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Patterson_Margie_Resume (11)

  1. 1. Margie Patterson 3135988845 6722 Caribou St Westland, Mi 48185 learningis2ez@yahoo.com PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY K-12th grade - Experienced and energetic Special Education Teacher with certification in Specific Learning Disabilities and years of experience working with Emotionally Impaired students/adults. Developed extensive repertoire of classroom management skills and instructional strategies in self-contained classrooms and Resource Room during teaching career. Participated in staff development and training to continually improve instructional practices. Received Teacher Consultant certification November 2016. Adapted K-12 curriculum to accommodate special education students during 16 years as Resource Room teacher. Valued and skillfully promoted positive and productive relationships with students, parents, and staff. Earned/honored with two "Highly Effective" rating for the years of 2013-2014 school year & 2015 & 2016. EXPERIENCE Resource Room Teacher/Caseload Manager/Teacher Consultant (LD & Professional Teacher Certification/State of MI./2016) Oct , 2004 / Present Ecorse Public Schools Ecorse, MI Provided Resource Room support for up to 23 students on caseload in grades K-3. Charged with closing the educational gap between expected and actual academic performance in English Language Arts and/or Mathematics. Designed lesson plans for 1:1 and small group instruction that included explicit, motivating instruction, practice, and review. Monitored progress on student's goals and objectives and used results to guide instruction. Collaborated with general education teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, and special education staff to write, develop and implement all IEP's and accommodations needed for each student's success in the general education classroom. Organized and facilitated annual IEP meetings for all caseload students. A member of
  2. 2. Multidisciplinary Team, while participating in the development of FBA's, Academic, Safety and Behavioral Plans. Performed Designated Caseload Management duties including medicaid billing. * Participated in U of M Dearborn Student Teacher Program as a Cooperating Teacher (Winter 2014) ESRP (Emergency Substitute Teacher in a Regular Postion Sep , 1998 / Sep , 2004 Detroit Public Schools Detroit, MI Experience working with K-12 grade populations, from a strong vastly urban community, as a Special Education Teacher, Life Skills Instructor, Food Service Supervisor for CI students, and teacher of the Severely Multiple Impaired. Duties include: Lesson Planning/Adapting lessons Teaching life skills, food preparation, social skills, money & time management Biology English Collaborate with other teachers concerning each student's IEP Communicate with parents, counselors, and others to discuss each student's progress. Self-Contained Special Education Teacher Aug , 2001 / Aug , 2002 Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy Detroit, MI Most Youth Outside of the Educational Mainstream (YOEM) Special Education Classroom Teacher for up to 30 students identified as Emotionally Impaired/Learning Disabled/Juvenile Delinquents/ or other legal and/or environmental factors. Collaborated with social workers, crisis management team, and teaching staff to design, implement, and revise academic and behavioral programs to address the emotional, social, and academic needs of each student. SKILL HIGHLIGHTS Hustle Integrity
  3. 3. Compassion Dead-line Oriented Good sense of humor True love of children Adaptability Ability to work well with others Problem-solve Organization Communication Skills Leadership Skills Excellent Presentation Skills Highly Intuitive Medicaid Billing Experience MI-STAR Knowledge Experience teaching/working with ASD population EDUCATION 2016 / 2016 Baker's College EDU-429 Reading Assessment 1998 / 2003 University of Detroit Mercy Master of Arts in Special Education 1995 / 1998 University of Detroit Mercy Bachelor of Science in Human Services 1980 / 1983 Highland Park Community College Associate Degree in Health-Care Management