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St Josephs Information Meeting 2023 Rev.pptx

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St Josephs Information Meeting 2023 Rev.pptx

  1. 1. St. Joseph’s Information Meeting
  2. 2. Opening Prayer Please observe the opening prayer by: Father Fernando
  3. 3. Lunch will be Served Following The Meeting! All are Welcome
  4. 4. Bilingual Attendance • Because there are English and Portuguese attendees in our audience, we will be presenting in both Languages today.
  5. 5. Agenda 1. Where we were 2. Meeting with the Diocese 3. Where We Are Now 4. Future of Parish 5. Parish Financials
  6. 6. Where We Were
  7. 7. Scenario 1  Our Church does nothing  The number of parishioners declines until there is no church Scenario 2  The Diocese moves the remainder of the Parish to St. James  We lose our identity for ourselves our community and our kids Past alternatives to our church (These are no longer options)  We build a stronger community of Portuguese people within the existing parish land  A community where the parishioners can walk to their church Scenario 3
  8. 8. Meeting With The Diocese
  9. 9. Appeal To The Diocese Petition with 423 Signatures To keep Father Fernando Video of Parishioners plea To keep Father Fernando
  10. 10. Where We Are Now
  11. 11. What Happened at the Diocese Juvenalia Jesus • Juve will give us a Portuguese Version of what happened at the Diocese. Juliette Silva • Juliette will give us an English Version of what happened at the Diocese.
  12. 12. Response Of Diocese • Their response: • They were impressed with the love and appreciation towards Fr. Pinto, BUT • Canon Law stipulates that when a priest turns 75, they have to retire. They mentioned that Fr. Pinto turned 75 in August 2022, and he had already extended his stay and would already have been gone. Because new appointments are generally announced on June 30th, the Diocese will let Fr. stay until then. Bishop Crosby added that he, too, will have to retire next year, as he turns 75. Not his law, it’s Canon Law. • They mentioned that in previous years, they contacted Portugal to try and have a Priest come to the Diocese. They were told that there were no priests available and the ones that were, were not suitable. • We were told that there are plenty of English speaking priests available in the Halton Region. They did not promise any priest, but would try and get one, even if not born here, but able to speak and recite the Mass in English. • They will let us know in writing, via mail, addressed to Fr. Pinto, who the next priest would be coming to our Parish. Parishioners can also view on the Diocese’s website, the Diocese’s new clergy appointments. • We were reassured that there were no intentions of building a new church as we already have one. They also reassured us that the Diocese has no intention of closing our Parish. They remarked quite emphatically, that the Diocese does not close parishes; parishioners are the ones who close parishes, either because there is not enough attendance, either due to elderly passing on, or not being able to financially maintain the parish.
  13. 13. Decisions of The Diocese Father Fernando will be retiring as the Head Parish Priest (Whether Father Fernando stays on as a Priest will be up to the new Priest and Father Fernando). The New Priest for St. Joseph’s Church will most likely be an English Priest.
  14. 14. Future Projects of Parish
  15. 15. Parish Growth Campaigns Word of Mouth – Invite a Friend Catholic Resources Youth Initiatives Revitalization Projects Community Outreach Programs New Parishioners Drive Parish Feedback Program
  16. 16. Partial List of Movies and…  Documentary – Dramas
  17. 17. Partial List of Kids Movies and Shows
  18. 18. Programs on The Sacraments
  19. 19. Portuguese Programing
  20. 20. A Movie About Fatima
  21. 21. Much More
  22. 22. Holy Spirit • Duarte Benevides • Will tell us what our church will be doing for Holy Spirit.
  23. 23. Espirito Santo-Holy Spirit  Holy Spirit Crown (available for weekly Parishioner Home Visits) Schedule with Duarte Tel. 289-885-3191  50 th Anniversary Holy Spirit Book – Under Development  Our Largest Fund Raiser  The Feast of The Holy Spirit ( Festa do Espirito Santo )  Date: May 28th, 2023  Spread The Word through Portuguese Television, Multimedia, YouTube and Facebook Advertising, Website, etc.  Invite Your Friends To Attend
  24. 24. St. Joseph’s Financials
  25. 25. Accounting • Maria da Silva will tell us about our current accounting situation in the Parish.
  26. 26. One HEART One SOUL
  27. 27. Reached Our Goal! Projects To Commence in 2023 Air Conditioning Shrine of Fatima Bell Tower Additional Parish Funds
  28. 28. St. Joseph’s Church Expenses
  29. 29. Expenses
  30. 30. Revenue
  31. 31. Revenue
  32. 32. Balance Sheet
  33. 33. Lunch is Served All are Welcome!
  34. 34. The End