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User generated content marketing - JustKapture Innovations

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"User Generated Content" Marketing has a great potential for all industries. It's the best way to marketing or promote your product n services. It's like Word-of-mouth publicity.

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User generated content marketing - JustKapture Innovations

  1. 1. UGC Marketing
  2. 2. UGC User generated content is essentially any content created by unpaid contributors. UGC is content in any form created by your customers or end- user of your services such as video,blogs, discussion posts, digital images, audio files, and other forms of media. It is publically available to others consumers and end-users. User-generated content is also called consumer generated media(CGM). User-generated content is also considered a form of conversational media, meaning that the content leads toward initiating a conversation. In fact, the conversation that follows from a UGC is a form of UGC itself.
  3. 3. Why UGC Marketing? ● Increasing sales ● Building customer trust ● Strengthening brand/customer relationships ● Increasing social followers ● Expanding social reach ● Boosting authenticity/credibility ● Building SEO value
  4. 4. ● This is how respondents answered when asked: “Who practices integrity?” “The marketing and advertising industry managed to earn only 4% of survey respondents’ trust.” ● When asked why media personalities lie, the number one answer given was - “They want to ‘sell’ more effectively:” ● According to TurnTo Networks, two-thirds of consumers say UGC creates a more “authentic” buying experience. Product reviews, Instagram photos, unboxing videos — these are unfiltered ways of evaluating an offer that “increase shopper confidence,”
  5. 5. ● 86% of millenials say that UGC is an indicator of brand quality and 68% of those aged between 18- 32 consider info shared on social media when making purchases ● It’s called social proof and it’s what drives consumers to look to their peers, not brands, for proof of a product’s value. ● And that’s what user-generated content shows people. . Real products being used by real people.
  6. 6. Do you know? Companies that incorporated UGC into their websites see an 18% increase in revenue. 60% of customers are more likely to buy from a site with UGC presence. Reviews for popular businesses like Airbnb are up 140% while Pinterest pin creation has increased 75% Between Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, customers generally spend 5.4 hours per day with UGC. 40% of consumers form an opinion reading just one to three reviews, while other customers will read as many as six reviews before deciding on a product. 50% of millennials demonstrate their brand preferences via hashtags. 68% of customers say that UGC such as ratings and reviews or questions and answers make them feel more secure in their purchasing decision. As many as 84% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.
  7. 7. How it works? ● Choose a social network most effective to your campaign ● What user-generated-content works on each network ● Set specific UGC goals ● Tell Your Audience What Content You Want and Set a reward for the same ● Focus on the Community Aspect & Collaborate ● Analyze & Measure Your User Generated Content Efforts ● Plan further based on data you recieved
  8. 8. “ 86% of marketers claim that they have attempted to incorporate UGC into their campaigns, but only 27% say they had a strategy for doing so” User-generated content sparks conversations, increases engagement and builds trust. But if used the wrong way, this content will have your followers packing up and leaving, So do take expert advice in planning a strategy Disclaimer
  9. 9. Famous Campaigns
  10. 10. Starbucks ➢ Every December, Starbucks launches the latest #Redcupcontest to promote its holiday-themed seasonal beverages ➢ It encourages coffee drinkers to submit shots of their coffees for the chance to win a pricey Starbucks gift card ➢ There were more than 40,000 posts ➢ A photo was shared every 14 seconds
  11. 11. Share a Coke ➢ This campaign includes customized name cans for different people ➢ People were excitedly taking selfies with bottles and cans of Coke products, giving the already recognizable brand loads of free advertising ➢ 3% increase in sales transactions ➢ 870% increase in Facebook traffic ➢ 76k virtual coke cans shared ➢ 330 million impressions on Twitter ➢ 170,000 tweets from 160,000 fans ➢ 2 out of 5 people bought a Share a Coke pack
  12. 12. Ways of using UGC for your business growth ➢ Let Your Customers Do the Talking ➢ Engage Customers When They Are Not Shopping ➢ Shine a Spotlight on Good Service
  13. 13. Dos of UGC Marketing ➢ Easier the way to generate UGC, more people will get engaged in generating it for you ➢ Bigger the reward, better the quality of UGC ➢ Always have a strategy about generating and using UGC before doing that, unless your efforts won’t fetch results ➢ People generate better content if they are having fun doing it
  14. 14. Thankyou