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Ascension Assist HR Presentation Apr 2016

  2. Indicator Increasing the value of Human Capital The environment  Who we are  Our advantage  Our range of services The team Contact
  3. The environment Increasing the value of Human Capital It’s a rapidly shrinking world Businesses have vaster opportunities and reach across geographies, across markets In such an environment, businesses that have learnt to manage their resources to the optimum, are the ones to gain every advantage and reach success Yet human resources remains one of the least understood and managed When passionate, involved and innovative employees are the engine that drives business success.
  4. Who we are Increasing the value of Human Capital We are Ascension Assist HR We are the experts delivering solutions in human capital – the greatest competitive weapon of all – motivated, energized, committed people We’re here to partner you on the talent implications of your company’s strategy by measuring, evaluating and continuously innovating on your people policies and practices to create value and increase profitability
  5. Our advantage Increasing the value of Human Capital We undertake a thorough study of your organization to develop a talent strategy that’s relentlessly focused on supporting your business strategies We create Collaborative and customised solutions. We tailor solutions that fit your organizational, cultural, performance and growth needs We handle End-to-end employee lifecycle solutions, handling all interlinked functions
  6. Our range of services
  7. Talent Acquisition Increasing the value of Human Capital Recruitment is the first important building block in a superior talent strategy. After analysing the market and your specific requirements, we source, interview and hire the best fit for you. Our Talent Acquisition services include: Finalizing job descriptions Source recommendations Screening for and Selecting the best fit End to end candidate management Create and manage an employee referral incentive programme, relocation assistance programme and employee on-boarding programme, and be a Mentor.
  8. Training Increasing the value of Human Capital Your company needs its talent to constantly learn so that they can perform to their fullest potential. Even more critical is the need to catch and develop the next generation of leaders. Let us introduce our programmes for middle and junior management executives. We design and deliver a programme structure includes: Building the concept Exercises and frameworks Practice Feedback and application
  9. Training Increasing the value of Human Capital An indicative list of our Programmes: Communication skills and Soft Skills Training o Listening skills o Influencing skills o Negotiation skills o Conflict Management Supervisory skills oPersonal Effectiveness programs oInterpersonal effectiveness programs oSupervisory development programs oInterviewing skills.
  10. Employee Relations Increasing the value of Human Capital Based on your company’s needs, we build an understanding of your HR practices, what’s working and what is not, your culture and the nuances and challenges of your specific industry. Employee Relations solutions include: Ongoing support to assist employees and managers with HR related questions/concerns/ mentoring Performance review process design, implementation and maintenance, including management training on how to document performance issues and give constructive feedback
  11. Employee Relations Increasing the value of Human Capital Employee Reward Systems in line with business priorities, milestones Employee engagement HR policies and processes HR Help desks with an HR expert to respond to your queries, helping you manage and resolve people issues quickly Administration of other HR programmes and processes that will maximize employee productivity and return on investment
  12. Organization Development It’s not enough to have individual talent. The advantage resides in what you do with this talent once you have it. And that is an organization issue. Our organization development (OD) solutions improve your organization's effectiveness in making decisions and changes and in reaching the full potential of your human capital. We offer OD services to help you: Clarify your strategic vision as well as the tactical strategy for developing, executing and bringing that vision to life Increasing the value of Human Capital
  13. Organization Development Fine-tune your organizational culture, work flow and individual job design to ensure you have the right people doing the right work in the most efficient and effective manner Develop a competency model for your organization that identifies the essential behavioural attributes needed by current and future employees to ensure they are working in alignment with your overall brand and business strategy Implement a change management and communications strategy to ensure that your organization remains productive in the face of planned or unplanned change events Design and deliver leadership development programmes based on your business needs . Increasing the value of Human Capital
  14. The Team Increasing the value of Human Capital Our experienced team possesses expertise in a broad range of specialties across the entire employee lifecycle. Coming together to offer you over 30 years of knowledge in unlocking the potential of Human Capital.
  15. Why we? Increasing the value of Human Capital • We save on your Valuable HR Team Resources with Total Dedication , Promptness and Transparency By Filtering, Short listing , Interviewing, Grooming, Job and Company Orientation, Co- ordinating , Negotiating , Reference checks, and Mentoring of Candidate all at pre and post Interview Stages . All above activities Involve a lot of Man-hours and resources. We Save and get the Right Talent .
  16. PHILOSOPHY • Create future leaders • Up-skill leadership competencies • Match org needs with best candidates • Encourage professional growth • Creating roles, processes & formal reporting relationships • Organizing people around core processes • Defining tasks, functions & skills • Assessing psychology, attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values of an organization • Assume a consultative role - Needs based Projects • Research based decision making The Organization Effectiveness Framework Talent Development Careers Organization Design Culture and Values Projects Increasing the value of Human Capital
  17. Contact Increasing the value of Human Capital Maniish Bajaj : +91 9821038889 MBA, International Scholarship Holder with Over 30 years experience of leading family owned business, Punjabi Ghasitaram , The Woods Resort with hands on experience in HR , Chain Retail, Industrial relations, Hospitality, Training, Counselling, Finance & Marketing. Seema Pande : +91 9920671444 Law Undergrad with Experience across Recruitment, Employee Relations, Events, Retail. Jessel Dsouza : +91 9920936222 Over 4 Years of Experience as a BCA in Operations, Sales ,Admin & HR Deepa Bajaj : +91 9821118897 Business Graduate with over 20 Years Experience across Luxury Retail, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Events, Marketing
  18. The time to harness your talent and create an unstoppable organization is now. Email us at: Maniish Bajaj : +919821038889 Seema Pande : +919920671444 Jessel Dsouza : +919920936222 Increasing the Value of HUMAN CAPITAL
  19. Thank You Increasing the value of Human Capital