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Adchakra media deck

  1. Digital Media Advertising
  3. Internet is the No. 2 Medium in terms of Time Spent. Way ahead of Print/Radio/Outdoors, only behind TV* *comScore FEB2012 : Age 15+ , non-cybercafe, non-mobile & non -shared/public terminals 100+ Million + Internet subscribers in India 700 Million + Mobile subscribers 16 Million + LinkedIn subscribers 70 Billion + Monthly pageviews
  4. At any pointin time yourTG has 4 tabs open on their laptops/computers 1. Google – to look forthe right site or information 2. Facebook/ Youtube/Linked in:Socialmedia to see what their friends are doing 3. Entertainment:to consume the latestsong,video,etc 4. Information:The actualworkthat needs to be done Plan Our media plans cover all these areas so that your brand is present in front of your TG at the right time 100+ Million Internet Users in India 25 Million mobile Internet Users Spending over 16 hrs online every week
  5. In India OVER 70% of the Indian Audience Says  “Online Ads are informative”  “I feel Online Ads influence my buying decision” IAMAI Digital Advertising Report April 2012
  6. Display Retargeting Mobile Social Search Email
  7. DISPLAY Tie Ups with ALL Ties 1 Portals in India Quality Inventory on Long Tail Sites Vertical focussed approach Rich Media & Premium Video Inventory Over 500+ Million Impressions Monthly business & news entertainment education career travel technology auto social media women & lifestyle Access Over 2000 PUBLISHERS
  8. We Deliver Consistent Results Targeting various verticals Reaching out to a relevant audience Over various types of sites With Innovative and Engaging Formats Using the best technology
  9. RETARGETING Premium Audience Buckets Created Robust Technology Exchange Tie Ups
  10. MOBILE Mobile Ad Network WAP/In App Inventory Operator, Device Type, OS Targeting ROI Focus
  11. 011 7878 XXXX TV Ads 011 7878 XXXX Newspaper Ads 011 7878 XXXX Website Give a missed call on 011 7878 XXXX AND
  12. SOCIAL Acquisition Engagement Utility Monetization
  13. Offerings Content Strategy Page Management FB Advertisements App Development Online Reputation Management Website Social Integration Analytics
  14. We also offer advertisers our proprietary Lead Management System Reporting Console provides real time campaign lead statistics and data Currently Used by leading brands
  15. Team Adchakra Head Web Development Social Media SMO Analyst ORM Analyst Application Dev Planning & Analytics Media Planners SEM Display Social Mobile
  16. One stop solution from App and Content Development, Media Buying to Promotions, Optimization & Analytics Strategy & Consulting Digital Content and Media Strategy Marketing Technology Advisory Content & App Development Websites, Banners Mobile Multimedia E-Marketing SEO/SEM Services PPC, PPA Campaigns Viral Campaigns Mobile and In-Game Advertising Social Media Marketing Outsourcing CRM operations Website Operations Campaign and Media Operations Research Analytics and Reporting
  17. Why Adchakra Why Us End to End Services Strong Leadership Team Proven Credentials Robust Technology ROI based Approach Leading (Inter)National brands choose us!
  18. Select Clients