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Action Plan Presentation

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Wasc parents presentation.final1046

  1. 1. WASC / CDS 2014-2015
  2. 2. Why is WASC Important? • The process is one that allows our school to improve. (학교발전을 위한 과정) • Gives our school accreditation so our students’ diplomas mean something!! (지속적인 학교인증 유지) • Because we care about the future of all our students (학생들의 미래)
  3. 3. Previous Action Plan • Goal 1 Keep up to date a reliable, accurate and consistent set of regulations governing the various aspects of operation of the school. (학교 운영의 다양한 측면들을 관리하는 정확하며 일관적인 규정들을 최신 내용으로 관리) • Progress: 1. 2012-13 Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook (version II) 학생핸드북, 교사핸드북 버전2 2. 2013-14 Middle and High Student Handbook, First Program Handbook, Faculty Handbook (version III) 중고등핸드북, 초등, 교사핸드북 버전3 3. 2014-15 First Program Student Handbook(version II), Middle School Student Handbook, High School Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook (version IV) 초등, 중고등, 교사핸드북 버전4
  4. 4. Previous Action Plan • Goal 2 Develop clear language policies to be implemented throughout the school that aid student’s ability to learn. (학교 전체에 실행 가능하도록 학생들의 학습 능력을 도와주는 명확한 언어 방침 개발) • Progress: 1. 2012-13: Student Handbook, Code of conduct, Faculty Handbook (version II) 학생핸드북, 행동수칙, 교사핸드북 (버전2) 2. 2013-14: Student Handbook, Code of conduct, Faculty Handbook (version III)학생핸드북, 행동수칙, 교사핸드북 (버전3) 3. 2014-15: First Program Student Handbook(version II), Middle School Student Handbook, High School Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook (version IV) 초등핸드북(버전2), 중고등핸드북, 교사핸드북(버전4)
  5. 5. Previous Action Plan • Goal 3 Develop a clear organizational structure within the faculty, with clear roles and responsibilities to ensure the orderly operation of the school. (학교의 질서 있는 운영을 위해 교사들의 명확한 역할과 책임의 분담, 그리고 조직 구조 개발) • Progress: 1. 2012-13: Principal appointed in First Program (초등교장임명) 2. 2013-14: Principal of First Program is appointed to Principal of Middle School Division(초등,중등교장 임명) 3. Directors have been appointed for First Program, Middle and High school. At present a system of Department Representatives is in place with this being planned for review in January 2014. (각 학교 디렉터, 학과대표임명) 4. 2014-15: Due to staff turnover again the appointment of Department Heads has been postponed with an application process due to start in Fall 2014. (학과장임명 연기) 5. Administrative assistants have been appointed in both FP and Middle School with budget set aside for a position in High School. (초등,중등 행정직원 임명) 6. A Dean of Student Affairs has been appointed for Middle School. (중등 학생주임 임명) 7. An overall Academic Director position has also been created. (교육과정디렉터 포지션)
  6. 6. Previous Action Plan • Goal 4 Develop technology plans and increase the physical quantity of technology as well as increasing the quality of technology instruction (기술 장비 활용 계획을 개발하고 양적 증가뿐 아니라 매뉴얼의 질 향상) • Progress: 1. 2012-13 : AR Renaissance Learning, Wireless printers, laptop carts for Middle School, Computer Technology class covering MS Office and Prezi, Razkid, Reading AtoZ, WritingAtoZ, First Program Website 2. 2013-14: Naviance, Google Drive, High School Website, Smartphone App, public announcement monitors installed
  7. 7. Previous Action Plan • Goal 5 Develop a standards-based curriculum across all grades this should be updated regularly to keep up with changes in standards. (모든 학년에 적용 가능한 표준 기반 커리큘럼 개발; 변화를 반영하기 위해 정기적인 업데이트) • Progress: 1. 2012-13: First Program has developed school-wide curricula that are consistent with Californian and Korean standards 2. 2013-14: Standards for Middle and High School are in place and the units being taught are being planned for a term-by-term breakdown of standards. 3. 2014-15: Departments are working on developing a seamless curriculum from K-12 to address issues with gaps in the curriculum. The Academic Director is overseeing this work.
  8. 8. Previous Action Plan • Goal 6 To develop a comprehensive College Counseling Program serving the needs of students to apply to both Korean &U.S. colleges and abroad. (한국과 미국 및 해외 대학에 진학하길 원하는 학생을 위한 종합적 대학 상담 프로그램 개발) • Progress: 1. 2012-13 : College counselor appointed to work on the Korean college entrance system. 2. 2013-14: Director of College counseling appointed. As students proceed through the course-selection process, they are guided by their college counselors to ensure that all graduation requirements will be met to be college ready. The College Counseling Office educates both students and parents on colleges, college admission standards, procedures and trends. The College Counseling Office seeks to stay current on college admission policies through professional affiliations and conferences.
  9. 9. 2014-15 : College Admissions (2014-15 학년도 합격 대학) The following are Universities that our students have been admitted to. (다음은 현학년도 학생들이 합격한 대학들입니다.)
  10. 10. Adelphi University Bates College Beloit College Binghamton University Boston College Boston University Brandeis University Case Western Reserve University Clark University College of Wooster Connecticut College Cornell University Denison University Embry-Riddle Aero University Emory University Fordham University Goucher College Hofstra University Indiana University Bloomington Iowa State University Juniata College Kalamazoo College Laurence University Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Macalester College Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Michigan State University Middle Tennessee State University Mount Holyoke College New York University Northeastern University Ohio Wesleyan University Pennsylvania State University Purdue University Rensselaer Polytech Institute School of the Art Institute of Chicago Soka University of America St. John’s University St. John’s University – Queens campus SUNY Albany SUNY Stony Brook Syracuse University Temple University The Ohio State University Trinity College University at Buffalo (SUNY) University of British Columbia University of California, Davis University of California, Irvine University of California, San Diego University of Denver University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign University of Iowa University of Kansas University of Massachusetts Amherst University of Missouri Columbia University of North Carolina Chapel Hill University of Southern California University of the Arts University of the Pacific University of Virginia University of Washington University of Wisconsin Madison Waseda University Washington University in St.Louis George Mason University, Korea The State University of New York, Korea The University of Utah, Asia Campus 연세대학교 한양대학교 국민대학교
  11. 11. Previous Action Plan • Goal 7 To develop a plan to provide emotional and behavioral counseling and support for at risk students. (관심학생들을 위한 정서적, 행동적 카운슬링과 지원을 제공할 계획 개발) • Progress: 1. 2012-13: Mr. Daehwan Choi a counselor with other 14years experience volunteered at the school. 2. 2013-14: Mr. Choi was employed by the school. Mentoring systems were put in place within the residential facilities. 3. 2014-15: The appointment of Administrative assistants has allowed for more support of house teachers as they can communicate more effectively with both parents and guidance counsellors about student issues. The Dean of Student Affairs allows the needs of Middle School students to be dealt with more efficiently.
  12. 12. Organization for Student Learning 학생 수학능력 향상을 위한 조직
  13. 13. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 교과과정, 운영 그리고 학생평가
  14. 14. Support for Student Personal and Academic Growth 전인교육과 학업능력 향상을 위한 지원
  15. 15. Resource Management and Development 교자제 활용
  16. 16. From the study we developed the Action Plan • This will form the backbone of our planning and give the school direction over the next 6 years (향후 6년을 위한 학교의 계획에 기반이 될 것입니다)
  17. 17. Goal 1 • To develop Cheongna Dalton School as a professional learning community where all stakeholders are committed to lifelong learning and applying the results of research. (전문성을 지향하는 청라달튼외국인학교는 지속적인 연구와 노력 및 평생학습을 위한 환경조성을 위한 노력) 2015-16 1. Calendar of professional development opportunities, 2. Organisation of cross division groups of teachers with the same self- improvement goals, 3. Ongoing involvement of stakeholders in the four focus groups. 4. Development of a process to apply for professional development: in-school vs. out of school; educational-course-subsidizing
  18. 18. Goal 2 • To develop the importance of technology across the school in all areas. Making technology a key part of the curriculum and increasing the abilities of faculty, staff and students in its use. (교사, 교직원 및 학생들이 변하는 첨단기술과 테크놀로지의 중요성을 인식하여 이용과 적용할 수 있도록 교육과정에 포함) 2015-16 1. Implementation of standard tracking technology (Masteryconnect) 2. Standards for technology use integrated into all CDS curriculums. Assessment of students in new technology standards.
  19. 19. Goal 3 • To develop systems for data collection and effective analysis across the whole school so that decisions may be made based on clear data. (효율적인 판단과 결정수립의 밑거름인 자료수집과 실질적분석 체제 시스템 개발) 2015-2016 1. ERB Tests, 2. Standardized entrance exam rubrics, 3. Ensure all current student data is accurate, 4. Standardized tests employed in World Languages. 5)Benchmarks for ESLRs at all grades and assessment.
  20. 20. Goal 4 • To develop our global curriculum and form international partnerships with other schools and educational institutes. (글로벌 교육과정발달을 위하여 다른 교육기관과의 국제적 파트너쉽 형성) 2015-2016 1. Joining the “Round Square”, 2. Developing partnerships with schools globally, and at all levels, from the FP to the HS
  21. 21. Goal 5 • To develop and clarify the roles, responsibilities and decision making process in a set of policies that are available to all stakeholders (학교발전을 위하여 구성원 모두의 명확한 역할, 책무 및 의사결정 과정을 위한 방침개발과 보급) 2015-2016 1. Publishing all inclusive set of the rules and regulations governing CDS and all its stakeholders, 2. Giving budgetary guidelines based on department or division. 3. Developing a complete set of Job descriptions.
  22. 22. Goal 6 • To improve communication amongst all stakeholders so that the intent of all activities, academics, curricula are clear and supported by all. (학교행사, 교육, 학업 지원을 위해 공동체 모두- 학교,학생,부모,교사 등등-의 원활한 의사소통) 2015-16 1. Have students, parents and teachers recognize that communication have improved in the last year according to surveys. 2. Have a staff member with responsibility for promotion/marketing of the school.
  23. 23. Goal 7 • To develop systems for measuring the effectiveness of all support services within the school and to identify and support all needs. (지원서비스팀의 효율성 측정 시스템을 개발 ) 2015-16 1. Data is collected, interpreted and shared (i.e. communicated to all stakeholders) about the use of these support services and their impact on student achievement and behavior. 2. Benchmarks for ESLRs at all grades and assessment.
  24. 24. Goal 8 • To develop a curriculum that supports our students who in the majority of cases do not speak English at home. (가정에서 영어를 원어로 사용하지 않는 많은 학생들을 위한 지원과 교육과정 개발) 2015-16 1. Increase the number of hours of English instruction 2. Set and achieve targets for Middle School Accelerated Reader program 3. Conduct ELL training across all subjects to equip teachers with the techniques necessary to improve our students English abilities.
  25. 25. What is Asked of You?! Support the school in its efforts to “help students achieve all they can” Please pick up a copy of our new action plan after reviewing it any questions can be sent to: info@daltonschool.kr (나가실때 Action Plan;학교 향후 계획서를 가지고 가셔서 참고해 주시기 바랍니다. 문의사항은 위 이메일로 가능함도 알려드립니다.)