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Brewery tours

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A visit to Australia is incomplete without undertaking one of their famed brewery tours. A nation known for its thirst for lager beer, taking a brewery tour in Swan Valley Perth promises to be an unforgettable and enriching as well as highly enjoyable experience.

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Brewery tours

  1. 1. About Us :- • Pink Bus Tours offer unique and personalized ways to experience the best that the Swan Valley has to offer. • The team at Pink Bus certainly know what good service is all about with over 15 years in the service and tourism industry. • Swan Valley Pink Bus Tours specialize in delivering Half Day Wine & Beer Tours.
  2. 2. Its Tours :- •Taste It All Half Day Tours •Taste It All Full Day Tours •Half Day Beer Tour •Hen’s Party •Private Group Bookings
  3. 3. TOUR FEATURES INCLUDE :- • Wine tasting at three popular Swan Valley wineries including the oldest underground cellar in Australia…..built by Thomas Waters in 1830. • An opportunity to sample over 30 premium wines. • Beer tasting at one of the Swan Valley’s award winning micro-breweries. • Enjoy a magnificent Western Australian cheeseboard at Charlie’s Estate Wines or Lancaster Wines.
  4. 4. Hen’s Party:- Our Classic Hen’s Party Package for groups of 9 or more, allows you to choose a charter to suit your specific needs…. YOUR DAY – YOUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! •Valley View Restaurant •Ugly Duckling Wines •Edgecombe Bros Winery & Café •Black Swan Winery & Restaurant •Swan brook Wines •Iron Bark Brewery
  5. 5. Private Group Bookings:- •Their Charter Package for groups of 9 or more allows you to personalize a charter to suit your specific needs. • Pink Bus Tours provide a door to door€™service. •Relax and enjoy a beer tasting and a shared food platter at one of the Swan Valleys award winning Micro Breweries. •Excite your taste buds with a main course from the Valley View restaurant or the Black Swan restaurant and winery. •PLUS a€“complimentary wine, beer of soft drink to enjoy with your main meal.
  6. 6. Contact Us:- Contact No. : 0422844117 Email: bookings@pinkbustours.com