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Hot Sex Dating Ideas at Home

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Hot Sex Dating Ideas at Home

  1. 1. Hot Sex Dating Ideas at HomeAll couples have this craving for “alone” time, butwhoever said you have to leave the house and spend loadsof money to do it? Here’s a “he said she said” take by adoubtful couple on a couple of creative sex dating ideas athome.Cheese TastingCost: $40 worth of different cheeses, crackers, and abaguetteSHE SAID: For us, this date was kind of a risk we’re moreof a cheddar and more cheddar kind of people so the wholepoint of this activity was to take some chances. I went to acheese specialty shop and asked the guy at the counter tohelp me pick some, which totaled nine different kinds. Then I bought plain crackers, so wecould really experience the flavors of the cheeses first hand and a baguette for the softer ones.When I got home, I set up a special dating atmosphere by taking out our cocktail shaker androck glasses, even our almost never used fancy set of cheese knives. I felt kind of proud forgoing way out of my comfort zone and try weird things like cheese that I usually wouldn’thave.HE SAID: The way my gorgeous wife set up everything at home made the night special. Wehad a few cocktails with different special cheeses, which we wouldn’t normally do at home,making it a nice touch. We had a great time tasting all the cheeses too. It was like going on afood adventure, without knowing what to expect with every different piece of cheese. This issomething I would like to do again, even with other kinds of food we haven’t tried yet. It’ssuch a gratifying feeling, knowing that you learn something new.Bubble BathCost: Nothing because the supplies were already available.SHE SAID: I was kind of tired and wanted to stay in my cozy chair just watching TV, butFred found me and asked when we were doing our home date. His willingness snapped meout my lazy stupor. It was clear that the idea of sex dating at home were starting to make animpact because he was already asking for them. Since we didn’t have the chance to pick upany fancy bubble bath, he suggested we use the one he found under the sink. I love just howgood he just rolls with it. We had scented candles lit from a ledge up top, where the lightglimmered in the water, which made it pretty. We had a warm and relaxing conversation, and
  2. 2. the gentle physical contact in the water was nice. And yes, we had steamy sex, but not in thetub. We’re not that flexible anymore.HE SAID: We had a deep, but relatively short tub, so I was kind of squished. Not that I’mcomplaining because it was really nice being that close. When we didn’t have kids yet, sheused to soak in the tub. I felt glad she was able to take a break and relax.

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