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Cincinnati, OH | (513) 429-0937 | marciamuddiman@yahoo.com
June 8, 2015
Mr. (Ms.) ________________
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  1. 1. MARCIA MUDDIMAN Cincinnati, OH | (513) 429-0937 | marciamuddiman@yahoo.com June 8, 2015 Mr. (Ms.) ________________ (Company) (Address 1) (Address 2) Dear Mr. (Ms.) _________________, As an established packaging operations leader with proven experience working in various warehouse operations environments, I deliver results. My background shows demonstrated success in quality assurance and accuracy, and I am the perfect fit for the _________ position listed on your company’s website. I have the right combination of project management, quality assurance, operations consistency and team leadership experience required to maximize overall packaging effectiveness for your organization. Recent Highlights  Successfully removed completed or defective products and materials, placing onto moving equipment such as conveyors in specified areas like loading docks.  Consistently exceeded all performance goals and objectives, outperforming goals and recognized as a top performer by both peers and senior leadership.  Produced more products for the company as a whole by quickly finding methods to do day-to-day job performance faster than peers. I would welcome the opportunity to personally interview with your organization to discuss how my qualifications will benefit your firm. Thank you very much for your consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you. Sincerely, Marcia Muddiman Enclosure: Résumé