authentication fuzzy cognitive maps classification cryptography cloud computing security pattern recognition health hazards clustering integrity ubiquitous agriculture vedic agriculture digital india cloud computating parallel processing high-fidelity computational efficiency computer vision viterbi deinterleaver interleaver wimax resource surface methodology extreme learning machine (elm) deep learning (dl) multi-layer feed forward netwo named entity recognition relation extraction text mining. heterogeneous entities biomedical documents routing algorithms. process variation (pv) network on chip (noc) congestion asynchronous design probabilistic neural networks dual-tree complex wavelet fea magnetic resonance imaging image password performance navigation practical knowledge virtual environment virtual reality natrual language processing. word recognizer austroasiatic languages word analyzers khasi language finite state automata morphological analyzer scalability data sharing reablility cognitive skills bug localization frequent subgraph heuristic approach pattern mining graph mining temporal difference. optical flow background subtraction data integrity simrank image retrieval genetic algorithm (ga); 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customer survey; probabilistic feature position third party auditor cloud archive service level agreements target neurons. deep brain stimulator (dbs) subthalamic nucleus (stn) micro neurosensor recording dropout indicators learner; bromp; ; educational data mining; object point story point function point metrics effort estimation privacy. security; ; elliptic curve cryptography image fusion images biometric forward reasoning. rule based stock market expert system artificial intelligence interconnection paths traffic signals round robin scheduling priority scheduling dual simarlity – dual similarity bipartie graph hoffman graph optimization. neural network (ann); stress children’s psychological devel chronic conflicts projection and conceptual grap max-min principle distributive lattice structure lattice structure semantically ordering relation hedge algebra vehicles pollution induced fuzzy associative memo bayesian inference non homogenenous poisson pr cumulative shock model threshold bifurcation harvesting functional response prey-predator model totally fuzzy and relative bpl (below poverty line) blackwell's sufficiency condit contractio bellmen’s equation :dynamic programming shoulder-surfing attack attackers web-based. video podcasts pre-calculus nanomechanical devices nanostructure evolutionary computing hamiltonian path problem dna computing mathematicslearning. usability audio – based navigation interface for blind children mathematical connection abilit content marketing animation improving e-learning parallel computing. visualization knowledge discovery in databas decision making. normalization car selection problem multi criteria decision making 2010 ams subject classificatio path union slpit graph sum numbers sum graph sum labeling iii. basic notion and definiti disappearance of house sparrow minimum domination set domination set pascal triangle and sierpinski self-similarity fractals cellular automata(ca) dimensions connected cubic graph. exact double domination double domination bfs clique graph mcs chordal graph kaplan_meier estimate. survival probability survival models censored data stability analysis. periodic solution delay differential logistic growth chemotherapy boundary value problem. integral equations heat conduction equations local fractional decomposition aspect internal heat generation rectangular enclosure double-diffusive natural conve singular value decomposition. hexagonal fuzzy number matrice hexagonal fuzzy number fully fuzzy linear system application of fuzzy relations composition of fuzzy relation fuzzy relations induced linked fuzzy relationa logic connectives fuzzy soft matrices. product and complement of intu intuitionistic fuzzy soft matr intuitionistic fuzzy soft set fuzzy logic- minimization of r movitvation anxiety sports interval valued fuzzy matrix ( fuzzy matrix trapezoidal fuzzy number. runge-kutta method of order th fuzzy differential equations n-parameters medical diagnosi fuzzy logic (fl) intuitionistic fuzzy sets (ifs soft medical knowledge interval-valued fuzzy soft set soft set membership function heart disease fast food fuzzyrule base induced fuzzy cognitive maps ( noise pollution. weight loss pollution index; weighted pollution matrix (wpm pollution matrix (pm); makespan. genetic algorithm permutation flowshop schedulin flowshop scheduling principles used introduction intuitionistic fuzzy relation generalized intuitionistic fuz intuitionistic fuzzy set(ifs) fuzzy subset risk factors of breast cancer. fuzzy cognitive maps ( right to information act neurosophic cognitive maps neural network facotrs of personality personality bam stress plastic pollution special fuzzy matrices fuzzy associates memories retaining of information student centered learning teacher centered passive and active innovative method t-edges t-coloring symptoms ifcm breast cancer media fuzzy relationship maps (frm) sustainable development environmental protection fuzzy realtional maps (frm) binary labeling k-total product cordial p{roduct cordial achromatic labeling shuffle exchange network sierpinkgraphs wk- recursive network pwer domination hexagonal mesh pyramid matching preclusion numbers trivial marketing packing preclusion packing hexagonal mesh diametrically uniform graphs hybercubes circulant graphs strong metric dimension strong metric basis frm ifrm fixed point arithmetic progression labeling function graphics quality factor quality criteria multi agency system intutionistic fuzzy relation intuitionistic fuzzy set fuzzy set visual cryptograph stengegraph visual secret shar visual secret sharing compenent heuristics approach bin packing problem litertaure survey vertex magic total labeling super vertex magic total label modular super vertex labeling equations stance properties power energy(joules) kinematics origin karate martial arts unsupervised real estates irrigation cross domestic product combined disjoint block fcm air pollution substainable development fuzzy relational maps indian agriculture agririan crisis farmer's suicide neural networks fuzzy honeycomb network extended roman domination numb extended roman domination necklace n-regular caterpillar laplacian engergy energy domination number of a permuta perumation graphs girth vertex connectivity pancyclic dna algorithm regular graph tree graph planar graph degree distance k-plygonal snake graph diamond snake graph trampoline graph cn with parllel chords triangular ladder matching preclusion number hamiltoncity planarity bloom graph edge corona sub-division vertex corona sub-division edge corona corona graph b-chromatic number types constructions applicatio definitions finite automata kirchhoff's 2nd law ohm's law circuits sum of graphs fuzzy chromatic k-fuzzy coloring of graphs fuzzy graphs genger dalit women dalits caste system women violence medical diagrams logical operators fuzzy logic intuitionistic fuzzy interval valued decision making process transitive antisymmectric reflexsive group decision making fuzzy prefernces odering interval maximum equation interval valued fuzzy relation fuzzy relational equations interval valued fuzzy matrices trapezoidal fuzzy number youth violence evaluation labortary decision making trial fuzzy theory causal analysis 2-rainbow domination rainbow domination hexagonal network overview of the paper prelimaries human health induced fam health impact climate change youth activism social media pervasive social computing neturosophic congntive maps nation building 05c78 ams classification pair sum graph pair sum labeling strength of connectedness weak arc strong are fuzzy domination cycle with common vertex group magic emotional face expression histogram classical facial expression analysis lbp record etc ferpa refers files euclidean distance frame difference algorithms k- means clustering discrete cosine tranform quadtree jpeg mpeg non-linear programming ratio predictive coding computerised problems
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