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Athens and Sparta slideshare

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Athens and Sparta slideshare

  1. 1. Ancient Athens and Sparta By, Marina and Izzy
  2. 2. The family roles in Sparta The men•The men in Sparta worked in the military.
  3. 3. Spartan women• The women’s jobs were supposed to have healthy children.
  4. 4. Athens• The family roles the women in Athens were supposed to do were :• supervise the slaves• Cook• Clean• homeschool their children• and take care of the crops.
  5. 5. The men/boys• The men and the boys in Athens:• were trained in sports
  6. 6. How was the land different around each city state?• Athens had mountains and oceans• Sparta had dry climate because of soil erosion and less vegitation.
  7. 7. What kind of houses did they live in? Athens:• Wealthy Athenian homes were nice with an inner courtyard.
  8. 8. Athens Homes continued…• Their houses were made with sun dried mud, a garden in the back or a yard.• A roof of clay tiles, small windows with no glass but wooden shutters.
  9. 9. Sparta homes• The women lived in a special part of the house called gynaeceums.
  10. 10. What kind of economy did they have? Athens• Athens economy is based around trading.• They trade: olive oil, bronze, pottery, wine, and textiles.
  11. 11. Spartan Economy• Sparta’s economy was based on farming and conquering.• They did not like trade.
  12. 12. How are the cultures similar?• Greece was dominated by two main powers:• Democratic Athens• The Military of Sparta.
  13. 13. What was each family member’s role? Athens• In Athens the boys were trained in sports.• The women supervise slaves and did some housework.
  14. 14. Which city-state was more powerful?• Sparta had more military power than any other city-state in Greece.• Sparta had more military power so Sparta was a threat and considered more powerful.
  15. 15. What wars were both countries in?• Sparta and Athens were in the Ionian Persian war and the Peloponnesian war.