that they could potentially be arrested and prosecuted for a crime for only having an agreement or plan to commit one, but not actually doing it. • Such is the law of “conspiracy” and it can be charged at either the state or federal level.
  5. 5. Drug Criminal Lawyers  Drug possession and trafficking crime cases in Miami and Fort Lauderdale Florida are serious.  Hire an experienced Miami Drug Crime lawyer from Redavid Law PLLC to fight your State or Federal case.  If you or someone you care about has recently been investigated, indicted, or arrested in connection with drug crimes, consulting an experienced Miami Drug Crime Lawyer immediately should be your primary concern.  At Redavid Law PLLC, our goal is to get involved as early as possible to do everything we can to avoid having you or your loved one become a casualty of our nation’s seemingly never ending “War on Drugs”.
  6. 6. Federal Lawyer in Miami, FL • Federal cases – whether they are civil or criminal – are handled in a District Court. • Miami and Fort Lauderdale are both located in the Southern District of Florida. In Miami, there is the Clyde C. • Atkins and Wilkie D. Ferguson Federal Buildings. • In Ft. Lauderdale, there is the Federal Building on East Broward Blvd.
  7. 7. White Collar Crime or Fraud Lawyers • Fraud and other “White Collar Crimes” cases are serious. Hire an experienced Miami Fraud lawyer from Redavid Law PLLC to fight your case. • Nobody is immune from criminal investigations and prosecutions. • Even very successful businessmen and businesswomen can be impacted. Usually, when a criminal offense dealing with theft, fraud, or deception occurs in a business environment, people refer to it as “white collar crime.” • These crimes are real, the punishments can be extraordinary, and they usually draw special attention from the media, federal government, and police agencies. • That’s why hiring a Miami Fraud Lawyer is a good decision.
  8. 8. Internet Crimes Attorney • Internet and Cyber Crimes cases are serious. Hire an experienced Miami Internet Crimes Attorney from Redavid Law PLLC to fight your case. • Technology is constantly changing and evolving. So too are the methods to conduct criminal activity using technology and the internet. • In the old days, “spamming” was leading the pack. Now, there are a variety of criminal charges that can stem from alleged misuse of technology.
  9. 9. Contact us Call Now: (305) 938-9939 Available 24/7 Website: www.redavidlaw.com