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Holistic Health coaching, Wulf-Peter Paezold

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Congres The Art of Self-Healing

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Holistic Health coaching, Wulf-Peter Paezold

  1. 1. THE ART OF SELF-HEALING Congress: 7th – 8th October 2016 Driebergen | The Netherlands
  2. 2. Holistic Health Coaching (LHA)© Key to Self-Healing Wulf-Peter Paezold
  3. 3. ©In Green/Shutterstock
  4. 4. Almost every person is born a natural order: HEALTHY So that we remain healthy, our body has a self- regulation mechanism: Self-Healing
  5. 5. A sample for our natural mechanism of Self-Healing :
  6. 6. ©Designua/Shutterstock
  7. 7. It concerns the question: How can natural self- healing be improved or being restored? More and more often this natural mechanism seems to be failing. This is why we came together to this congress.
  8. 8. ©studistoks/Shutterstock
  9. 9. A principal reason: The "operating manual“: - are not known - are forgotten - are not considered - are sabotaged or disrupted
  10. 10. Examples: The operating manual is not being considered or is sabotaged: ©Krunja/Shutterstock©Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley/Shutterstock
  11. 11. Other reasons can be: - environmental influence - living conditions - lifestyle - process of ageing - … Oben: ©Joe Belanger/Shutterstock©Lightspring/Shutterstock©ndphoto/Shutterstock ©Syda Prdoctions/Shutterstock
  12. 12. Contribution of doctors, therapists and healers: - allow prevention - diagnosis - treatment (healing solution) - enable Self-Healing
  13. 13. This doesn’t always work that way In case of chronically ill people and in particular those with life-threatening illnesses, treatments are often more complicated and take longer than expected.
  14. 14. When therapist and patient pull at the same rope… ©rangizzz/Shutterstock then both pull in the opposite direction
  15. 15. When the healing process stagnates How many of you have thought at least once: - I don’t know what’s behind this. - It’s not my job to get to the bottom of this. - I have no time to do this. And you are right: You are a good and experienced doctor or therapist and it makes sense to concentrate your energy on your excellent work!
  16. 16. Illness as a purpose in life: For what hidden reason does your patient not want to fully recover and become healthy? An example:
  17. 17. ©Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock
  18. 18. Going back in time when we went to school. Who has ever pretended to be ill to avoid a difficult exam?
  19. 19. If we were lucky, we could stay home “sick” and stay in bed. Who did ever have the experience after that of really feeling sick? (Also known as the Nocebo effect)
  20. 20. If this pattern works, Illness seems to be a promising solution for similar situations in the future: ©Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock©Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock
  21. 21. Other reasons for a resistance of therapy could be: - old patterns - the illness presents a benefit or advantage to us - self-destruction: life makes no sense - the person does not live his life purpose - the person does not follow his soul plan … and the time for it has come - longing for a relationship, recognition and love - to have power and control
  22. 22. Holistic Health Coaching: Clear separation to medical science diagnosis, medicine, medical therapy Clearly ensuring readiness to improve health: - conscious level - subconscious level - emotional level - creative level - spiritual level
  23. 23. Holistic Health Coaching Holistic: greek = „Holon“: The whole Systematically analyzing the connections between different symptoms of your client. Chronic "illnesses" can also be : - job or business related problems - issues related to love and relationships - financial problems … they can also be the reason of an illness. They are signs of lacking self-regulation and take place in different areas.
  24. 24. Holistic Health Coaching - Create clarity and consciousness. - Deciding and focusing on a solution. - Solve the cause and allow self-healing. The Holistic Screening identifies the connections: why and for what reasons does the patient “need” this illness. Only with clarity at all levels your patient can decide whether he starts Self-Healing or not. This is the requirement to eliminate factors that maintain illnesses.
  25. 25. Holistic-Screening©: Contains a screening function and makes eight essential levels visible: 1. The energy monitor – Is there enough energy / strength available for change? 2. Internal and external orientation 3. What is the hidden reason behind the situation or illness? 4. How is the situation being created and maintained? 5. What is the motivation for a change? 6. What is the subconscious aim? 7. What is the deep internal desire? 8. Level of Suffering-Maintaining-Index ©Wulf-Peter Paezold/Lifevision
  26. 26. Example: Hidden intentions - self-destruction - cry out for help - manipulation / control - demonstrate power against God (doctor, therapist) - searching for life sense | life-purpose - …
  27. 27. Example: Ways of maintaining the situation - illness - depression | melancholy - loneliness - self-pity - role of the victim - self-destruction - self-sabotage - …
  28. 28. Example: Suffering-Maintaining-Index The Index indicates the level of resistant to healing.
  29. 29. Suffering Level: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 In % 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Intervention: no easy middle difficult more difficult very difficult a masterpiece victim of destiny self-destroying confidence optimism Suffering-Maintaining-Index Clients for a Holistic Health Coaching ©Wulf-Peter Paezold/Lifevision
  30. 30. Suffering-Maintaining-Index The scale indicates on what level the patient is in resistance to healing: Level 0: Symptoms appear. Person decides on being healthy . No “illness game“. Level 1: Person decides to engage with symptoms. The “illness game” starts. Level 15: The illness becomes the life purpose. The therapy will be a never ending story.
  31. 31. Suffering-Maintaining-Index A therapist should know on which level his patient is. For him to know if the patient: - thinks that healing is possible - has given up on healing completely - he already “became” the illness and identifies with is
  32. 32. Summary Holistic Health Coaching - analyses the deeper connections of the life situation including the illness - identifies the willingness to Self-Healing - identifies and solves the key factors - accompanies the patient on the way to self-healing It supports the successful work of doctors and therapists and makes the healing process easier.
  33. 33. Who is invited to the Lifevision® Holistic Health Coach education? - doctors and therapists - nurses, medical assistants, etc. - suitable coaches, life advisors, etc. - all suitable prospective customers
  34. 34. Would you like to start more efficient Self- Healing? Then please kindly join me on Saturday 09:30 AM to the Lifevision® Workshop.
  35. 35. Workshop on Saturday Which benefit would the workshop bring to you as a doctor, therapist or coach? You will learn about the initial-screening. This will allow you to identify at what level your patient is. You will get to understand the Suffering-Maintaining- Index. You can estimate whether a patient at any level is ready, willing and able to become completely healthy. You will learn and apply a comprehensive emotional- self-regularization process.
  36. 36. Offer of Lifevision® Holistic Academy: • Holistic Health Coaching for patients on recommendation of therapists • Training of doctors and therapists etc. to identify the status of the patient in regards to their healing • Training courses of - Holistic Coach (LHA)© - Holistic Health Coach (LHA)©
  37. 37. Groundlevel R 4 www.lifevision.de Lifevision® Holistic Academy Wulf-Peter Paezold Lerchenweg 6 | D-82279 Eching am Ammersee +49 (0)8143 9978771 | info@lifevision.de
  38. 38. Thank you very much! I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in our workshop. 