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  1. 1. 2014 ANNUAL REPORT With support from the community, we bring together medical professionals and hospitals to provide donated surgical and specialty care for the uninsured and underserved.
  2. 2. Operation Access was founded in 1993 as a coalition of partners, led by surgical professionals, dedicated to addressing barriers confronting low income, uninsured patients who needed ambulatory surgical services.To date, these services provided by thousands of clinical volunteers to over 10,000 patients are valued at greater than $120 million. With the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, this core commitment continues to energize and sustain our efforts. 2014 brought changes in the healthcare landscape as Medicaid expansion provided coverage to additional people living at the poverty level and Covered California delivered a marketplace for subsidized care. Despite the advances in insurance coverage, access to care is a work in progress for the remaining uninsured and underserved. For too many, insurance is still unaffordable, access issues persist despite expanded Medi-Cal coverage, and high- deductible plans often do not provide affordable coverage when surgical services are needed. Most significantly for Operation Access, several million low-income people statewide are excluded from Medi-Cal or affordable Covered California plans because of their immigration status. A variety of national, state, and local initiatives are being proposed to address these challenges. Operation Access works to bridge the healthcare gap by engaging our community of compassionate providers who have the skills and desire to donate essential care to those who lack other options. Community clinics depend on Operation Access and our coalition of hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and medical volunteers to fulfill this vital safety net role. In 2014, our work grew beyond our six county service area. In Napa County, a coalition that includes representation from the entire community of hospitals, physicians, community clinics, and other healthcare stakeholders worked tirelessly to bring Operation Access to their residents in 2014.This coming year, we will pilot programs in Santa Clara and Solano counties as well as an oral surgery program. In addition, we will continue to provide consultation nationwide to share our expertise and aid other organizations developing programs in their own communities. We take this opportunity to thank the entire coalition of stakeholders that makes our work possible and incredibly rewarding. With our deepest gratitude and respect, Message from the OA Board Chairman and CEOBoard of Directors Jonah Frohlich Managing Director Manatt Health Solutions Alvaro Fuentes Executive Director Community Clinic Consortium, Contra Costa & Solano Counties David Goldstein, MD Chief Medical Officer Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers Doug Grey, MD, FACS Vascular Surgeon, Retired The Permanente Medical Group Alden Harken, MD, FACS Chair, UCSF-East Bay Dept. of Surgery Alameda Health System Paul Hofmann, Dr.P.H., Chair President Hofmann Healthcare Group Walter Kopp, Secretary President & CEO Medical Management Services Kristen Miranda Senior Vice President Blue Shield of California Faye Potts Principal Alliance for Healthcare Consulting Lorne Rosenfield, MD, FACS Surgeon, Director Peninsula Plastic Surgery Center Gregg Sass,Treasurer Health Care Finance Executive, Retired Steven Webster, MD, FACS, Vice Chair General Surgeon, Retired The Permanente Medical Group Ronald Wyatt,MD Orthopedic Surgeon The Permanente Medical Group, Diablo Service Area Monique Zmuda County Finance Executive, Retired Jason Beers (ex officio) President & CEO Operation Access Paul Hofmann, Dr. P.H. Board Chairman Jason Beers President & CEO
  3. 3. Luis, a construction worker from Mexico, came to the US to find a better life for himself and his family. He found steady contract work installing windows and doing custom glass work. Within a short time, he became an active member in his community, volunteering at LifeLong Brookside Community Health Center as a health advocate. Despite a successful start, in 2011 Luis’s world began to crumble. As the economy worsened, his steady contract jobs became scarce. At the same time Luis noticed he struggled to see things clearly.The few jobs he secured over the following two years were increasingly difficult to perform because his vision continued to deteriorate. His vision loss became so severe that he cut his hands while working, could no longer drive, and had to rely on his wife to provide transportation. Eventually, he could no longer work and provide for his family. Relying solely on his wife’s income, they could not afford the rent for their apartment and had to rent a room in a crowded apartment with another family. Luis vividly remembers the day he lost all hope that things would get better. Luis was on a contract job at sunset. He climbed a ladder to install a window as In 2014 OA and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Foundation’s Operation Sight program partnered to provide 23 cataract surgeries to patients in need. He OnceWas Blind he had done many times before, but this time when he looked down he saw only darkness. Suddenly he felt helpless and terrified he would fall and really hurt himself. Luis sought out help in September of 2013 and his life took a turn for the better. A nurse at LifeLong Brookside Community Health Center in San Pablo reviewed his case and informed him that he was being referred to Operation Access for surgery. When Luis learned about the donated services provided through Operation Access, he couldn’t believe his ears. “No way could an organization like this exist,” he told his nurse in disbelief. Luis was referred to OA in October 2013 with extremely advanced cataracts and diabetic retinopathy in both eyes. Once a confident, cheerful, and healthy man, Luis had become increasingly insecure and depressed as his vision deteriorated. OA coordinated medical volunteers at Kaiser Permanente’s Fremont, Redwood City, and Union City facilities to provide the two cataract procedures that Luis desperately needed. Dr. Lydia Hsu and a team of anesthesiologists, nurses, techs, and environmental services staff from Kaiser Permanente Redwood City donated the first procedure in May 2014. A few months later, during a monthly Eye Clinic at Kaiser Permanente Union City, Dr. Jeffrey Lehmer provided Luis with the necessary laser treatment to treat his diabetic retinopathy and cleared him for his second cataract surgery.That same day, Dr. StephenTanaka evaluated Luis’s remaining cataract and scheduled him for surgery with the team of volunteers at Kaiser Permanente Fremont in October. Today, Luis is happy and healthy.The two cataract procedures were a great success! He takes pride in sharing that he works and drives again thanks to Operation Access and the team of medical volunteers who came together in his time of need. Luis went from nearly legally blind to almost perfect vision (20/25 on his left eye and 20/20 on his right) thanks to our amazing medical volunteers. PhotobyAntoinedeFridman
  4. 4. Our Patients SERVICE DISTRIBUTION Operating room surgery Minor procedure, radiology Gastroenterology procedures Evaluation only, diagnostic screening, medical therapy 1900 1800 1500 1200 900 600 300 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Our Finances (Unaudited) 1 Operating Revenue excludes funds designated solely for future years. 2 Donated in-kind medical services, also known as charity care, are calculated according to the total estimated amount of medical provider and hospital charges that were waived through Operation Access. Detailed financial information, including audit reports and 990s, is available at www.operationaccess.org OA CASH BUDGET VERSUS MEDICAL IMPACT Cash Expenses Donated Care Coordinated by OA2 21M 18M 15M 12M 9M 6M 3M 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 $15,175,500 2014 FUNDING $1,311,812 2014 CASH EXPENSES $1,307,809 2014 CHARITY CARE $15,175,500 PATIENTS SERVED Medical Volunteers Referrals to OA Services Provided 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 1,379 1,527 1,568 2014 2014 FUNDING1 Corporate Support Foundation Support Donations Contract Revenue Bequest Fund 48% 27% 11% 8% 6% Program Management & Fundraising 84% 16% 2014 CASH EXPENSES SERVICES PROVIDED IN 2014 10% 8% 7% 5% 5% 4% 3%2%1% Ophthalmology General Surgery Gastroenterology Orthopedics Head & Neck Surgery Gynecology Urology Dermatology/ Plastic Surgery Vascular Surgery Colorectal Breast Urogynecology 23% 18% 14%
  5. 5. 98% 96% 97% 93% 95% 95% 99% 96% 96% OA makes a difference in our patients’ lives. Our post-procedure surveys indicate that: of patients were “extremely” or “very” satisfied with their overall experience with OA For patients who received surgical or specialty procedures: reported improved quality of life reported improved health of patients who received diagnostic and/or non-surgical procedures reported that they made a lifestyle change as a result of the care they received Volunteers enjoy working with OA. Our annual volunteer survey results indicate that: believe that their volunteer commitment is “just right” or they “want to do more” “definitely” or “probably” will be volunteering with OA in one year are “extremely” or “very” satisfied with their overall experience with OA Patient Survey Results Volunteer Survey Results “There is nothing like the heartfelt thanks and hug or handshake from the patients I treat through Operation Access.” – Ron Cooper, MD The average annual income of OA patients in 2014 – Individual: $12,025; Family of 4: $21,635. reported improved ability to work reported improved mobility Photo by Marisol Ponce de León
  6. 6. $300,000 Kaiser Permanente - Northern California $150,000 - 299,999 John Muir/Mt. Diablo Community Health Fund $50,000 - $149,999 Marin Health and Human Services Sutter Health Vesper Society $20,000 - $49,999 California Pacific Medical Center Community Projects, Inc. Thomas J. Long Foundation McKesson Foundation Medtronic Philanthropy Queen of the Valley Medical Center George H. Sandy Foundation $10,000 - $19,999 American Cancer Society Blue Shield of California Foundation Genentech Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund The Grey Family Foundation In memory ofThomas Russell, MD Marin Community Foundation Newman’s Own, Inc Ramsay Family Foundation Sonoma County Vintners Foundation St. Helena Hospital St. Joseph Health Community Partnership Fund $2,500 - $9,999 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery County of Sonoma Freed Associates Fremont Bank Patricia Gibbs, MD and Richard Gibbs, MD Hilltop Foundation Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Kaiser Permanente Community Giving Campaign Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation Mary and Arnold Levine, MD John and Kathy Milligan Pacific Foundation for Medical Care St. Joseph Health of Sonoma Union Bank Danielle and Brooks Walker Jr. Fund $1,000 - $2,999 Benjamin Aune Bill and Patty Blanton Fund Blue Shield of California Mary Burchill and Mark Maxson California Bank andTrust Donald O. and Ronald R. Collins Fund Cushman and Wakefield Jeannie Dulberg Richard and Sharon Fish Jonah Frohlich and Elizabeth Ann Payne Devin Gensch Josh Glidden and Mary Gregory Laurel and Alden Harken, MD Lois and Paul Hofmann, Dr. PH. Robert and Lynne Hofmann Kaiser Permanente Marin/Sonoma Sabrina Kidd, MD Walter Kopp and Ana Aranguren Theodore Levin, MD Marin General Hospital National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable John Ngai, MD Amy Niles Ronald Wornick Jewish Day School Lorne Rosenfield, MD Gregg Sass Steve and Karen Schievelbein David Sukovich and Andrew Chang In honor of Marisol Ponce de León Summit State Bank Eileen and Albert Varner, MD $500 - $999 Gloria and Jose Alvarado, RN In honor of Douglas Grey, MD Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association Bank of Marin Jay Belani, MD Gabriel Block Julie Richards and Jeff Bosley Brian Callahan and Heidi Adler Eye Care Institute Charitable Fund Gateway to Care Wayne H. Gilbert and Diane Sklar, MD Philanthropic Fund Carolyn and Douglas Grey, MD Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Adrienne and Jack Ladd The Lagunitas Brewing Company Jeffrey Lehmer, MD Lisa and Gary Mizono, MD In honor of Douglas Grey, MD Partnership HealthPlan of California Paxti’s Chicago Pizza Fayeanne Potts Nona Russell, MD Jim and Sandy Shelton In honor of Gary Barth, MD Cheryl Smith and Mitch Savitsky, MD Pamela andTimothy Sowerby, MD Ronald Stovitz and Danell Zeavin Sutter Medical Center Santa Rosa Steven Webster, MD $250 - $499 Access OC Anonymous (1) Marcia and George Argyris Richard Barth In honor of Gary Barth, MD Jason Beers and Jane Zimmerman Gerald Cahill and Kathleen King Deborah Cohler Shirley Detrick and Norman Green Jeff Fox, MD David Goldstein, MD In honor of Ed Macdonald Norman Green Yoland Huston Julie and Seth Jacobs, Esq. Margaret Johnson Kyung Sook Kim, RN In memory of Yang Rye Shin William Ku, MD Theodore Kuh and Christina Sang Kuh Lynn and Craig Lubbock, MD Marin Community Clinics Marin Medical Society Mechanics Bank Hideyo and Kathleen Minagi Paula Morgan Yaneth Oliva and Paul Bayard, MD Redwood Community Health Coalition Robin Ridenour, CRNA Marlene Russell, RN King and Bruce Sams Stephanie Santos, MD Susan Shmalo Peter and Lynda Snell In memory of Michael Doyle and Suzanne Dixon Lucy Song, MD Sonoma County Medical Association Joan andTimothy Van Natta, MD Donald Waters KayYatabe, MD $100 - $249 Mary Alam and Jeanjacques De Shadarevian, MD Anonymous (3) Ernesto Avila Julie Bair and Kenneth Novich Deborah Balick David and Pamela Bluhm Martin Bogetz, MD Norman Bookstein and Gillian Kuehner, MD Ralph and Claire Brindis In honor of Douglas Grey, MD David and Deborah Brooks In honor of Douglas Grey, MD William Brown and Donna Lou Brown Cara Budner Faina Bulanova Patricia Caplan and Jonathan Simonoff In honor of Dava Freed & Paul Hofmann, Dr.PH. Florence Chan, RN Angela and Bobby Chang, MD Susie Chiu and RaymondY. Hui Mary Clemency, MD James Constant, MD Peter and Judy Coy Judith and Robert Davis John and Susan Dean, RN Catherine Dodd Henry and Evelyn Elson Joseph Elson, MD Beverly Emerson Blanche Fiesel and Steven Donaldson Sanford and Gloria Fong Ma Rachel and O. Howard Frazier, MD Donna Rae Frenettee and Donato Stinghen, MD Alvaro Fuentes Andrew Gardiner Paul Gill and Stephanie D’Arnall Michael R. Goldstein and Deborah Gold, MD Alan and Sheila Gordon In honor of Paul Hofmann, Dr.PH. Steven Greenberg In memory of SandraTrulli Lesley Hand Lori Hanninen and Jeffrey Wheaton Steve Heilig Anne and Fredric Herskowitz, MD David and Lenore Hofmann James Horan andTara Sullivan Ellen Kaufman and David Weiner In memory of Reva Gould Keith Jacobson and Susan Jocobson Tom Jones and Elizabeth Johnson, MD Nicole Lantuono Alex Lee Nancy Leibowitz, RN Edwin Leidholdt Jr. Pamela Levin Anne and Jerrold Levine Margaret Lindenstein and James Allison, MD Jason Lombardo Paul Marcucilli John and Janet Mattson Susan Merrill Kathleen Meyer Katharine Moore John Morrison, MD Mary and Andrew Moyce, MD Melissa Murphy and William Barish Kenneth and Marilyn Nemzer Donors and Supporters
  7. 7. Silvia Maria Perez and Michael Bilton Gary Piccione In honor of Gary Barth, MD F. Abel Ponce de León and Carmen Almandos In honor of Marisol Ponce de León Ann and Mathew Pride, MD Mark Primeau Elizabeth Raulet and Harold Wilkie Jr. Deborah Kahane Rego and John Rego, MD Margo Requarth Rebecca Rhine Rena Rickles In memory ofTommy Rickles Elizabeth Ross, MD Nick and Karen Schmit Evelyn Shapiro Stuart Silberman Ed Solomon and Cathy Weiss Alan Stadelhofer and Beth Knittel Rich and Susan Sundberg JohnTanner StevenTulsky Barbara Voss Esther Wanning Kevin White and Gary Barth, MD Lona and Ronald Wyatt, MD Douglas andTerryYoung Monique Zmuda and Phil Arnold PARTNERS We partner with hospitals and ambulatory care centers throughout the Bay Area to improve the lives of our patients. In 2014, the value of donated care exceeded $15 million. John Muir Health John Muir Medical Centers, Concord & Walnut Creek Kaiser Permanente Antioch Fremont Martinez Oakland Petaluma Redwood City Richmond San Francisco San Jose San Leandro San Rafael Santa Rosa South San Francisco Union City Vallejo Walnut Creek St. Joseph Health Petaluma Valley Hospital Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Queen of the Valley Medical Center Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley & Oakland California Pacific Medical Center Endoscopy Center of Santa Rosa Menlo Park Surgical Hospital Mills Peninsula Health Services North Bay Regional Surgery Center Novato Community Hospital Peninsula Eye Surgery Center San Francisco Endoscopy Center Surgery Center of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Sutter Fairfield Surgery Center Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa Sutter Walnut Creek Endoscopy Center The Surgery Center of Santa Rosa Marin General Hospital St. Helena Hospital Independent Ambulatory Care Centers Endoscopy Center of Marin Eye MD Surgery Center Fourth Street Laser Surgery Center Laser LightTreatment Center Marin Ophthalmic Surgery Center Marin Specialty Surgery Center Peninsula Plastic Surgery Foundation Premier Surgery Center San Francisco Vein Center Sirona Vascular Center Sonoma Vein Center Medical Groups Affiliates in Imaging Medical Group Alta East Bay Pathology Ambulatory Consultants Anesthesia and Analgesia Medical Group Anesthesia Care Associates Medical Group Anesthesiology Consultants of Marin Bay Area Retinal Associates Bay Imaging Consultants Medical Group California Pacific Pathology Medical Group Central Anesthesia Service Exchange Medical Group Certified Neuro Electro Diagnostic Services Contra Costa Pathology Associates East Bay Anesthesiology Medical Group Eye Care Institute John Muir Physician Network Marin Medical Laboratories Medical Anesthesia Consultants Medical Group Medical Center Magnetic Imaging Northern California Anesthesia Physicians Medical Group Northern California Medical Associates Pacific Pathology Associates of Napa Peninsula Cardiovascular Peninsula Pathologists Medical Group Poplar Healthcare Radiology Medical Group of Napa Redwood Radiology Medical Group, Inc. SportsTherapy Associates Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation Wilber & Associates IN-KIND DONATIONS Active Sports Club Alejandro Quenta Andrea Hanssen Bi-Rite Creamery & Bakeshop Calstar Cellars Disneyland Resort Dutton-Goldfield Winery Elements Skin Care & Massage Studio Fitness SF GuayakiYerba Mate Hodo Soy Beanery Hog Island Oyster Co Ike’s Place- Santa Rosa Kaiser Permanente Community Benefits Diablo Service Area Kit Lofroos Ms. Kathleen Cheek Panera Bread Pizza Politana Precision Nutrition Pressed Juicery San Francisco Giants Soulcycle Sprouts Farmers Market- Petaluma The Lagunitas Brewing Company ThreeTwins Ice Cream Trader Joe’s Masonic Traditional Medicinals UrbanSitter VIGNETTE Wine Country Soda Whole Foods Petaluma If our lists are incomplete or inaccurate, please accept our sincere apologies and send your correction to communications@operationaccess.org. “OA is awesome, you give ‘Hope to the hopeless.’” Anonymous 1119 Market Street, Ste 400 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 733-0052 tel (415) 733-0019 fax www.operationaccess.org www.facebook.com/OperationAccess www.twitter.com/OperationAccess Caring Respect Hope Service For every dollar received, OA arranged $12 in donated medical care for low-income, uninsured patients in 2014.
  8. 8. I VOLUNTEER BECAUSE... Photos by: Zainab Altai, Alison Balick, Antoine de Fridman, Julie Nestingen, Marisol Ponce de León, Daniel Rabkin, and RachelTaube. Cover photo by: Marisol Ponce de León.