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First two minutes 3 2014

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First two minutes 3 2014

  1. 1. The First TWO Minutes of your Class Candida Brush Franklin W. Olin Chair- Babson College March 14, 2014 Manizales Mas http://www.juzp.net/L9kLp8xVV99wr Babson Executive Education
  2. 2. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Objectives • To heighten understanding of class openings • To raise awareness of how to use class opening to set the culture and foreshadow course content • To practice class openings • To learn tips for getting off to a great start Babson Executive Education
  3. 3. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Introduction Debrief • ACTION – Music – Shake hands – Objectives – Movement & where I stood – Hook • INTENDED EFFECT – Mood and sensory engagement – Accessible/personal interest – Plan for session – Listening & focus – Connection to topic Babson Executive Education
  4. 4. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Your First Impressions? • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy1pcW9mvNo – (marketing, UNC) • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wixYxB6Evlg – (small business, UNLV) • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgWNQVdhE9A – (stanford- chemical engineering) • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7XiE_V0PZ8 – (berkley- Starcraft) • http://nursingschoolsinmaryland.blogspot.com/2012/05/2009- schlotfeldt-lecture-doctor-of.html – (nursing) • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R619nwMC9GQ – (tv clip) Babson Executive Education
  5. 5. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Statistics • 7-20 seconds to create first impression • 93% is based on non-verbal communication (sitting, standing, eye contact, crossing arms, handshakes) • 55% has to do with physical aspects (clothing, dress) • You can increase positive first impression by 36% when you use people’s names • Appealing tone of voice (focused, relaxed, enthusiastic) can increase positive first impression by 38% Babson Executive Education
  6. 6. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Class Exercise In groups, create an introduction to a class you have taught or would like to teach. Imagine the first few minutes of that class. • Decide what the class is, audience, topic • Prepare the “opening” for this class • You have 15 minutes to think about this, then present the opening • Be prepared to explain your objectives for this session Babson Executive Education
  7. 7. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Key Considerations 1. Preparation 2. Your goals 3. The “hook” 4. Instructor behavior 5. Student reactions 6. Learning community Babson Executive Education
  8. 8. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1. Preparation • Physical environment • Use of minutes before class • Flow and plan for session • Audience assessment • Your tendencies and barriers • Objectives & lessons for session Babson Executive Education
  9. 9. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2. Your Goals • Establish authority? Gain credibility? • Create safe space to talk/share? • Let your antennae pick up student perceptions and anticipations? • Manage expectations? • Create dynamic and debate? Entertain? • Engage students personally? Babson Executive Education
  10. 10. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3. The Hook • Motivates interest • Engages the class in the substance of the class • Is related to the central theme or lesson of the class • What is the expected effect? Unexpected effect? • Examples: – Video, story, quiz, exercise, surprise, joke, prop, role play, dilemma, music, game, pictures, quote, prototype, statistics, question Babson Executive Education
  11. 11. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 4. Instructor Behavior Oral Communication • Lecture or facilitate discussion? • Receptiveness to student engagement? • Pacing- fast/slow? – use of pauses? • Loud or soft? • Tone? • Listening? Babson Executive Education
  12. 12. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 4. Instructor Behavior Body Language • Eye contact? • Sit or stand? • Move around stay still? • Use of things- board, computer, flip charts, handouts, music, video, props? • Use of hands- hips? Pockets? • Dress and clothing? Babson Executive Education
  13. 13. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 5. Student Reactions • Peer reactions & response to comments? • Emotion? • Attentiveness? • Eye contact, body language? • Classroom management? • Governance- who sets the agenda? Babson Executive Education
  14. 14. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 6. Creating a Learning Community • What is the spirit of the community? • Are there trustworthy boundaries for appropriate behavior? • Are students interested in each other and their points of view? • Civility and courtesy? • Personality of the class– what is it? Babson Executive Education
  15. 15. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Teaching is like dropping ideas into the letterbox of the human unconscious. You know when they are posted, but you never know when they will be received or in what form. »- Amy Lowell, in Christensen, R.C. Babson Executive Education
  16. 16. BABSON COLLEGE — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Babson Executive Education