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Strategic Planning Seminar Invest NI 241018

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Basics of entrepreneurship
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Strategic Planning Seminar Invest NI 241018

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The first of three capability building seminars for the Northern Ireland Food & Drink sector. This session looks at strategic planning, when, how and why you need to do it (whatever your business).

The first of three capability building seminars for the Northern Ireland Food & Drink sector. This session looks at strategic planning, when, how and why you need to do it (whatever your business).


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Strategic Planning Seminar Invest NI 241018

  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • Objectives & outline of capability building • What is strategy planning? • When do I know its required? • How will I do it? • What are the benefits? • Case Study
  3. 3. Background • Food Science @ QUB • 20 years in grocery retail • Multi-Discipline experience Malachy O’Connor Skills • Team leadership • Buying & tendering • Negotiating • Private label • Food technology • Marketing • Strategy Development • Fresh food retail
  4. 4. My CV 1995-1996 2006-2013 2001-2002 2002-2006 1997-20011997 2014-2016 2016 - present 2018 - present
  5. 5. Objectives 1. Enhance fundamental skills in the principles of sales and negotiation 2. Develop awareness of key dynamics within the retail sector (opportunities & pressures) 3. Develop awareness of retailer strategies used to address the dynamics 4. Develop skills to ensure optimisation of potential supplier relationships
  6. 6. Breakfast Seminars • 24th Oct 2018 - Strategic Planning • 21st Nov 2018 - Retail Insights • 9th Jan 2019 – Joint Value Creation
  7. 7. What is Strategy Planning? Strategy (from Greek στρατηγία stratēgia, "art of troop leader; office of general, command, generalship"[1]) is a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. (Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon) Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy (Bryson, J.M., 2018. Strategic planning for public and non-profit organizations: A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement.)
  8. 8. When is it needed? • Every 3-5 years • Reviewed annually • Textbook
  9. 9. When…Really? • Moving A to B • Going left or right • Terrain changes • Hitting blockages
  10. 10. Keep Moving • Managing growth • Investment decisions • Allocating resources • Opportunities
  11. 11. Terrain Changes • 2nd Generation • New CEO • Trading environment - Brexit - Exchange Rates - Recession - Commodity & Input Costs - New competitors - New consumption patterns
  12. 12. Blockages • Slow growth • Business decline • Low morale • Complaints • Lose momentum • Disconnected Say & Do
  13. 13. When is the right time? All the time!
  14. 14. The Strategy Process
  15. 15. Problem Solving Model Identify the problem Immersion in the problem Generate solutions Refine and prioritize Execute and Evaluate
  16. 16. But….. Identify the problem Immersion in the problem Generate solutions Refine and prioritize Execute and Evaluate It presumes three things: 1. We know where we’re at 2. We can see all the issues 3. We know who we are and why we exist
  17. 17. Starting with Why
  18. 18. Six-step approach Diagnose Problems Brand Position Immersion Consolidate Project Management Idea Generation
  19. 19. Strategic Planning Model Diagnose • Identify All Stakeholders • Survey Opinions/Sentiment - Staff & Management - Suppliers - Customers/Consumers - Competitors Brand Position • Your Values (Say & Do) • Vision • Mission • Purpose Immersion • Insights session • Stakeholder Surveys • Market Data • Internal Metrics • E2E SWOT Consolidate • I.D. USPs - Existing - Aspirational • Target Market • Desired Strategic Outcomes • Desired Strategic Objectives • Opportunity Areas - Pillars • Alignment Plan - Resource Plan - Capability Plan - Culture Plan - Functional Plan • Commercial Business Plan Project Plan • PM & Owners • Timelines & Milestones • Agreed KPIs • Functional Plans • Review Ideas • Brainstorm - Ours Problems - Their Problems • Identify Key Themes
  20. 20. Step-1: Diagnosis 1. Identify all stakeholders 2. Survey Opinions & Sentiments - Owners - Management & Staff - Internal Functions - Customers - Consumers - Suppliers - Competitors
  21. 21. Step-2: Brand Position 1. Identify your values 2. Identify your brand essence: Vision – your cause - the change you want to see the world Mission – how you will create this change Purpose – what you’ll do every day to make it happen
  22. 22. Step-3: Immersion 1. Stakeholder survey data 2. Market data 3. Internal KPIs 4. E2E SWOT
  23. 23. Step-4: Ideas 1. Brainstorm - Their problems - Our problems 2. Identify the key themes
  24. 24. Step-5: Consolidation 1. Identify USPs 2. Target Market 3. Strategic objectives & outcomes 4. Strategy Pillars 5. Commercial business plan 6. Alignment plan
  25. 25. Step-6: Project Management 1. Owners 2. Functional plan 3. Timelines 4. Governance & milestones 5. KPIs 6. Execute 7. Review
  26. 26. Benefits of Strategic Planning
  27. 27. Strategy brings Focus
  28. 28. Strategy brings Focus • All of your energy is directed at the plan • So, there’s no more distractions from: - “why don’t we have a look at…” - “did we ever think about….” - “our competitors are doing……..” • If it’s not on the page, we don’t do it
  29. 29. “An organisation can only create change when working with the factors within it’s control” Strategy brings visibility
  30. 30. Culture Automation Training Marketing InnovationRange Efficiencies Price Service Quality Brands Buying Power Processes Proximity Private Label Factors in your control
  31. 31. Strategy brings unity
  32. 32. THE ROLE OF PRIVATE LABEL Bringing energy to a united cause allows you to hit your target
  33. 33. THE ROLE OF PRIVATE LABEL But energy without unity is scattered and quickly dissipated
  34. 34. Case Study
  35. 35. Background A solid start • Invoices paid +13% YTD • Forecasting +25% t/o in 2018 • Unique position to advise industry stakeholders • Well known & respected in industry • Significant legacy at Aldi and Tesco • No bad debt
  36. 36. Challenges But….. • Seasonal peaks & troughs • No retainer business / commission income • No targeted marketing plan • An aging business plan & no strategic review • No ‘me time’ to keep energy & creativity high
  37. 37. Project Steps • Stakeholder Survey - Trusted feedback - ‘What Matters To Me’ exercise - LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements - Recommendations & testimonials - My values • Brand Positions: my why-how-what • Immersion - Financial Review - E2E SWOT Diagnose Problems Brand Position Immersion
  38. 38. Project Steps • Brainstorm – Solving Problems • Consolidate - Target Market Refinement - USPs - Clear strategic outcomes • Strategy house • Project Plan Consolidate Project Management Idea Generation
  39. 39. Our Values "My family is my number one priority and everything I do is based on my three values: Impact, Comradeship and Creativity. I believe in living and working with integrity and empathy so that we can have a positive impact on the world. We’re stronger together, as comrades, we encourage and challenge each other, we have each other’s backs. And we are diverse, so we take perspective and look at things differently, finding creative solutions in unlikely places."
  40. 40. Our Why?, How? And What? • Our Why (Vision) This describes our belief, vision or cause. It is reason that the organisation exists. It is about the future potential and possibilities. It describes the long-term change we’d like to see. Its about believing in some thing that we’d like to make happen. • Our How (Mission) This describes how we intend to create that bright new future. How we get that done. It is the route that we will take to this new world we have imagined. It’s how we get there. Its about doing. • Our What (Purpose) This is why we exist – the essential solution we provide for our customer’s problems
  41. 41. My Vision is that that those amazing, once a decade deals, don’t need to be so rare My Mission is to help buyers and suppliers do better business together by understanding each other’s needs, by bridging the gap between them My Purpose: I provide retail industry insights, negotiation skills and strategy development. Brand Position
  42. 42. Our Purpose “To provide retail industry insights, negotiation skills and strategy development”
  43. 43. End to End SWOT ELEMENT STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Network Development Lots of networking meetings over summer '18 I could probably do more still Keep attending invited events, but need more structure in following up leads. Need to maintain visibility, mandate and simply keep in touch. Could create more events of my own to establish networks. Out of sight….out of mind. Network Maintenance Lots of networking meetings over summer '18 I could probably do more still Learning & Upskilling +20 year foundation for new learning and an appetite for self- development Not enough time devoted to improving me, certainly not structured in, its by chance if I get to read a book Allocate time, weekly for research and self-development. Look into the 'short books' app. Get subscriptions sorted with ESM, Grocer UK, Checkout & Shelflife. Need to maintain relevance and capacity to add value. Marketing Strong LinkedIn network LinkedIn posts are not always aimed directly at delivering my business plan, no video content yet, no website, no resident writer status in any magazines. Plan LinkedIn activity to specifically deliver the business plan. Make a video in next two weeks and follow up weekly. Get a writing gig in trade magazine New entrants Project Management Good strong skills as proven in projects so far. Hard to generate pipeline when busy on current projects Let the new website and scheduled social media activity do the work for me Pipeline neglect
  44. 44. Target Markets • FMCG and food & beverage sectors • Domestic supply base • International retailers • State agencies
  45. 45. USPs / Reasons to believe • Two years as FMCG and Private Label business consultant • Helping suppliers and buyers do better business • Unique retail insights, negotiation skills training and strategy development. • 20 years’ experience in the Irish and UK supermarket trade • Love of fresh foods especially. • From 2006, I was Buying Director and Marketing Director at Aldi Ireland helping to grow market share from <2% to >10%. • From 2014 to 2016 I was the Fresh Foods Commercial Category Director at Tesco Ireland, successfully turning around the business decline through a volume led, private label strategy.
  46. 46. My Mission is to help buyers and suppliers do better business together by understanding each other’s needs, by bridging the gap between them LEARNING MARKETING Wellbeing SERVICESNETWORK Effectiveness INSIGHTS NEGOTIATION STRATEGY COMMISSIONS
  47. 47. W/C 17 Sep 24 Sep 01 Oct 08 Oct 15 Oct 22 Oct LinkedIn Schedule Cold Call Plan Network Group Market Research Subscriptions Short Book App Articles for trade magazines Video Content Plan Website Launch Open Courses (Eventbrite) Wellbeing Effectiveness
  48. 48. Wrap-Up
  49. 49. Wrap-Up “It is better to have a bad plan than no plan” Gary Kasparov “No plan survives first contact” Helmuth Von Moltke