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Advance.looking for-a-realtor

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Advance.looking for-a-realtor

  1. 1. Why Should I Hire YOU as my Realtor? How do I make sure I get the best Results?
  2. 2. You’re right!Hiring the WRONG agent can cost youthousands, if not tens of thousands of dollarsdue to... • Bad negotiations... • Lack of knowledge about the local housing market • Bad marketing approach... • And thats just to name a few...
  3. 3. There are 3 Reason to Consider when Hiring an Agent..1.Communication2.You’re my Priority3.100% Satisfaction
  4. 4. Hiring an Agent #1 Communication!Nothing kills a “Good Deal” like poor communication• Good deals happen fast• Early bird gets the worm• Biggest complaint aboutrealtors is poor communicationI guarantee to make sure a clear line of communication and access to me is available at all times!
  5. 5. Hiring an Agent #2 You’re My PriorityMy goal is to help YOU accomplish your goals• Making sure you are happy• I work for YOU-Nobody else• Will tell you what’s in “Yourbest interest even if it meansme not making a commissionI know if I put your interest first, everything else will takecare of itself..
  6. 6. Hiring an Agent #3 100% SatisfactionMy business comes from Past Customers• IF your not happy, I not happy!• Real Simple, I work for you• That is why I guarantee that youwill be 100% Satisfied with theservice I provideIf you’re not happy for any reason, let me know and youcan fire me and hire somebody else at any time.
  7. 7. To see how I can help with yourReal Estate needs, be it Buying aHome, Selling a Home, or even aShort Sale just contact me with the information above to request a free consultation.