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Libelium IoT Conference 2018 - Air quality and noise monitoring for Airports 3.0

  1. Libelium IoT Conference, June 2018 Manolis Nikiforakis Ex Machina, Founder - CEO
  2. Smart-City enabled by LoRaWAN
  3. Airport evolution, enabled by IoT
  4. Environmental IoT for Airports 3.0 ● Monitoring and analysing ○ Weather ○ Air quality ○ Noise ● Evaluating ○ LPWAN infrastructure (LoRaWAN) ○ Low-cost IoT environmental sensors ○ Smart-City open IoT technologies
  5. Air quality sensors Unique advantage: ● Compact, energy autonomous ● Redundant coms (GPRS & LoRaWAN)
  6. Environmental Monitoring
  7. Noise sensors hacked for acoustic localization Unique advantage: ● Compact, energy autonomous ● Redundant coms (GPRS & LoRaWAN)
  8. Noise Sensors - next to runway 03R
  9. Typical Take-off Intersection Take-off Intersection take-off detection
  10. Statistics on take-off characteristics
  11. Noise Analytics with flight/take-off/weather details
  12. SMART TRANSPORT Compound applications, cross industries & verticals
  13. Remove risk and increase profit for weather-sensitive industries
  14. Correlating customer data with weather Meta-Weather Forecast Open IoT Platform Machine Learning
  15. -- Forecast 6 days ahead, Porto, Portugal, Thursday 28/6 YR.NO FORECAST.IO OPENWEATHERMAP WUNDERGROUND Weather forecast conflict
  16. Weather Analytics - Historical Forecasts
  17. Weather Analytics - Tracking temperature error per location & provider
  18. Ex Machina IoT Platform as a Service ● B2B white-label, multi-tenant, self-service ● Open source - NO data silos, NO vendor lock-in ● Protocol & hardware agnostic ● End-to-end, turn-key solutions ready ○ smart building, smart city, air quality, noise, environment, energy
  19. Ex Machina advanced features & open technologies Device management with edge intelligence based on Eclipse/Eurotech/Bosch OSS ● Gateway OTA with docker multi-containers ● Gateway persistence, rules, integrations ● Sensor node ΟΤΑ (ESP32) via WiFi MQTT Mesh
  20. Forecast as a Service (FaaS)
  21. Major industrial customers
  22. e-mail· twitter·@nikil511 website· Thank you! Manolis Nikiforakis Ex Machina, CEO
  23. Public Data (Weather & Gas) Private Data (Gas Smart Meter) Gas Utility Predictive Analytics Gas Demand Forecast
  24. Multi-tenant, modular IoT Platform
  25. Create dashboards drag and drop
  26. Using existing powerful UI widgets / visualizations
  27. Connect dashboard UI widgets with sensor devices