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Visual Thinking Live! Program Release

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We are very proud to announce our final release of the program for Visual Thinking Live! event in Moscow!

On March 23-24, 2013 Wonderfull (www.wonder-full.ru) is making a global visual thinking session in Moscow, Russia, that aims to present all the best and up-to-date approaches to capturing ideas fast and visual.

The event will gather illustrators, designers, creative entrepreneurs and non-creatives for sharing scribing experience and discussing its value for design and business practices.

The program will include design and visual thinking presentations, workshops and a Scribing Contest.

This is the first attempt to bring international expertise in visual thinking, graphic facilitation and scribing for all Russian startup entrepreneurs, designers, artworkers and business people, who'd like to be part of creativity in business.

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Visual Thinking Live! Program Release

  1. 1.                                                 March,  23,  2013. Visual  Thinking  Live! (all  time  schedule  is  Moscow  time  -­  UTC/GMT  +  4  hours) 09.00  -­  09.15  -­  Registration  and  welcoming. 09.15  -­  09.30  -­  Introduction  and  event  opening.  Maria  Stashenko,  Sergey  Gevlich. 09.30  -­  10.40  -­  “What  is  visual  thinking?”  -­  Sergey  Gevlitch  (http://xplainto.me/) 10.40  -­11.10  -­  “How  to  use  visual  thinking  for  solving  business  challenges?”    by  Parker  Lee  (president,  XPLANE,  USA) 11.10  -­  11.30  -­  Q&A  with  Parker  Lee. 11.30  -­  12.00  -­  “Why  Visual  Communacation  works?  “  Anna  Geyer.  New  Possibilities.  Training,  facilitation  and  consultancy (Great  Britain). 12.00  -­  12.20  -­  Q&A  with  Anna  Geyer. 12.20  -­  13.00  -­  “How  to  use  visual  thinking  in  technical  studies?”  (Oleg  Kemaev,  PhD) 13.00  -­  13.30  -­  “Scribing  DOs&DONTs:  tips  for  an  illustrator”  Ksenia  Kopalova,  illustrator. 13.30  -­  14.00  -­  “What  is  Service  Design?  A  video  story  by  the  means  of  scribing  and  visual  facilitation”  ,  Maria Stashenko,  Helen  Rychagova,  Wonderfull  team. 14.00  -­15.00  -­  “Lego  Serious  Play  as  a  tool  for  organizational  change  management”  by  Change  Management Assosication  in  Russia  (Elena  Volkova  and  Reinhard  Ematinger) 15.00  -­  16.00  -­  “Graphic  facilitation  and  participatory  decision-­making”.    Martine  Vanremoortele  (visual  thinker  and facilitator,  www.visualharvesting.com) 16.00  -­  16.40  -­  “A  Postcard  from  Scriberia:  Adventures  in  Visual  Thinking”,    Dan  Porter,  co-­founder  at  Scriberia 16.40  -­  17.00  -­    Q&A  with  Dan  Porter. 17.00  -­  18.30  -­  “WWF  Challenge  and  Scribing  Contest”.  Workshop  by  Victor  Melamed. 18.30  -­18.45  -­    Announcing  challenge  winners! 18.45  -­  19.30  -­  Molecular  “FutureFood”  show  and  event  closing!