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Positive Thinking (Steps to Follow)

International Positive Thinking Day,Sept. 13,

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Positive Thinking (Steps to Follow)

  1. 1. Reflect on Your Negative Thinking.
  2. 2. Understand the benefits of being a positive thinker.
  3. 3. Take responsibility for your attitude
  4. 4. Make a plan to stop being a negative thinker.
  5. 5. Avoid "black and white thinking
  6. 6. Don't take people's words on heart.
  7. 7. Try music, read books on positive thinking, and stop seeing violating movies.
  8. 8. Go to a peaceful place where there are beautiful landscapes and pleasant comfortable weather.
  9. 9. Avoid "fortune-telling thinking”.
  10. 10. Challenge all of your negative thoughts.
  11. 11. Live an Optimistic Life.
  12. 12. Remember that thinking positively takes
  13. 13. Try new things.
  14. 14. Be more aware.
  15. 15. Explore your creative side.
  16. 16. Spend time with optimistic people.
  17. 17. Don't forget to have
  18. 18. Stay physically fit and eat healthily.
  19. 19. Laugh often.
  20. 20. Do things that spark your creativity.
  21. 21. "Positivity attracts positivity" in the same way that "negativity attracts negativity". If you are kind, nice and helpful to people, you can expect the same treatment back. On the other hand, if you are rude, lacking in manners and unkind to people, then people will not respect you and will avoid you because of