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The wedding-checklist

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What will make an awesome wedding? Being organized and ready - that's where a wedding checklist and a handy printable planner will keep you on track - one step at a time. Planning is fun when you share it and check it off on your wedding checklist.

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The wedding-checklist

  1. 1. Planning a Wedding may seem overwhelming … But a checklist: helps you to focus on one job at a time; helps you to see what you can delegate; is a fun thing to tick off when you’re done! AND … ensures everything gets done!
  2. 2. Wedding Theme – The theme you choose will help you plan many other aspects of your wedding. Ideas are: winter / beach / outdoor / rustic / vintage
  3. 3. Reception– To consider: Location, the atmosphere, formal or casual, number of guests, brekkie, lunch, dinner, sit-down or cocktail, hire a hall, reception venue, or outdoors
  4. 4. Decorations- Your theme helps you choose the types of decorations you like; Pinterest is definitely the greatest source of inspiration for DIY ideas PrintablePlannerPinterest
  5. 5. Music To consider: Ceremony Entry music; Live musicians; DJ; Band at reception
  6. 6. The Dress - To consider: your style, to buy online or not; the best pick for your shape
  7. 7. Flower Girl / Page Boy Outfits- To consider: what the little ones will wear and what they will do on the day
  8. 8. Photography- To consider: the types of photos; videographer; photo locations; the length of time to hire the photographer; types of poses
  9. 9. The Rings- To consider: the style, the metal you choose, buy online or custom make? A ring cushion or box? Who will take care of them on the day?
  10. 10. Wedding Food Ideas- Your theme helps you choose the type of food you will serve – finger food, food boxes, sit down formal meals, light snacks, lolly bar, donut bar; Pinterest is definitely the greatest source of inspiration for food ideas
  11. 11. Beauty/Hair- To consider: Will this be done at home or salon? How many people need their make-up done? In-house hairdresser? What time will you start to get ready?
  12. 12. Flowers- To consider: Your colour and the available seasonal flowers? Will you go to the markets and ask friends to make bouquets? Simple, garden look / professional bouquest? Who will have a bouqet? Buttonhole flowers? WeddingFlowerIdeas
  13. 13. Wedding cars Wedding Cars- To consider: Will you hire cars / borrow from friends/relatives? Who will drive? How long will you use the car? How many cars do you need and who will go in each car?
  14. 14. Wedding Cake- To consider: Traditional wedding cake or just your cake of choice? Will you be serving this to your guests – to eat at the reception or take home? Decoration ideas – wedding toppers;
  15. 15. Honeymoon- To consider: overseas destination / driving holiday / camping ; Length of the honeymoon; costs involved – hotels, flights, car hire, travel, visas, passports
  16. 16. All done! A Completed Wedding Checklist let’s you enjoy your day! Get your Printable Wedding Planner here: www.your-printable-planner.com