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Presentation Mairon Freight Management (UK) Ltd.

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With overseas offices established in Hong Kong, China, USA, Germany, Holland and Switzerland and an agency network second to none, Mairon UK are able to offer Exporters and Importers a flexible, competitive and personalized service which many strive to attain but few actually achieve.

Inspired by ants, because an ant can lift an amazing 50 times its own body weight, no job is too difficult or heavy for us. Our highly trained staff can handle a wide range of projects (Air Freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight & Cool Freight) so that you can relax and focus on your business.

The Century of Speed
A non-reliable freight forwarder might cost you time and money, and as we live in the century of speed no one can really afford to take any chances. Save valuable time phoning or emailing different logistics companies, and let our professional and dedicated team to take care of your cargos safe and fast. We offer the highest standards of reliability, knowledge and experience, to make sure that your experience with us is a positive one.

Global Coverage
Thanks to Global Logistic Network and Xpert-Log Network we have extended our presence and can guarantee a global coverage of our services with strong logistics partners all over the world. No matter where your shipment is going we are committed to provide tailored services to meet your needs.
Choosing Mairon UK you will not worry anymore about your shipments, we will take care of everything because nothing is more important for us than your peace of mind.

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Presentation Mairon Freight Management (UK) Ltd.

  1. 1. MAIRON FREIGHT MANAGEMENT (UK) LTD Air Freight Import / Export Sea Freight Import / Export Logistics & Distributions Local pick up and delivery Project Cargo Logistics Has been a provider of quality, cost effective, and reliable logistics company since its first established in LONDON. Through hard work and dedication to our customers, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most reputable logistics providers in LONDON with the ability to handle any sort of transportation need, supported with our wide network of offices and agents Currently, MAIRON FREIGHT MANAGEMENT (UK) LTD employs a team of highly trained staffs, dependable personnel and offers a comprehensive list of services which include :
  2. 2. Global coverage MAIRON FREIGHT MANAGEMENT (UK) LTD is a proud member of Xpert-Log, a reliable and global Logistics Network. Through the network we can guarantee global coverage of our services with strong logistics partners all over the world.
  3. 3. A REAL ALTERNATIVE TO THE LARGE MULTINATIONALS Increased Global Presence Ability to collectively negotiate lower rates
  4. 4. SERVICES Domestic & International Project Cargo Customs Clearance Distribution Warehouse
  5. 5. SERVICES OCEAN FREIGHT -FCL export & import -LCL export & import -Combined transportation (Sea-Air) -Every kind of cargo of every possible dimension SPECIAL REQUEST : Project Cargo AIR FREIGHT -Direct & consolidated shipments Door-door service -Aircraft charter service Perishables, dangerous goods, oversized, fashion, high value, etc. SPECIAL REQUEST : Project Cargo
  6. 6. SERVICES TRUCKING Domestic & international transportation FTL / LTL services Pick-up & delivery service RAIL FREIGHT - Intermodal rail service - Low cost - Seamless pick-up & delivery - Various rail car options SPECIAL REQUEST : Project Cargo WAREHOUSING AND DISTRIBUTION Warehouse centres in all major airports/ seaports & cities - Loading & unloading - Palettization & shrink wrapping - Labelling & lashing - Trans-loading & cross dock - WMS Warehouse Management System (Online inventory & stock control 24/7) -Customer access PACKAGING - Packing professionals - Cargo of any size - Tailor-made packing solutions
  7. 7. OTHER SERVICES FREIGHT BROKER SERVICES - Part & full vessel charter - Tailor-made shipping solutions - Reasonable price CUSTOMS CLEARANCE - Licensed custom broker - Tariff & classification consultancy CARGO INSURANCE - Customer service representatives to guide clients through their options - Range of comprehensive, customized & cost-effective insurance options
  9. 9. EXW | Polyvalent FCA | Polyvalent FAS | Maritime FOB | Maritime CPT | Polyvalent CIP | Polyvalent CFR | Maritime CIF | Maritime DAT | Polyvalent DAP | Polyvalent DDP | Polyvalent INCOTERMS MODE OF TRANSPORT Goods set up on sale Cargo storage at warehouse of seller Internal transport at point of origin Customs formalities for Exports Handling costs at point of origin Main transport means Good’s Insurance Handling costs at destination point Customs formalities for imports Internal transport at destination Delivery of goods to buyer Seller Buyer
  10. 10. Contact us Simply contact us www.mairon.co.uk MAIRON FREIGHT MANAGEMENT (UK) LTD Suite 4 The Forge Offices Cuckfield Road RH17 6ET London United Kingdom terry@mairon.co.uk Tel +44 14 444 00 830 Fax +44 14 444 00 840