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Philips Business presentation 2012

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Philips Business presentation 2012

  1. 1. Building the leading company inhealth and well-beingAn introduction to Philips
  2. 2. Philips: a strong diversified industrial groupWho we are Our businesses Operating in >100 countries Founded in 1891 Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 26% Sales of €22.6 billion in 20111 -33% in Growth Markets 40% -65% in B2B 2011 -EBITA 7.4% of sales Globally recognized brand (world top 50) 34% Our brand value doubled to $8.7bn since 20042 122,000 employees Healthcare Growth Markets Sales and service outlets in over 100 countries Lighting Western Europe Consumer Lifestyle North America €1.6 billion investment in R&D, 7% of sales Other 2Note - All figures exclude discontinued operations1 2 Source: Interbrand
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  4. 4. Operating in the right marketsAddressing key societal issues Demand for Need for energy Desire for increased affordable healthcare efficient solutions personal well-being Mature 67%Group Sales: 67% Mature Geographies 33% Growth Geographies
  5. 5. HealthcareHighlights 2011:• Philips received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to market its whole-body PET-MR imaging system in the US• Ultrasound ClearVue manufactured in China and sold locally and globally 2011 Imaging Systems Customer Service Patient Care and Clinical Informatics Home Healthcare Solutions
  6. 6. Healthcare Philips Healthcare Businesses1 Sales & services geographies1 Imaging Home Patient Care Customer North America International Growth Systems Healthcare and Clinical Services Geographies Solutions Informatics 38% 14% 22% 26% 45% 34% 21%€8.9 37,000+ 8% 450+Billion sales People employed of sales invested in R&D Products & servicesin 2011 worldwide in 100 countries in 2011 offered in over 100 countries1 Full year 2011
  7. 7. Consumer LifestyleHighlights 2011:• Since launch of Sonicare AirFloss in key geographies, Philips increased market share• The new mixer grinder co-developed with Preethi for local Indian market launched in record time Domestic Appliances 2011 Personal Care Health & Wellness Lifestyle Entertainment Other incl. Licenses
  8. 8. Consumer Lifestyle Philips Consumer Lifestyle Businesses1 2 Geographies1 Personal Health & Domestic Lifestyle Mature Growth Care Wellness Appliances Entertainment Geographies Geographies 22% 13% 28% 31% 58% 42%€5.8 18,000+ 5% 27%Billion sales People employed of sales invested of green productin 2011 worldwide in R&D in 2011 sales in 2011Full year 20111Other category (6%) is mainly license income and is omitted from this overview2Note - All figures exclude discontinued operations
  9. 9. LightingHighlights 2011:• Philips won the ‘L-Prize’ for LED replacement of 60W light bulb in a competition by the US Department of Energy• Philips InstantTrust: innovative water solution based on cutting-edge UV disinfection technology Lamps/Lighting Systems & Controls 2011 Professional Luminaires Consumer Luminaires Automotive Packaged LEDs
  10. 10. Lighting Philips Lighting Customer Segments1 Homes Offices Outdoor Industry Retail Hospitality Entertainment Healthcare Automotive 23% 17% 15% 9% 15% 5% 3% 4% 9%€7.6 53,000+ 5% 80,000+Billion sales People employed of sales invested Products & servicesin 2011 worldwide in 60 countries in R&D in 2011 offered in 20111 Indicative split
  11. 11. Sustainability as a driver for growth Accelerating sustainable business • Green Products represented 39% of total sales in 2011, up from 30% in 2009 • By 2015 Philips aims to invest EUR 2 billion in Green Innovation EcoVision targets for 2010 – 2015 • Bringing care to more than 500 million people • Improving the energy efficiency of Philips overall portfolio by 50% • Doubling the global collection and recycling amounts of our products, as well as double the amount of recycled materials in our products 11
  12. 12. Creating meaningful innovationsImproving lives in new ways Gain deep insights into people’s needs and aspirations by following a process requiring end-user input at every stage Transform insights into innovations by combining the diverse perspectives of different disciplines “Learn fast, fail cheap” by applying a rigorous process to assess value potential early Lead in open innovation by working closely together with partners in a spirit of open innovation 12
  13. 13. Customer intimacy and speedEssentials for successful innovation • Understanding local relevance and customer insights • Increasing entrepreneurial power in the markets • Innovating in regional hubs in both mature and growth geographies • Partnering with (local) customers, companies, universities, governments… 13
  14. 14. Unique leadership positions in many markets Healthcare Global Global Global Global Regional Cardiovascular Patient Cardiac Sleep Therapy Ultrasound X-ray Monitoring resuscitation Systems Consumer Lifestyle Global Global Global Regional Regional Male electric Garment Care Rechargeable Kitchen Electric Hair shaving Toothbrushes Appliances Care Lighting Global Global Global Global Global Lamps LED Lamps Automotive Professional High Power LEDs Lighting Luminaires
  15. 15. The world’s 41st most valuable brand in 2011 Philips increased brand value by 29% in the last five years Value of the Philips brand1 A strong brand drives sales USD billions A significant amount of sales is attributable to the brand alone: • Healthcare 42% • Consumer Lifestyle 42% • Lighting 16% Brand ranking improves in 2011 Moving up one rank in top 100 global brands list, Philips has reached the highest position ever. Brand value doubled since 2004 Strong internal brand2 84% of employees are “proud to work for Philips”1 Source: Interbrand Brand Valuation 20112 Employee Engagement Survey 2011
  16. 16. Philips peopleUnlocking full potential: driving market-oriented entrepreneurshipEmployee Engagement Index • In the times of change, remaining on par withHigh performance 77benchmark 76 high-performing companies 72 71 • Customer centricity and strive for excellence strongly 66 63 embedded in performance 62 culture • Making employees accountable for results2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Philips at high performance normThe 2011 ‘employee engagement index’ polling over90,000 of the Philips workforce showed we are amongstthe world’s top-ranking companies
  17. 17. Our global reach Focused portfolio through strategic acquisitions* Tomcat (2008) Sectra (2011) Interactive Medical Developments (2008) Genlyte (2008) Dameca (2011) MedSage (2011) Traxtal (2009) Street Controls (2010) Raytel (2007) P Burton (2010) Saeco (2009) Somnolyzer (2010) Indal (2011) CDP Medical Ltd. (2010) Shenzhen Goldway (2008) Teletrol (2009)Lighting Technologies (2007) Optimum (2011) Discus (2010) NSW (2010) Ilti Luce (2009) Luceplan InnerCool Therapies (2009) Medel (2008) Apex (2010) Visicu (2008) (2010) Alpha X-Ray (2008) Respironics (2008) AllPartsMedical (2011) Dynalite (2009) Wheb Sistemas Preethi (2011) (2010) Emergin (2007) VMI-Sistemas Medico (2007) Selecon (2009) Tecso Informatica (2010) Dixtal Biomedica e Technologia (2008) Healthcare Lighting Consumer Lifestyle Growth geographies * Strategic acquisitions since mid-September 2007 until May 2012
  18. 18. Our portfolio now consists of ~65% B2B businesses Healthcare Healthcare Healthcare Lighting Lighting Lighting Consumer Lifestyle Consumer Lifestyle Consumer Lifestyle excl. TV Semiconductors 16% 22% 26% 30% 40% 2 43% 3 2005 2008 2011 17% 45% 27% 34% 1 Healthcare Consumer Lifestyle Lighting Semiconductors1 Consumer Lifestyle in 2005 includes the former DAP and Consumer Electronics divisions2 2005 figures are based on US GAAP3 Figures exclude Television as it is treated as discontinued operation
  19. 19. Building on our strong fundamentals • Technology, know-how, strong IP positions (53,000 registered patents) Innovation capabilities • World’s 41st most valuable brand 2011: USD 8.7 billion Philips brand • Loyal customer base in 100+ countries • 1/3 of group revenues from growth geographies Global footprint • Employee Engagement Index1 exceeds high performance benchmark value of 70% People • Culturally diverse top-200 leadership team • Global market leader in Lighting; Top 3 Healthcare player; Leading Consumer Lifestyle brands (e.g. Philips Sonicare, Avent, Saeco) Domain leadership • A3 rating by Moody’s and A- by Standard & Poor’s Solid balance sheet1 Based on annual Philips’ Employee Engagement Survey
  20. 20. Looking aheadClear vision to make the world healthier andmore sustainable through innovationBuilding upon a focused portfolio, with strongpotential in growth and mature marketsDriving investments and results in innovationand markets to deliver improved profitablegrowthDelivered by 120,000 engaged employees
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