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Creating a gmail account

A step-by-step powerpoint presentation for beginner level computer users to create a gmail account

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Creating a gmail account

  1. 1. Creating a Gmail Account Go to the Google Home Page Click on the Gmail Tab at the top
  2. 2. Click on the Red on the right hand side
  3. 3. Complete the First name and Lastname Fields. You can move from one field to the next by either pressing the tab key or using your mouse
  4. 4. The next step is to choose a username User names must be unique to oneperson only. It is a good idea to makeit something easy for you to type and remember. Then click
  5. 5. Username not available If the username has been used by someone else you need to chooseanother. It gives you some suggestionsbut you can choose your own. Adding numbers of nicknames may help
  6. 6. Password fieldsChoose a password that is easy to remember. Then re-enter yourpassword to verify that you have entered it correctly. Do not tick If others use the computer
  7. 7. Security question and answerClick on the drop down arrow to choose a question.
  8. 8. Continue filling in the fieldsGoogle is American so it asks for your birthdate in MM/DD/YYYY format.Then type the letters you see in red.
  9. 9. Almost there! Click on the box to accept. Then ittakes you to the verification screen. Enter details and click