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  1. 1. Curriculum vitae Manjunath V #96, 1st Main, 1st Cross, Jyothi Layout, Talaghattapura, Bengaluru-62 Mob: 9886806677 : vmanjunath003@gmail.com CAREER OBJECTIVE Seeking a position of a Server Administrator in an AIX/Linux environment that further utilizes my organizational skills, troubleshooting capabilities, and analytical talents to make the work environment more efficient. Profile Summary • Having around 5.5 years of experience in Unix Operating system, specifically on AIX and Linux Servers. • With good experience in AIX based Servers & Technologies. • Good exposure in AIX Administration tools and Process Management • Proficient in implementation, installation and troubleshooting in AIX/Linux servers. Educational Qualifications BE [Computer Science] from YDIT, Bangalore, VTU University in 2009. Professional Experience Job Profile 1: Currently working in Lowe’s India Services Pvt ltd, as a Systems Engineer from April 2015 to till date Job Profile 2: Worked in IBM, as an AIX Server Engineer from August 2013 to April 2015. Job Profile 3: Worked as a System Engineer in Appnomic Systems (P) Ltd, representing Infosys from August 2011 to May 2013 Job Profile 4: Worked as a Linux Administrator in Mahiti InfoTech, Bangalore from April 2011 to June 2011
  2. 2. Job Profile 5: Worked as a IT Support consultant, providing support for Linux and Windows in Ahana Systems and Solutions Pvt. Ltd Bangalore, from September 2010 to March 2011 AIX Skills:  IBM AIX system administration, Knowledge on server Upgrades.  User Administration - Creating users groups and Limits  Software Install in AIX - Package and patch install  File system - Creating File system, Increase and decrease Fs, Mount  AIX error report : Checking Errors Report and clear  Backups - Using rootvg, cloning, mksysb and other backups  Booting process, handling important logs  Monitoring - Using vmstat, iostat, netstat, topas, sar.  Logical volume management - VG, LV, Mirror and unmirror.  Paging space - Creating secondary Ps, Increase and decrease Ps  NIM Master and client Configuration and Installation.  Hands-on & trouble shooting experience on AIX. Responsibilities:  Installation, Maintenance and administration in AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1, AIX 7.1  TL Upgrade, SP Upgrade & Troubleshooting on Production servers.  Software Installation and maintenance.  OS installation & OS Migration through CD & NIM.  Firmware upgrade for Blade servers and devices  Device Management & Disk management  User Administration, Creating users, groups, modification, removing, checking and changing user Parameters.  Planning and performing backups (Mksysb, savevg, tar, backup, restore& Disk Cloning through command & smitty.  Installing RPM packages (sudo, bash, unzip etc..)  Managing crontab, sudoers, sendmail ,syslog configuration.  Logical volume management (VG, LV, FS, creating vg, extend vg, mirror vg and unmirror vg).  File system create, modification of the File systems.  Remote administration using SSH.  Sharing Files through FTP and NFS.
  3. 3.  Performance monitoring (Topas, vmstat, iostat, sar, nmon)  Resolving issues and finding the root cause through errpt, snap, manage service events in HMC.  HMC Backup and HMC Upgrade  Adding Machine to HMC. Experience in LPAR,DLPAR, HMC ,NIM  Managing Paging space and sysdump  Knowledge on RAID Concepts (RAID 5, RAID 0, RAID 10, RAID 1).  Adding / Removing Paging space, Creating secondary PS, Increase and decrease PS  Configuring TCP/IP and NFS services.  Experience in LPAR, DLPAR, HMC and NIM.  NIM Master configuration & Client Configuration for OS installation,  Basic Knowledge on VIOS  Backup /Restore HACMP cluster Configuration using Snap Shot. Hardware Experience:  Server Mounting (P-Series server).  Replacing defective Power supply, FAN (Blower), Hard disk Online, CD Drive.  Replace the defective & add PCI Network Cards, HBA card.  Replacing the defective Processor Cable, FSP cable.  Replacing the defective Processor and Memory (DIMM). Linux Administration:  Linux OS installation  Software Installation in Linux.  Scheduling jobs using Crontab  User Administration and management.  File permissions & File system management.  User, Group creation and management.  Backup, restore and recovery of File systems using TAR, DUMP.  Installing and troubleshooting RPM and Networking.  Maintaining RAID Partitions, LVM, and Disk QUOTA.  DNS, DHCP, FTP, Yum configuration, Network Services.  Process Management, Basic Shell Scripting, Nagios Monitoring.  Linux firewall enable/disable, SELinux.
  4. 4.  NTP, NFS security, SAMBA and NIS.  System and Network Troubleshooting. Professional Certifications  AIX Administration Trained at IBM India pvt ltd.  RHCE Trained at Linux learning center and Rooman Technology, Bangalore.  Trained as Linux Administration workstation and server guide from Ahana Systems and solutions, Bangalore.  Trained as ITIL Process, ISO standards at Appnomic Systems (P) Ltd. Infrastructure management:  Monitor load averages, application usage stats, uptime and suggest upgrades/fine tuning to the systems.  Develop/Adopt new & efficient strategies to minimize manual/repetitive work, operational costs, deployment times, response times etc. Documentation:  Documenting processes, troubleshooting information, problems and their resolutions Vendor management:  Vendor Management & tracking of calls for hardware and software issues.  Co-ordinate with data centers to troubleshoot network, server hardware problems.  Co-ordinate with Office infrastructure related vendors in resolving the issues.  Escalate problems internally to superiors as well as with vendor’s superiors according to the escalation charts defined. Personal Information Date of Birth : September 13, 1984 Passport Number : L3393786 Nationality : Indian Languages known: English, Kannada and Hindi. Strengths:  Ability to grasp new technologies and apply them in a specific context.  Hard working and enthusiastic good Team Player.  Determination, dedication, punctual and discipline. Declaration: I hereby declare that all the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge and references will be provided on request.
  5. 5. Manjunath V Manjunath V
  6. 6. Manjunath V Manjunath V