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My tech startup pitch deck 2020

  1. Urban Social Media Built for Entrepreneurs
  2. CONTENT PROBLEM VS. SOLUTION Social Media sites makes billions off our content yearly. Build our own Social Media site. 01 MARKET & COMPETITION $46 Billion - There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, an increase of 366 million (9 percent) versus January 2018. 03 PRODUCT Channels can be built for Anything and Everything. Every Person, Place or Thing. 02 BUSINESS MODEL We want the creator to keep the lion's share of the content funds. We keep all Advertisement Proceeds and a percentage of all transactions on. 04
  3. We’re giving away billions of dollars of content to the BIG social media sites. goal is to build out millions or billions of urban CHANNELS for any Person, Place or Thing, from around the world. All while giving the content creator the opportunity to take back control of the content. Whether it is software, documents, photos, ebooks, songs, graphics, exclusive video, breaking news or any other type of media file, provides a complete system for effortlessly selling your digital and consumer products. INTRODUCTION
  4. Built for Entrepreneurs with tons of ways to Make Money Powered by Wordpress & Woocommerce - Secured Pay with PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, & Stripe You Can Start Making MONEY Today, No Waiting on Views, Likes, or Shares. Post any Job, Big or Small and support our Teens & Homeless Communities Worldwide Broadcast Your Story - Blog - Podcast - Go Live - Collect Tips - Sell Content - Work From Home Church Center - Daily Prayer List - GEODirectory Locator - Gospel Playlist - LIVE Sermons Business Center - Dating Service - Classified - Adult Content - Teen, Senior, Kids Channels What Can The Site Do?
  5. Sale Digital Files - Books - Movies - Sermons - Artwork - Poems - MORE Start a Business Channel - Sell Food - Clothing - Crafts - Custom Items FREE Merchant Account set-up. Re-Sell to all members - Classifieds - Dating Service - Adult (protected) Channels - Cams - PPV - Performers Teach Lessons and Courses - W/ Paywall for getting paid - Work From Home - Members Groups - Fan Page PPV Downloadable Music, Movies, and Mixes for your next event - Live Virtual Shows Search for CHANNELS from around the world any PERSONS, PLACES & THINGS gets a CHANNEL
  6. OUR TEAM Marcus C. Duke Founder and CEO Developer Loretha Lock Web Developer / Consultant Devon Duke Program Director / Consultant
  7. PROBLEM “Right now, our data is worth more than oil,” Yang said during Tuesday’s Democratic debate in Ohio. “How many of you remember getting your data check in the mail? It got lost. It went to Facebook, Amazon, Google.” “You should get a check in the mail from Facebook, Amazon, Google for your data”
  8. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THEM US In the fourth quarter of 2019, social network Facebook's total revenues amounted to 21.08 billion U.S. dollars, the majority of which were generated through advertising. The company announced over seven million active advertisers on Facebook during the third quarter of 2019.Jan 30, 2020 The United States media and entertainment (M&E) industry is a $703 billion market, comprised of businesses that produce and distribute motion pictures, television programs and commercials, streaming content, music and audio recordings, broadcast, radio, book publishing, video games and supplementary services and ...
  9. SOLUTION ● Sell your own content and build your brand. ● Build billions of channels from around the world. ● Bring all social media to a one-site-one-share format. ● Start a multi-million person gig-job economy. ● Build a large worldwide urban business community ● Build a black business and entertainment network
  10. SWOT ANALYSIS S W O T STRENGTHS The more #Channels we add the bigger the audience we have for funding and advertising revenue. WEAKNESSES We need to advertise and promote the #Channels to Hundreds of Thousands. OPPORTUNITIES We can reach NEW Members from all over the world - Every Person, Place or Things. THREATS The BIG boys will not like the idea of losing so much CONTENT revenue and will play hard or buy us out.
  11. PRODUCT OVERVIEW Kick- off 1Q 2021 All out promotion Set first year GOAL of 1000 #Channels bringing in a min of $100 in revenue weekly for $100,000 per week Channels was born 14.01.2019 we went to beta We want Every Person, Place or Thing in the WORLD to get a CHANNEL.
  12. PLANS BASIC PREMIUMPRO Profile Registration Browse, Shop, Play, WIN. Become a VENDOR, Driver, Freelancer, PPV, Jobs, Churches, Teachers, Music, Sell Your Content. Become a Performer Build Your Business Channel Ecommerce Shop, LIVE Stream, PPV.
  13. DEMO
  14. TRACTION 52 Channels generating min of $100 per site per week in Advertisement & Sales 1000 Weeks per Year 10,000 Registered Businesses $100,000 Weekly Income $5,200,000 Projected Gross Revenues in 2023 This chart is based on 1000 Channels bringing in a min of $100 each week Our goal is to be at ONE Million Channels bringing in a min of $100 per week = Five Billion Two Hundred Million (per year)
  15. CASE STUDY Build out the site and hire the staff for promotion. Secure the first 1000 revenue generating #Channels each with a min of $100 in revenue per week. Use our unique strategy to Build out Billions of #Channels from around the world. People, Places, Things!!! SOLUTION Raise the funds for Promotions, Giveaways, Community Events, Churches, Businesses, Services, LIVE Broadcasting, CAMS, and tons of others Promotional Ideas. CHALLENGE RESULTS
  16. MARKET SIZE Instagram Facebook Channels Youtube 45% 30% 15% 10%
  18. BUSINESS MODEL c MARKETING TRAINING ASSESSMENT TECHNOLOGY Build out Billions of CHANNELS from around the world of People, Places, and Things
  19. TIMINGDAY 1 Kick-off promotion for CHANNELS DAY 2 Reward members with Prizes & Giveaways from our advertiser for sharing site info DAY 3 Promote NEW member CHANNELS DAY 4 Secure advertiser to run ads on CHANNELS and build out more CHANNELS DAY 5 Sponsor & Promote LIVE Events around the WORLD and build more CHANNELS
  20. PREDICTED GROWTH After 48 plus months build out a min of 1 Million #Channels with a min of $100 per week in revenue 24 - 48 months build out 500K thru 1Mil Channels with a min of 100K paid CHANNELS 12 - 24 months look to have built out One Hundred Thousand CHANNELS with 10K paid CHANNELS 1 - 12 months Start off by building out 1000 paid members CHANNELS with a min of $100 per week in revenue
  21. INVESTMENT 55% MCD Enterprises Corp. 5% 5% 35% Members Revenue Sharing Investors private equity Investors
  22. CONTACT Does anyone have any questions?
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