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Magnetic locks-magneticlocks.net

These days, many businesses adapting this magnetic locks style to lock their doors in a decent and sophisticated way. These magnetic locks look very elegant and classy on the door of your office or home.

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Magnetic locks-magneticlocks.net

  1. 1. ABOUT US  We are Florida based manufacturer / distributor / exporter of quality magnetic locks and other locking devices (since 2002).  We stock a full line of electromagnetic locks for all types of doors, vehicular gates and pedestrian gates.  Our models are designed to secure any type of door or gate that closes against a fixed stop.  All of our locks components are carefully designed, manufactured and tested to ensure superior quality.  Our models are loaded with a variety of great features including built in buzzer, built in key switch, time delay, door monitoring, and weather resistant.
  2. 2. MAGNETIC LOCKS - MAG LOCKS  Get a Magnetic Door Lock Kit and save yourself time and money! Our Magnetic Lock Kits offer everything you need to install a Magnetic Lock system on your premises
  3. 3. ACCESS CONTROL - FINGERPRINT READERS  Fingerprint Readers add an extra level of security when you wish to grant access to restricted areas.  Fingerprint readers scan the unique patterns on an individual's fingertip and verify if it matches any records in its database.  At MagneticLocks.net we carry Fingerprint Readers from brands: Actatek, Tocahome and Liftmaster.
  4. 4. ACCESS CONTROL - MOTION SENSORS Retro Reflective Photo eye Benefits:  Extended range for better performance in rain and snow  Compact design, mounting hardware and indicators make it easy to install  Lower current draw of only 28mA makes it an excellent choice for solar and low voltage applications  Watertight package and optional protective hood offers protection for the NIR-50 from the elements and vandalism  Reliability
  5. 5. ACCESS CONTROL - DIGITAL KEYPADS  The digital keypad with temporary code feature & 1000 user codes is a self-contained three relay outputs, vandal resistant and weatherproof keypad.  It can work independently as a stand alone keypad or works together with our high security split-decoded keypad system.  It also provides 34 bits Wiegand data output from the entry of an PIN/ code.  The Wiegand data can be used by consultants and end users when setting product design or system installation criteria.
  6. 6. ACCESS CONTROL - PROXIMITY CARD SYSTEMS  Proximity Card Access Systems consist of a proximity card reader / proximity fob reader, proximity cards or key fobs.  Proximity card access systems are used to grant access to a location to verified individuals who possess a valid proximity card or key fob.  At MagneticLocks.net we carry proximity card access systems with components from Securakey a quality proximity card system brand.
  7. 7. CONTACT US E-mail your Magnetic Lock Technical Support questions to: techsupport@allsecurityequipment.com E-mail your Magnetic Lock Order Status and / or Tracking Inquiries to: customercare@allsecurityequipment.com Call Us : 1-800-730-8382 Visit our Website http://www.magneticlocks.net/